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Sinema-Manchin 2024 Would Enthrone Amerikan Demotism

So Joe Biden’s mental core goes Chernobyl* in either late 2022 or Early 2023. Kamala Harris has now successfully arisen from her knees to assume the throne. She is Madame President headed into Election 2024. Given the fortuitous timing of Joe Biden’s descent into a state of mental mulch, she is now eligible to serve eight additional years as Madame President. What could go wrong if you are not Nick Land rooting for accelerationism?

Assuming that The Democratic Party aligns behind Kamala Harris and quietly terminates the 2023/2024 primary season before it even gets going, then The Democrats probably split into dying parties. There is The Sanity Coalition and the Rainbow Party. The GOP could still torque that opportunity like The Buffalo Bills in a 1990’s Super Bowl, but that could be a post for another day. Let us assume that the primaries happen mostly unrigged.

I tend to believe The Sanity Coalition will win an unrigged Democratic Primary season. Here is how.

1) The Proggies will take the gloves off and reveal themselves publically (tentacle porn and all). The media sabotage machine that nudged Biden past Bernie Sanders in 2020 will magnify this to get The Squad, #BLM, and Senator Sanders shoved out of The Overton Window.

2) Kristin Sinema will debate Kamala Harris on CNN or MSNBC. If Sentor Sinema wisely declines to grow a second head, then she will emerge from a debate against Kamala Harris looking like Lady Galadriel in comparison. She will graciously invite Senator Manchin to run as her running mate.

3) The public messaging in ads, TV shows, and all other domestic soft power sources will stress stability and experience during our trying times. That juxtaposes against a caricature of Donald Trump as Bad Orange Man on pig steroids.

4) This will lead to a carefully crafted juxtaposition of Putin’s masculine caricature next to The Donald’s famous gaffe about grabbing her by the kitty-cat. Then they remind us again about what a bad person Putin is and just how similar a person that Donald is to Vladimir.

5) The traditional NPC vote mines receive orders that they will vote Democrat or the Stimy Checks end.

6) The brain-dead independent electorate decides they do not want to be mean. All Senator Sinema has to do is be a nice woman and she wins 52-48 with about 350 EVs.

Once that is accomplished, all members of the GOP who hitched their star to Donald Trump will be hunted down and purged (maybe just professionally). Byron York and (((Jonah Goldberg))) will be the voices of the Acceptable Right. We can all calm down under our kinder and gentler Globohomo. Sure, you can trust them around your kids.

If I were a leading Democratic strategist, this is what I would be working to accomplish. Kamala can be scapegoated mercilously in the 2024 Dem Primary. Logical, Common Sense, Red State Dems can be the face of the next Presidential ticket. Once these people win, the mask pops off and the evil Lefty ID emerges completely unchecked. Cuthulu won’t just swin to the Left. He will ride there on a luxury yacht.

* – Watch his State of The Union Show here and then convince me that I’m wrong.

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