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How a Platonist Sees the Ukraine Conflict

Currently a huge number of people on the Right are playing themselves by becoming Useful Idiots: they have assumed that, because those who are in power in the West are generally bad, pairing up with the people who oppose those people is wise.

All they will do is make a bad situation worse.

You do not need to believe the corrupt leaders and propaganda press in order to see the conflict here. Russia has been trying to seize its former Soviet properties, starting with Georgia and then Crimea, in order to be an empire again.

We are seeing a competition between wannabe empires. Russia, allied with China, wants to take over the world and displace the West, mainly because if left up to their own devices, China and Russia are unstable and lack functional economies.

They want to finish what WW2 started, which is competition for which empire will take over now that democracy has seduced most of the world. The US came out ahead, as did the UK to a lesser degree, in the last global war.

However, now the two empires — US/UK/EU versus Russia-China — have deviated substantially. Russia endorses some good stuff, like suppressing forces of social breakdown; the Western allies on the other hand avoid the worst aspects of Asiatic tyranny.

Even more, the West is a higher-IQ, functional society where both Russia and China are patch-ups of old rotting Communist empires that frequently hover near self-destruction.

These two empires have different oligarchs. In the West, whoever has lobbying money or can buy votes from the diversity wins. In the East, the oligarchs rule from behind the scenes.

Russia wants to move to the Chinese model of suppressing its super-wealthy before they can become oligarchs, but to do that, it needs to make its government much more powerful, like with a few successful short conflicts.

The West, on the other hand, wants to keep manipulating the world via its currency, something that required a “New World Order” of globalism where liberal democratic market socialism rules all nations.

As Plato notes, oligarchy and democracy overlap for a time, since oligarchy is functional while democracy is not. The rise of oligarchs in the West — Gates, Soros, Buffett, Bezos, Zuckerberg — shows us that democracy is in its final stages.

However, the stage after that is tyranny, which does not mean authoritarianism per se but rule for the sake of maintaining its own power only, or Control. Plato saw this for what it was: a society’s inability to rule itself.

As we see with all Crowds, the international Crowd will defend the cause of freedom and liberalization only if the same rights are extended to each member. This Devil’s Bargain forces the US to be ruled in part by globalists, who form a rather large lobby.

Russia and China do not want to upset this order; they simply want to rule it. If they do that, they no longer have to fear the West cutting them off when they make aggressive revanchist moves.

In doing so, they would take us further into socialism and mob rule, paralleling the diversity vote in the United States in an international context, where the many in the third world would outvote the first world and consume it much like diversity in the USA has transferred wealth from the White founding group to the new third world posse majority.

In other words, they are not a better alternative to our current dilemma, but even more of the same in the hands of incompetents.

The dissident Right will do nothing but damage its credibility by supporting Russia in this conflict. Our idea, nationalism, clashes with the notion of the Russian empire absorbing multiple ethnic groups into one ideological bloc.

As you recall, during WW2 the Nationalist states opposed the internationalist ones such as the US, UK, and USSR. Nationalists want one ethnic group per nation; internationalists want no ethnic basis to society.

Russia is campaigning against nationalism here, so for the dissident Right to support them is for it to reverse its own position. When you do that, you lose, at least in terms of the thoughtful public that everyone else emulates.

We had made great gains, so our self-destruction over this for the ironism and contrarianism of internet influencers will be an even greater gain for our enemies. We will have behaved as if we were how they described us.

Currently, Russia is dealing with a quagmire because in part owing to its desire to fight a clean war, the Russian army has not advanced as far as it would need to for this to be a win.

They have run up against a decentralized resistance that opted for day one not to engage in large battles, but instead to hold territory through guerrilla actions:

The training, which has included “tactical stuff,” is “going to start looking pretty offensive if Russians invade Ukraine,” said the former official.

One person familiar with the program put it more bluntly. “The United States is training an insurgency,” said a former CIA official, adding that the program has taught the Ukrainians how “to kill Russians.”

The program, which does not appear to have ever been formally aimed at preparing for an insurgency, did include training that could be used for that purpose. Another former agency official described technical aspects of the program, like showing Ukrainians how to maintain secure communications behind enemy lines or in a “hostile intelligence environment” as potential “stay-behind force training.”

This means that the Ukrainians were trained in the tactics they are now using: disperse your gear and supplies, spread out your forces, and fight autonomously to deny territory to the enemy.

In guerilla war, any territory where the occupier cannot be sure that no attacks will occur is denied to them. The guerrillas want to create a situation where Russians are always under attack in order to tire the occupying invaders.

If we look at the official figures released by the Russian MOD, we can see part of the story:

Russia’s Defence Ministry has published the first official military casualties resulting from the special operation in Ukraine, saying that 498 Russian soldiers died in the line of duty.

A further 1,597 Russian servicemen have sustained injuries of varying degree during the operation, the ministry added.

The spokesman also shared the latest information on casualties among Ukrainian servicemen and nationalist battalions: about 2,870 were killed and 3,700 injured.

Notice that Russia admitted that this was an anti-nationalist operation:

Russia’s Defence Ministry and President Vladimir Putin earlier repeatedly addressed the Ukrainian military calling on them to ignore criminal orders from the nationalist authorities.

This was after calling the Ukrainians “Nazis” and making a big deal about the Azov Battalion who, although supported by the CIA and Obama, seem to embrace some National Socialist iconography, despite not representing the vast majority of Ukrainian forces.

Most likely, the Russian figures are accurate for their own KIA but high for Ukrainian losses, since it is very hard to get accurate body counts in a combat environment.

This means that all things told, Ukrainian losses have been light, and while Russia claims to possess a great deal of territory, they are not masters of it and face an ongoing, entrenched, and potentially prolonged conflict.

The response by Western media and politicians has been embarrassing. Instead of diving in with their militaries, they have retreated into using their currency to crush Russia and have utilized a series of public relations stunts to bully them.

People pouring out Russian vodka, businesses bailing on Russia, and the ongoing moronic censorship of Russians on the internet reflect the same tactics used to deplatform and destroy nationalists in the West.

This makes most of us on the Right unsympathetic to the Ukrainians because we see them, like BLM, as pets of the Establishment here and therefore an impediment to our pursuit of our own nationalism.

However, this does not reflect the more complex situation over there. We will become like the Useful Idiots of the 1930s-1980s who fawned over the Soviet Union, discrediting ourselves and getting sidetracked from our own agenda just to “own the libs.”

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