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DiversityWatch (February 1, 2023)


At this point, it becomes clear that the problem which Donald Trump faced is the same one that all conservatives face: conservatives, as a group, do not understand conservatism, history, or the way our system works such that it inevitably arrives at the results we are seeing.

What we see going on out there now is not exceptional, but democracy as normal. The decline in our economy is socialism as normal. The division in our society and loss of culture is diversity as normal. All of these things flow inevitably from the precedent of egalitarianism.

Instead of the various phantoms, bugbears, and paranoiac conspiracy theories that conservatives use to fill their time, we should look at the big evil which is what Hitler called the “Big Lie”: the idea of equality itself.

Unfortunately Hitler did not fully understand that in order to fully reverse the Big Lie, we had to reject equality entirely, which meant restoring the monarchy and removing all socialism. Maybe he had some good ideas, but his solutions were terrible.

In the bigger picture however conservative outrage culture exists to legitimize democracy. It likes to pretend that the events we are seeing are not democracy as normal going along its arc from novelty to doom, and that instead some shadowy cabal or anomalous event has taken over.

For this reason, conservatives must appear hilarious and infuriating to Leftists. They are oblivious to the laws that made sure we arrived at our current place, somehow think there is a morality to politics, and swan around inventing mythologies for what are in fact normal and expected dysfunctions.

Even more, conservatives have no idea how to take decisive action because everything they want is deemed “socially unacceptable” by the Left. A sane future for the West involves ending diversity, socialism, democracy, bureaucracy, pacifism, and personal megalomania. That is heresy to the careerists of today!

Here we see the final results of meritocracy: to pick the best people, we make them jump through hoops, which means memorization and testing. Then we promote those who were good at school, even if they are as clueless when they encounter real life as Hillary Clinton was at Benghazi.

Many of them even get lauded as great heroes by democracy because it cannot tell the difference between death and life: Lincoln, JFK, FDR, LBJ, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were all viewed as wise and positive figures in their era despite leaving behind massive accumulated wreckage.

All politics is projecting wishful thinking, with us having one immediate detail in mind that we somehow hope will “make everything all better again” despite the grim fact that nothing can or will do that. This projection leads to people applauding anyone or anything who agrees with them.

Conservatives can only get out of this by escaping reaction-counter-reaction type thinking. We do not care about the issues of the Left; we care about what has worked in every age of history and therefore has eternal truth for our people. Everything else is modern trash.

Because of this non-essential nature to most of what politics focuses on, the careerists form a Deep State concerned with their own personal advancement over getting anything done in what they view as a hopelessly precedent-bound and collapsing system:

But in his view, it’s often “very good, sensible, intelligent,” and experienced officials trying to “stop the idiots who are being elected doing terrible things.”

Asked “who really runs the UK,” Cummings said he was surprised that donors have “remarkably little influence” and it was the officials that made decisions.

Asked whether it’s fair to call the officials a “deep state,” Cummings said he believed it is fair in the sense that “they are a kind of deeply entrenched institutions, which actually practically controls huge amounts of what happens with zero to very little democratic insight or even knowledge and understanding.”

On the other hand, it means the institutions become “incredibly stale and self reinforcing” to the point “almost nothing can change in any way, including by the deep state itself,” he said.

He sees this groupthink as the epicenter of failure in the bureaucracy that runs our democracies:

Cummings also heaped scorn on the government’s border policy, saying that before April the official advice was that closing the country’s borders “would not have any effect,” something he deemed another example of Whitehall “groupthink.”

Here we see the Committee Problem in full flower: those who benefit from the meritocracy come together, choose what will not offend others, and therefore diligently avoid any mention of real issues so that people can keep the system afloat so their careers stay rising.

If that scares you, consider that the voters do the same thing in any election. They pick what they think others will like, establishing enough popularity on the Committee of voters to win, and then promptly forget about the consequences of their actions and reality out there.


  • Marie Kondo’s Confession She Gave Up on Cleaning Sparks Racism Debate

    “Unhinged behavior,” wrote author Cora Harrington on Sunday, which made the tweet go even more viral. “Nothing people hate more on this app than POC being like, ‘Buy less… maybe?'” She added.

    People are making fun of the fact that after having three kids, Kondo has relaxed her extremist attitude toward tidying up, but what we are seeing is schadenfreude not “racism,” although the professional victim special interest groups will shoehorn racism into just about any topic.

  • A strong ethnic identity can buffer or bolster the effects of online sexual racism in Black men

    In a sample of almost 700 of these men, researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign found that having a strong or moderate commitment to their ethnic identity—defined as finding solidarity and a sense of belonging in their heritage—had protective effects, buffering feelings of depression and lower self-worth when they experienced sexual objectification by white men online, a form of racialized sexual discrimination driven by racial stereotypes such as beliefs that all Black men are physically imposing or well-endowed.

    Conversely, however, a strong commitment to their ethnic identity intensified feelings of low self-worth when these men were rejected by those of their own race, the researchers found.

    Homogeneity produces happiness, while heterogeneity creates doubt and ambiguity. Diversity is murder.

  • Meet the typical Walmart shopper, a 59-year-old white suburban woman earning $80,000 a year

    Roughly 95% of the shoppers in Numerator’s survey visited Walmart two or more times in the past year. Not only that, Walmart has the highest customer loyalty of the leading retailers profiled by Numerator.

    Numerator found that Walmart’s typical shopper in the US is a white woman between 55 and 64 years old, who is married and living in the suburbs of the Southeast. She typically has an undergraduate degree and earns about $80,000 per year.

    She visits Walmart at least once per week — almost 65 trips per year — and picks up 13 products for a total cost of about $54 per trip. 13.5% of her spending takes place at Walmart, while she spends about 11% at Amazon.

    Advertisers went crazy at the possibly of diversity because they saw a chance to sell more junk to an audience with less capacity for critical thought, but instead they found an audience with very little loyalty to brands or interest in responding to better value or quality. That eliminates the importance of most advertising. Instead business is slowly rediscovering the Western European middle class that shops by price and quality and therefore, can build future business.

  • First Nations people often take on the ‘cultural load’ in their workplaces

    A 2020 survey of more than 1,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers found 78% of respondents felt it important to identify as Indigenous at work.

    But almost two-thirds (63%) reported high levels of identity strain. This meant feeling different to or not meeting expectations of the dominant culture in the workplace.

    Some 39% said they carried the burden of “high cultural load”, which came in the form of extra work demands and the expectation they would educate others.

    It seems that being the “odd man out” creates stress even through well-intended DIE efforts. Diversity forces each person to be isolated in their own culture, and by placing them in an environment without a shared culture, alienates them from each other.

  • Hamtramck council approves Islamic animal sacrifices at home

    Muslims often slaughter animals during the holiday of Eid al-Adha and Hamtramck has one of the highest percentage of Muslim residents among cities in the U.S.

    The all-Muslim city council voted 3-2, with Mayor Amer Ghalib casting an additional vote in favor making it 4-2, to amend a city ordinance to allow religious sacrifice of animals at home

    When diversity captures an area, it changes to reflect their culture and gradually abolishes any traces of its host culture.

  • Gay men discriminate against feminine gay men, new study finds

    “Gay men are potentially blocking each other from positions of power and leadership due to this implicit bias,” he said. “Men are still expected to conform to more traditional masculine styles of leadership and if they fail to sufficiently project masculine traits they are at risk of status penalties. This is an example of internalized homophobia among the gay community and it impacts opportunities for these gay men.”

    No matter how much we try to control nature, it exists within us and pops up to defeat our human self-worship expressed in Utopian plans.

  • More undocumented Indians attempt to enter the United States

    In 2022, 63,927 undocumented Indians reached the US borders and sought asylum, which is more than double the previous year’s figure. The US southern border with Mexico is a common arrival point.

    However, a lower percentage of Indian immigrants become US citizens when compared to other groups.

    “Indians were less likely to be naturalized US citizens than immigrants overall, which may reflect the large numbers arriving on temporary visas and the relative recency of arrival,” the report said.

    To them, this is a temporary workplace and they intend to go back home with whatever cash they accumulate. Caucasian nations traditionally self-destruct by hybridizing with Asiatics.

  • Which groups of people tend to overestimate their IQ?

    The data showed that young males tended to overestimate their IQ by between 5 and 15 points on average, a finding similar to other studies.

    More surprising was that older women also tended to overestimate their IQ. Giannoul also found that older women who viewed themselves as more attractive than average were the same women who tended to overestimate their IQ.

    Under diversity, we have no culture, therefore no social hierarchy, which means lots of pretend geniuses and poseur innovators who are using our society as self-aggrandizement. Megalomania rules the roost in democracy and diversity, by abolishing standards in common, simply makes this worse.

  • Dramatic increase in number of KZN schools achieving 100% pass rates

    Frazer said the department was thrilled the province had again joined those in the 80% category, with the class of 2022 achieving a historic 83% pass rate. In 2021, the figure was 76.8%

    Frazer said this meant of the 164,308 pupils who wrote the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams in 2022, 136,388 passed.

    When groups of unequal average IQ coexist uneasily in a diverse state, education becomes dumbed-down to accommodate the lower-performing groups. This ends up making education worthless to employers and therefore to the talented students, but becomes an entitlement to others who now have the degrees that allow them to be employed as affirmative action cases instead of the business hiring members of the higher-IQ group.

  • Hate crime legislation vague and inconsistent among 50 U.S. states

    Results of the study, published in the journal Victims & Offenders, showed that race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and disability were among the most recognized classes and populations in hate crime legislation. However, coverage differed greatly within these classifications due to how states conceptualize them.

    The more we try to make diversity work, the more chaotic rules we adopt, penalizing those who notice that diversity has failed.

  • Why China’s shrinking population is a big deal: The costs of an aging, smaller society

    The large number of aging parents with only one child to rely on for support will likely impose severe constraints—not least for the elderly parents, who will need financial support. They will also need emotional and social support for longer as a result of extended life expectancy.

    Much as is the case with Boomers in the West, the high cost of the entitlements state will level this society.

  • Gay couple charged with molesting their adopted sons also pimped them out to pedophile ring, report claims

    William Zulock, a government worker, and Zachary Zulock, a banker, were indicted in August 2022 on charges of incest, aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation, felony sexual exploitation of children and felony prostitution of a minor.

    But the shocking investigation reveals in more detail the sickening abuse the boys suffered.

    For the first time, it was revealed that the men allegedly pimped out their older sons, now 11 and 9 years old, to two other men in a pedophile ring.

    When in order to correct stereotype bias, societies create protected groups, that encourages members of these groups to act with impunity, much like how fear of “racism” in Rotherham, UK caused police to ignore a massive grooming gang problem for over a decade.



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