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Since the most corrupt president ever got elected, Americans have been busy buying guns

Increases in firearm sales since the November election are a strong indicator these polls are correct. The NSSF cited data from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which showed a 24 percent increase in firearms purchaser background checks for the month of December 2008 over the prior December.

This increase followed a 42-percent rise in NICS checks for the preceding month, which incidentally was the highest number in NICS history. The trend has continued through January as firearms dealers saw an increase of 28.8 percent when compared to the previous January.

Floridians have requested 187,162 concealed-weapon permit applications over the last six months – an 82 percent increase compared with a year earlier.

The Examiner

We know what third world countries are like. We have ghettoes in our cities, and rural poor rotlands we drive through. There’s Mexico to the south, and Puerto Rico isn’t too distant of an experience. Americans know that in the third world, government is corrupt, the voters are always fooled by Revolutionary rhetoric, and it’s up to the individual to defend themselves.

As it is in Brazil, Africa, the Middle East, Mexico and other places where great civilizations collapsed through disorder and genetic waffling into third world dysfunction.

Expect this run on guns to go on for some time.

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