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Russia Is a Spook, But Works For the Ally of our Parasite

Two important principles of life:

  • 180° rule: if someone crazy does something, do the opposite; most people do not understand that there are three options: do what they did, do the same thing in the opposite direction, or refrain from indulging in the supposition that whatever issue they are pursuing is important. When someone crazy gets a tattoo, the opposite is not getting a tattoo of something else, but avoiding tattoos and personal adornment obsession entirely.
  • Enemy friends: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is never categorically true, only a possibility that you can work together toward a goal, realizing that whoever defeats the enemy is now going to turn on the other; in the end the only rule that makes sense is self-interest which means that each party will seek to maximize its position at the expense of all others. This is why people like me believe in benevolent xenophobia but also endorse the libertarian rule that there is enough wealth, power, status, and importance for us each to produce our own without taking from others.

There are others, of course, but for today it makes sense to think about life in these terms because Ukraine will be on the menu. The Right suffers from a lack of support for Ukraine simply because the Left supports it, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

For example, creepy Joe Biden supports setting aside 30% of American land for nature. This makes sense if we are serious about avoiding ecocide, and shows just how aware the people in power are that the climate change narrative is nonsense but ecocide is real.

In the same way, Paul Ehrlich is a hysterical prophet of doom regarding overpopulation, but overpopulation and urbanization — these are the same issue — will in the end create the conditions for The Ecocide or destruction of all natural life except a few generalists.

Obviously one cannot trust the Left on “inequality,” since inequality is the condition of nature, but it makes sense to accept that there is something to what they say when ordinary people working ordinary jobs can barely afford to live (of course, this is a crisis produced by Leftist policies).

Supporting Ukraine became unpopular on the Right because the people we know to be insane — the internationalists, career politicians, media, experts, and celebrities — all took up the cause, but it is important to look at why they do this.

The Left supports Ukraine because the Left botched the response to Russia when it was saber-rattling back at the start. Obama let them take Georgia and Crimea; Trump made it clear where the boundaries were and treated the Russian leader and people as humans instead of evil robots.

Evil is, in the popular conception, a goal in itself. In Hollywood movies and fairy tales, characters are evil simply because they are evil and delight in evil. More likely, evil is the unintended result of prioritizing personal power over working with the structure of the whole of reality.

In this view, the Russians are not evil robots, but possibly short-sighted people doing the best they can with their own instability and limited intellectual abilities (average IQ: 96) to find a path toward being prosperous and more importantly, significant and important again.

Poll after poll shows that Russians miss the Stalin era, even if they do not miss certain aspects of it. Russia was feared then, and therefore important, instead of some little economically-depressed backwater that has become the Florida of the European news cycle.

Russia of course provides a case study in the danger of miscegenation through trace admixture. Combine 105-IQ Han with 95-IQ Europeasants, 110-IQ Jews and Arabs, and varied IQ Turks, and you end up regressing to the mean because these parts are dissimilar enough to not combine smoothly.

For this reason and no other, Russia has never had consistently prosperous industry; the Tsars kept food on the table and a failure to do this yanked the Soviets out of power, but the mixed economy modern state has the benefits of the Tsars but an inability to create any lasting industry but oil.

At that point, the only option left is military conquest. The world will fear Russia again! Therefore Russia will be important. It is easier to be alone in semi-permanent poverty when the world fears you than to feel insignificant and unimportant in the same semi-poverty of the “second world” nation.

Characterizing the Russians as evil robots ignores the necessity of their struggle and their needs, and in my experience, nothing will enrage someone like ignoring his actual needs (you can ignore the drama). It also misses the elephant in the room, which is that Russia is allied with our enemies.

We fought two wars against the Chinese in the modern era, Vietnam and Korea. The Chinese equipped and trained our enemies, provided intelligence, and like the Soviets, contributed personnel. Most of the Korean War consisted of GIs shooting human wave warfare sent by Beijing.

China has never forgiven America for allying with its ideological enemies, the Chinese Nationalists who after their defeat in the Communist revolution took refuge in Taiwan/Formosa. To this day the Chinese lose their marbles when people refer to Taiwan as a separate country.

That may seem trivial to us, but to them it is a deadly threat. Taiwan, without the encumbrances of Maoist Communism even in its consumerist mixed-economy form, outproduces China in a number of key ways. The presence of Taiwan refutes the myth that China is doing well.

In the long term, Chinese Communism is as doomed as Napoleon, but tyrants and the third world by definition are those who fail the marshmallow test: they prefer the tangible, or obvious power in the here and now, to the intangible idea that doing things right for a few generations makes a better society.

This means that we can trust the Chinese to do one thing consistently, which is to try to take over the world before their system collapses from within. In their view, if they control everything, nothing can unseat them from power.

In reality, most regimes fall when they fail to provide enough food, order, or protection. People lose faith and do the minimum, at which point not only does the economy crater but they cannot change course or get much done, and in that calcified state they fall.

China wants Russia to draw the West into war over Ukraine so that China can take Taiwan. For marshmallow people, obliterating the symbol of the failure of their system seems like it eliminates the failure of the system, even though its internal failure is what will bring it down.

Bumbling Joe Biden, like most Irish people, is a blockhead. He sees the world in simple categorical terms, does not understand time, and is oblivious to second-order consequences. To him, Ukraine presents a simple question: how to provide enough weapons to thwart the Russians.

Trump, who apparently unlike everyone else in the USA at this time has read history from the era before 1965, knows that military aid and advisers inevitably leads to boots on the ground when the locals cannot keep up. The Ukrainians are outnumbered and have been bled not white but at least to a mild pink.

Biden sees this as an opportunity. He knows that the Regime in the former West is running to a standstill, too. When a society becomes an aggregate of past decisions and precedents, it can no longer respond realistically to the need for change.

Ironically, “progress” is a cover-up for the inability to think about reality and know where to change and what to keep. They keep abolishing success for one failure and keeping failure because it has had so few successes.

When the Ukraine war goes hot, China will take Taiwan, and WW3 will kick off in earnest. This is fine, in Biden-world. He has the high-tech weapons, so he believes he will win, in the process destroying the economies of every other nation on Earth, allowing the USA to pay off its debt.

This worked-for-slash-destroyed the USA after WW2. We adopted our income tax in 1913 and social programs followed, paralyzing the economy by 1929, at which point our addled president added even more free giveaways, wrecking the economy so badly that we needed WW2 to mass mobilize and escape the debt trap.

We are in the same situation now. The diversity trend has begun its gradual fade as businesses realize that they prefer hwite consumers to diverse ones, since the hwites are more reliable and will respond to quality and price instead of merely price and trendiness.

The SJWs who business lauded as the new hippie movement turned out to be mostly the people with mental health problems who were stuck on the internet by virtue of having nowhere else to go. These adopted radical Communist ideals because they hate their parents and their society.

Supporting Ukraine makes sense because it is a thriving place seeking to escape Russia, which like China is consuming wealthier places (Hong Kong, for example) in order to bolster its failing system with an infusion of wealth.

Despite its many problems, typical Eastern European corruption being first on the list, Ukraine wants to emulate the more functional economies of the West without adopting their insane political rhetoric. It follows Poland and Hungary in this pursuit.

Russia wants to conquer territory so that it can be as relevant as it was during the Stalinist era, but also to keep its lukewarm economy alive with shots of stimulus, much as in the West our governments borrow a few more trillion to Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme jumpstart the economy for another year.

Conservatives in the US get played by the 180° rule every time. The Left adopts something, so the Right follows their lead and takes a contrary stance, forgetting that in the process they have adopted the issue as important.

The Right then manages to discredit itself by rambling on about biological laboratories, nepotism, and foreign investments, missing the bigger picture entirely:

  • Foreign investments occur in many countries but mostly focus on areas where cheap properties can be upgraded to expensive ones. The bigger question is how many favors are traded in Washington, perfectly legally, for influence over policy, including by China.
  • Dodgy laboratories exist in many countries which cannot or will not regulate experiments, and have done so since the dawn of modernity. Not just governments, but NGOs and private corporations run these labs.
  • The cost of Ukraine at a half-trillion is dwarfed by our yearly expenditure of almost four trillion on anti-poverty and anti-racism programs, most dating to the FDR and LBJ administrations, but enhanced by the Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens.
  • Isolationism costs more than intervening overseas because if problems arise, it is faster to nip them in the bud like with the Color Revolution in Ukraine in 2014 than it is to wait until you get a full-blown war, but under Leftist administrations, these interventions are used to advance Leftism.
  • The strategy of the Left is to keep conservatives distracted with non-issues so that demographic replacement can complete, at which point no minority group will vote Right and therefore Leftists will win all the elections, just like they did once the Irish were imported in the 1800s with the Tammany Hall political machine.

Any conservative you see in public will be peddling mostly lies because those unwilling to repeat lies were filtered out long ago. They never made it to the ballot, and if they did, the media hate machine geared up and pursued them until the Clinton-run DOJ could take them out for technicalities.

Consequently, few real conservatives make it to the ballots, and the conservative audience has trained itself to reward lies and punish more accurate analyses. We have lots of talking heads raving about conspiracy theories and few who point out that socialism and diversity are civilization-enders.

As usual, the problem is internal, not external. Modern conservatives do not expect to win, so they fall back to an individualistic Christian libertarian view much like the original conservatives in the French National Assembly did.

In this view, they endorse a pluralism that says society can do what it wants so long as conservatives have the “freedom” to buy their way out of the terrible decisions of democracy, individualism, equality, diversity and socialism/entitlements.

We know this is true because almost all of the third world runs on this system. Their upper class, usually lighter-colored than the rest, pay all the taxes to keep the proles from revolting, and in exchange get to live pleasant lives in safe places away from the worst of the horde.

The average third world conservative is twenty IQ points ahead of the rest of his society, wealthy, and willing to spend half of his income on taxes and other corruption simply to keep society off of his back so he can keep on earning money, having a family, going to church, and having dubious “hobbies.”

American and European conservatives have gone down the same path, which is why instead of talking about stopping all immigration, repatriating diversity, and cutting all entitlements, they are batting about debate over Ukraine. It is a distraction.

This does not mean that Ukraine is an illegitimate cause. It makes sense to sponsor nations trying to break away from controlling and dying empires. It does not make sense to support Russia in this war, however understandable their motives are.

It also makes sense to recognize that behind the actions of Russia lurks the hand of China, which seeks to spread internal division, confusion, weakness, and self-hatred among us so that we will be easy to conquer in their vainglorious and doomed attempt to rule the world.

The Left blaming all of American problems on Russian collusion is a spook designed to conceal Chinese infiltration through business, affirmative action, immigration, and lobbying. The Right supporting Russia is a spook for not talking about China and the Great Replacement which means permanent Leftist rule.

No one talking about China tells you who the real puppetmasters are.

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