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Sic Semper Cuckservatus, Mr. Erdogan


The New York Times recounts a sad tale of terror…

ON Tuesday night, just as millions of Muslims here were breaking their Ramadan fasts, three terrorists attacked the city’s busy airport. They fired randomly at passengers with automatic weapons before blowing themselves up. They killed 41 innocent people, most of them Muslims, supposedly in the name of Islam.

If I were to apply a moral to this story it would be this…The wages of Cuckservatism are death. This holds true regardless of where in the world a weak, accommodating Cuckservative misgoverns his land. But how does one make Recep Tayyip Erdogan out to be anything other than authoritarian? But no, in dealing with ISIS, Erdogan has been anything but large and in charge. He has accommodated them to the point where ISIS casualties hauled off the Syrian killing fields routinely bear the Turkish passport stamp.

When the bodies of Islamic State fighters are recovered on the Syrian battlefield, the passports found on them have often been stamped in Turkey, which thousands of recruits pass through on their way to join the terror group. Fighters who call relatives abroad often do so using Turkish cellphone numbers, and when they need cash, they head to Western Union offices in southern Turkey, according to court and intelligence documents. From the start of the Islamic State’s rise through the chaos of the Syrian war, Turkey has played a central, if complicated, role in the group’s story.

When it was German women getting raped in Cologne, why would Erdogan care? When it was a bunch of LGBTs getting cross-ventilated in Orlando, why would Erdogan shed a tear? When these revolutionaries literally ate the corpses of their slain foes amongst the ruins of Syrian cities and towns, President Erdogan saw that one as a YP, not an MP. Heck, someone had to sell them a box of toothpicks.

But now the hangman comes for him and his. Who will speak for the Turks? Who will care when the Cuckservative is the last victim at the party? Nobody will and nobody should. As Ralph Peters points out, that light at the end of Erdogan’s tunnel is the headlamp of the Karma Train on a midnight death run.

He imagined, as so many have before him, that he could master and manipulate fanatics—and then dispense with them, once their utility had expired. And he armed them. He protected them. He let foreign fighters pass through Turkey to join the jihad. He lied to Western allies and sought to revive his battered vision of a new Ottoman Empire. Instead, the region became embroiled in war. The terrorists and insurgents did not act in Turkey’s interests. They didn’t take orders. And when Erdogan moved against them—meagerly—to protect Turkey’s interests, they turned on him…

In the end the fanatic will never have his bloodlust sated. Like gnawing hunger, it returns anew. Like the opioid monkey on John Belushi’s back; the fanatic will never stop craving that vampire’s fix of another human’s lifeblood. The others have all had their bit parts and no other victims remain. There are no other surrogates to toss under the bus. Only Erdogan’s Turkey remains. Sic semper Cuckservatus, Mr. Erdogan.

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