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January 6: The Day Revolution II Became Inevitable

No one wants to state the obvious, so again it must be said here: American conservatives are separated from what it is to be conservative by the diversity agenda and dualist religions. An actual conservative is a Darwinist and an amoralist whose only belief consists of making society function, surmising that only that leads to goodness, truth, and beauty.

The Furthest Right™ sidesteps the posturing about equality, diversity, and Jesus/Israel and instead embraces a biological, naturalistic, and historical view. We are Cro-Magnid civilization, and we want ourselves to thrive, so we must act toward competence in our own interests. Everyone else is not our concern.

The more we try to appease others and make them like us, the more they detest us, so we have to stop doing what does not work (equality) and focus on what does (quality). Ethno-nationalism is the core of conservatism because only it preserves civilization, and only that preserves the work of the individual.

American conservatives fear taking this step and therefore are reduced to arguing for conservatism in terms of Leftist values, which never goes anywhere because Leftist values are incompatible with reality and therefore, with conservatism also.

The January 6 “insurrection” farce highlights the absurdity of this situation. Fired up by FBI informants, a mass group staged a riot, at which point the authorities let them into the capitol, creating basically the biggest photo opp ever for bourgeois cope, and this united forces against the Trump revolution.

The bourgeois outlook is simply individualism: do what benefits you, and maintaining civilization is a job for someone else, so vote, pay taxes, and complain, but never endanger your heap of gelt and your career because as we learn in the city, other people are generally selfish, greedy, flaky, and manipulative.

Lots of people want to believe one thing only, which is that nothing is their fault, they do not need to change, and “someone else” must fix civilization. Seeing the forces of “insurrection” defeated by a ruthlessly avaricious justice system let the bourgeois settle back in the armchair to resume posturing about universal love or someshit.

Instead, the January 6th Reichstag Fire convinced most of us that democracy had entered its end stages. COVID-19 was bungled, an election stolen with mail-in ballots from senile elderly, migrants poured across the borders to replace us with White Genocide, and the Biden administration pumped the value of retirement plans while bankrupting everyone else.

The fact that our political system could not accept that many of us wanted the 1980s and WASP America back instead of the diversity dystopia showed us that democracy has entered its end stages. Leftists have nothing left but to take total control with socialism and diversity.

A second American revolution is now inevitable; all that remains is for a touchstone issue to inflame passions and the shooting to start. Diversity wrecked democracy, and now democracy hurtles toward a binary where it either goes full totalitarian or goes away.

Had we had a competent government, the January 6th event would have been a riot like the BLM riots, and then society would have gone on blithely unaware of its problems. Instead we saw the raw face of the tyrant in the COVID-19 lockdowns, retaliatory January 6th defendant jailing, and revengeful Biden regime.

At this point, we have no excuse. We are either with the bourgeois desire to reconcile with our failure at all costs, or we are against failure, at which point we are also against this government, against diversity, and against the moral system that says symbols are more important than reality.

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