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School shooters: don’t blame guns, blame social dysfunction

While some school shooters are delusional, and usually seek the attention, others like Jeff Weisse, Pekka-Eric Auvinen and now Matti Saari are of the ideological type, attempting to communicate through mass death what could not be said in words, because words can be ignored if inconvenient to the listener.

In essence, our society has decayed so far that we have created an alternate reality in which we operate as if it were reality, composed of our institutions and public opinions. Reality itself remains far away, doubly so because it is often complex and does not make a good sound bite, election slogan, advertising jingle or hip new saying to impress our friends.

Scientists Would Analayze School Shootings, Not Judge Them; Why Don’t We? by Brett Stevens

Good points here. I’m not a gun fanatic, but I think citizens need something to defend themselves against parasites and government (often a parasite).

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