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Slutwalk Papua New Guinea

There are two dimensions to life, the human and that of external reality.

When we get neurotic, we consign ourselves to the human and ignore the cause->effect nature of the world outside us.

We can then tell others our judgments, feelings, interpretations and perceptions of events but not see how they come about and how to master them.

Rape is NEVER okay. A deterent yes, but studying the tribe does not warrant rape at all. – Kay, London

Arch-nitwit Kay is referring to the following story in which a skinny hipster and his French girlfriend wandered into the wilds of Papua New Guinea.

There, a tribesman in a “stone-age” tribe took a liking to the girlfriend, who he raped and bit. The skinny hipster decided to intervene and threw a fit, at which point the stone-age tribesman shot him twice with arrows.

The only thing I fault the tribesman for is not raping the skinny hipster.

Primitive societies are not like ours. They did not go through the long passage of evolution whereby we leave the comfortable jungle, go into the frozen north, learn how to make permanent agriculture and how to get along with each other. We develop really intense moral standards.

Unfortunately, we expect others to share those standards… which is not only not fair, but not rational. Those others haven’t gone through the same process. Their societies and their very DNA do not reflect a need for these complex moral codes.

If anything, see them as a previous state of humanity, one we want to evolve from. (I feel the same way any time I go to Wal-mart, or accidentally catch Dancing With the Stars, here in our modern society.)

Women can bluster all they want about who should or should not be raped, but the fact is that much like feral pit bulls attack and eat babies, quicksand draws even nicely-dressed people down, and rednecks shoot African-Americans without caring if they’re college-educated, primitive people just do what their instincts and culture suggest.

This is why a certain Toronto police officer told women to avoid dressing like “sluts.” Don’t dangle raw meat in front of pit bulls; don’t jump into quicksand; don’t hum the dueling banjos theme if you’re a Harvard black man deep in the country South.

Cause and effect. If you walk up to a grizzly bear holding a steak, it may eat you. If you wander into a primitive society with your girlfriend, local custom applies. That means rape, conquest, violence and possible domestic slavery. When in Rome…

Mr Scheurich, a graphic designer from Waikato, New Zealand, who now lives in Melbourne, Australia, was in Papua New Guinea visiting his anthropologist girlfriend.

She was there to study the Febi tribe from the North Fly district as part of her research for her doctorate thesis, when one of the tribesman decided he wanted her.

Mr Scheurich stepped in to protect the woman, but the tribesman retaliated by spearing him with arrows and hitting him in the head with a rock.

Mr Scheurich’s girlfriend endured a sexual assault and was also bitten, cut, scratched and badly bruised in the fracas.

The couple were only rescued after she set off their emergency locator beacon to raise the alarm, the New Zealand Herald reported. – The Daily Mail

Not everyone shares Western values.

Not everyone communicates in the language of civilization, with its laws, morals and judgments.

In fact, civilization makes us weak by making us depend on these things, or maybe it produces goofballs like this guy who thinks going with his girlfriend to contact primitive tribes is a good thing.

Having travelled in Papua-New Guinea in the Mt. Hagen area years ago, people here would not believe how backward the locals are. Stone age would be about right. Mr Scheurich should have been carrying a powerful handgun or rifle and had some locals as paid bodyguards. – B J Deller, Malaga Spain

Our strategy is to deny the world outside of us exists, and then blame it when we don’t get what we want.

That kind of passive thinking could cut your balls off.

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