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Oversocialization Makes Parodies of Both Left and Right

The worst thing about an oversocialized country like America is that people are too afraid of social taboo to think clearly. In this kind of civilization, it’s more important to agree with the dominant trend and thus not to fuck up socially than it is to make the right decision. Thus we have recent hilarity in the search to find some plausible excuse to attack Iraq, even though everyone with any understanding of the issue realizes that Israel and Big Oil and the Military-Industrial complex come before “terror” as reasons.

From CNN: Bush went on to say that the likelihood Saddam would use weapons of mass destruction “for blackmail, deterrence, or otherwise, grows as his arsenal builds” and that he “probably would become much less constrained in adopting terrorist action” if he was certain of a U.S.-led attack on his country.

Who is Saddam going to blackmail with a nuclear weapon? He’s still in Iraq, a country that can be nuked with a few keypresses from the USA. Even if he develops advanced nuclear capabilities, he’s still going to shy away from a confrontation with the USA for the same reason that the Soviet Union did: assured total and complete destruction of both countries not to mention most probably “the world as we know it.” Let’s get real about this whole situation. The reasons for war as always are related to industry and religion, not practicality. There are practical wars; this isn’t one of them.

Speaking of not thinking clearly, I saw this at a nearby blog: Because of recent immigration trends (many Northern Africans and Arabs), the very definition of Frenchness is transforming with the speed of revolution, and it’s scaring people, apparently rendering 17.1 percent temporarily insane.

This was written about the rise of a certain right-wing politician in France. My question to this naieve writer is, how do you think we got French people in the first place? If you celebrate diversity, you understand that the French became distinctive as a population and culture by shutting other cultures out, including for the most part the North African and Arabic influence. Now this writer seems to be advocating that we turn France into North Africa and Iraq, so that French culture cannot exist. Is this diversity? I think it’s an elaborate scam to destroy any sense of uniqueness others might have so that the modern destabilized liberal feels no threat from other cultures possibly being better at certain things than those of the cultureless, globalized, commercialized void here in America.

I’d tell that writer to get over her hatred and insecurity trip, just as I’d tell G.W. Bush and Congress the same thing. The pretense of left or right doesn’t matter; it’s this sickening moralism that is used to justify both left- and right-wing assaults on culture that will truly bring us globalism, inc.

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