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Reparations-With-Repatriation Trumps Welfare Reparations

Logically, diversity makes no sense: if groups are equal, then there is no need for diversity; if they are not, diversity is going to pit the groups against each other with only one winner. “Everyone loses” seems to be favored by the Left because it means equality, but avoiding diversity means everyone wins.

One can say lots of things about chattel slavery. The biggest is that it was normal at the time because feudalism had been abolished and it offered an alternative to death for the war captives and prisoners who were sold out of their native lands.

It was probably not as brutal as the Leftist historians tell us; they lie about everything. Some slaves got whipped, probably because they were in fact criminals, but many had perfectly normal lives in a condition not quite as nice as feudalism but better than execution.

Regardless, like the Holocaust, it was immoral. In the Holocaust, we know that the lampshades, gas showers, soap, bent guns, and electric bath stories are apocryphal, more rewarmed WW1 propaganda and Biblical myth than reality. But something happened.

If you adopt a foreign population as slaves, which happened in both the Holocaust and slavery, you are responsible for their well-being. They are human, even if undesired in your population, and if you work them to death by diarrhea as happened in the Holocaust, you are still responsible.

In the same way, White America needs to address the greatest sin of slavery, which in my view is the savaging of Black self-esteem. You will never feel good, safe, and purposeful as slave labor for another race. Even if they buy you off, you cannot escape that historical origin.

However in classic bourgeois fashion, the White and whitish (hwite) middle classes want to simply buy off the problem by paying token welfare reparations:

San Francisco could become the first major US city to fund reparations, under a plan that would award $5m (£4m) to each eligible black resident.

A city-appointed panel also suggests guaranteed annual incomes of $97,000 for qualifying recipients and homes in San Francisco for $1 a family.

About 50,000 black people live in San Francisco, but it’s not clear how many would be eligible.

California has an annual revenue stream of somewhere near $210bn, placing it short of the $250bn required for these reparations payments.

Consequently, whether they approve it or not, this amount will get stretched out over many years. The cash-in-hand number will go down as a result and then will be knocked down further when they include administration costs.

This reparations scheme will be a jobs program for lawyers, bureaucrats, and politicians with very little trickling down to Black families. They will also have to pay federal income tax on this, which will bump their ordinary income up a tax bracket or two so it will also be taxed.

In the meantime, the headlines will shout victory, even if the reality on the street is defeat. Politicians and others can now claim that the debt is paid, slavery is over, and Blacks are finally equal so the issue is closed.

This leaves Blacks as descendants of slaves in a foreign land designed for foreign people in which the money flows upward. Whatever reparations trickle down to them will go to the tax man, the property taxes, the neighborhood stores, and the lawyers.

In the meantime, Africa sits just over the sea, a beautiful continent with trillions of dollars of natural wealth. If Africans can reclaim it from European, Asian, and middle eastern businesses, they stand to gain far more.

Right now, Africa sells its natural resources for pennies, then foreign companies make products out of those which sell for hundreds of dollars. That thousand-dollar iPhone results in a tiny sum paid to Africa, and most of the money getting spirited away to Asia, Europe, and America.

When Africa sells its oil, it is paid for the crude, which then gains a great deal more value when it is refined into lighter oils and plastics. Those plastics make products which are sold for many times more than what is paid to Africa.

The African Union would take ownership of Africa back from foreign interests and keep the profits at home. This means that Africans would see more than pennies on the dollar for their resources.

In the meantime, the Western media image of Africa as mud huts and Ebola is obsolete. High-tech modern cities and industries exist in Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, and other nations. There are plenty of nice places to live with air conditioning, toilets, shopping, and healthcare.

Nationalists of all stripes should support the African Union because this is nationalism in action. Africa recaptures its wealth and pride, and the first world stops living off the third and becomes self-reliant again. Everyone wins.

For this to happen, it makes sense instead to have reparations-with-repatriation for all non-WASP groups, where foreign-descended people are given a lump sum without taxation that they can take to start a life in the new world.

A one-time payment of $100k without strings attached would get your average American or European national of foreign descent started with a home and career with extra left over for luxuries in their new old homeland. We could part as friends instead of living as enemies.

Noted Black Nationalist Osiris Akkebala points out the paucity of what is being offered:

In San Francisco, you are witnessing the attempt to sabotage one of the most sacred issues to be connected with Black Afrikan people to be minimized to be just a negro welfare issue the most open-in-your-face racist prejudice act to be committed if approved, against our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors and to be accepted by the negro Americans.

When the issue is about Chattel Slavery Crimes against our Enslaved Black Afrikan Ancestors, the punishment of the crime of Chattel Slavery is against the world participants of Racist prejudice and injustice committed against Afrika and Black Afrikan people our Enslaved Ancestors specifically warrant the punishment of the crime Chattel Slavery with America leading the line to be that of Reparation Repatriation and there is the difference in the welfare Reparation being talked about coming out of San Francisco Lucifer Based and has no association, relationship with Chattel slavery Reparation Repatriation Back To Afrika To become the next established State of Governance to be in Afrika inhabited by Descendants Of Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, no Greater act of a show of respect to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors can be shown to our enslaved ancestors by the Diaspora black Afrikans than that beloved!

The issue of reparations is not about money, but self-ownership. Black people will never own themselves in a diverse society, whether White or another form of diversity. They will always be dependent on some other group for survival, and fighting against many other groups for neighborhoods and jobs.

San Francisco wants to take the easy way out: cut a check, then ignore the issue. This addresses none of the actual problems created by slavery, and is mostly just a bakshish or mordida for White and whitish people to use to write off the issue and be done with it.

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