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Repudiating the Revolution

Companies go through a life cycle. They start, they find a niche, then usually they grow too fast and get far-flung and bloated, at which point they become cash cows while competitors eat into the business they once did well.

In the same way, any change to a political system offers a single boost in that it stops what everyone was doing, which suppresses lots of precedent and calcified process from the past. Call it hybrid vigor, but it works for awhile, simply by disrupting and destroying what no longer works.

Then the political system itself, in an attempt to cater to every member of its coalition, becomes similarly encrusted in new stuff, but this represents special interests and not the group. This division drains it of energy and gradually pulls it apart.

The West grew too fast because it did so well. As it grew fast, it expanded further than it should have, and this resulted in internal conflicts that with the help of the Church and middle classes, were used as excuses to remove the kings.

Democracy at first gave us a boost. We could stop doing the old stuff that had piled up over the years like projects in an already-bursting garage. But then in came the new things, and these had no relation to each other, turning society into a shopping mall for special interests.

We also found out that democracy makes people insane. They become narcissists in order to be victims because in egalitarian systems victimhood is subsidized and self-sufficiency is punished. The weak eath the strong in order to protect the weak, and this twists people and makes them ugly inside.

Even more, democracy will not leave us alone. Every week there is a new crisis just to keep us involved in the fiction that things are going well. Our societies are divided between collaborators and dissidents, but most of the dissidents absorb collaborator dogma just to try to be normal.

Nothing is stable, nor is anything good. Few things work well, but all of them require time. Lots of people seem to be doing nothing great, but getting paid well for it, or for their obedience. Our leaders seem increasingly insane and concerned only with politics as a career.

Worst of all, the fault lies with us, the voters. We were the ones who got idiots into power then failed to get them out. Leftists rage about non-issues in order to ignore real issues, but conservatives get angry and self-pitying, then tune out when they can actually do good.

Like any committee, the group of voters caters to the committee itself and ignores the goal. It is more important to manage people and manipulate opinions than it is to get anything done, and trying to address real issues is risk so no one does it. Cowardice dominates us like a fugue state.

There is only one way out, and it starts with repudiating the revolutions. We must reject equality and the idea that we can rule ourselves. God/gods will not save us; we must save ourselves by accepting that hierarchy is part of nature and demanding that our best rule us for a change.

Democracy was a mistake. The Big Lie — equality — was a mistake. Becoming individualists because we grew too fast was a mistake. We need a focus on reality, and the transcendent beauty in it, to see life as anything but something we torture and destroy in order to make ourselves feel powerful.

The West thrived under the kings. Under democracy, it rose at first and then fell lower than it ever has before. Until enough of us accept this commonsense view of history, we will continually be pounding square pegs into round holes and wondering why we are surrounded by nothing but splinters.

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