Furthest Right

Anti-Crowdist techniques from Oprah

4. Get rid of squid — Squid is my word for people who seem to be missing their backbones but possess myriad sucking tentacles of emotional need. Like many invertebrates, squid appear limp and squishy — but once they get a grip on you, they’re incredibly powerful. Masters at catalyzing guilt and obligation, they operate by squeezing pity from everyone they meet.

Getting a squid out of your life is never pretty. Tell them straightforwardly that you want them, yes them, to leave now, yes, now. This will be unpleasant. There will be lasting hurt feelings. Don’t worry. Squid love hurt feelings. They hoard them, trading them in for pity points when they find another victim — er, friend. Let them go, their coffers bulging.

Your Right to Remain Silent by Martha Beck

Crowdists believe that in the name of humanity, whatever you have, they are entitled to.

They’re parasites using altruism as a cover for their sick activity.

Luckily, they don’t go unnoticed. Even O, The Oprah Magazine is helping you fight off squid, parasites, leeches, priests and other contaminants.

Now if we can get do it demographically. Say these two things: society does not need to subsidize parasites, and pluralism/multiculturalism/globalism doesn’t work.

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