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Saving lives is deciding not to decide

From CNN: “No cause or aspiration justifies the taking innocent life,” Ralph Boyce, U.S. ambassador to Indonesia said in a statement. “The United States has offered all appropriate assistance to the government of Indonesia to see that those responsible for this cowardly act face justice.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this. There are two important facets to it:

1. The USA is a liberal government with liberal values.
2. The “religious approach” to human life is completely unnatural.

First, what kind of government would repeat this pap? If nothing justifies the taking of an innocent life, no wars can be waged, nor executions allowed to occur, as an innocent life might be taken. The USA has exterminated an estimated 750,000 Iraqis through starvation from boycott of food and medical goods, and has bombed civilians in several wars. Does that mean those wars should not have happened? If so, why doesn’t the USA pay reparations like those going to Jewish immigrants to Europe and potential descendants of slaves? This is clearly a liberal/humanist justification for power, in which the idea of “protecting innocent life” gives us the power to kill innocent people allied with those we “believe” will be taking “innocent” lives.

The second part of this is equally evident, when one’s mindset is correctly configured to see past the media smokescreen. This approach of human lives – souls – before all other options is insane. It doesn’t take into account any of the machinations that happen on a governmental level independently of what individuals are doing. It seems to deny the capacity for government in itself, because if individual lives are the most important, how can we even target foreign governments that are composed of individuals who may not agree with their government?

It seems clear to me that the root of this is democracy American-style, which makes each individual feel as if he or she is important. Message to these “individuals”: you’re not important. Get over it. Unless you’re a genius with leadership capabilities, you’re also not all that “different” from everyone else of your background attempting to be “different.” Quit posing with this semi-religious leftist attitude and face reality now.

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