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Reminder: Gun Control Was a Leftist Notion

Texas shocked the nation recently by approving a series of bills that telegraph hostility to Leftism and make the state less hospitable to Leftists, seemingly in an attempt to reverse the “purpling” of Texas as California, New York, and Mexican liberals move here.

In particular, Texas approved a giant stab against gun control, becoming the largest Constitutional carry state in the nation:

The law, which takes effect Wednesday, will allow most Texans 21 and over to carry handguns, either openly or concealed, in public spaces without a license. Its adoption last spring was a win for Texas’ Republican leaders, who say the right to carry without a permit is guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Leftists immediately began counter-spin. As ironists, or those who delight in anything that seems to disprove the obvious ways the world works, they wanted to point out that gun control in California came about through diversity failure:

In 1967, 30 members of the Black Panthers protested on the steps of the California statehouse armed with .357 Magnums, 12-gauge shotguns and .45-caliber pistols and announced, “The time has come for black people to arm themselves.”

The display so frightened politicians—including California governor Ronald Reagan—that it helped to pass the Mulford Act, a state bill prohibiting the open carry of loaded firearms, along with an addendum prohibiting loaded firearms in the state Capitol. The 1967 bill took California down the path to having some of the strictest gun laws in America and helped jumpstart a surge of national gun control restrictions.

Egalitarian politics consist solely of justification: find someone who is below the magic line labeled EQUAL, and then argue from their perspective, so that you appear to be a defender of the people.

Some members of both sides have jumped on the gun control debate arguing about “racism,” with the Left claiming that gun control is anti-racist because it saves Black lives, and the Right claiming that gun control is “racist” because it disenfranchises Blacks.

In reality, gun control got started because of another race, Italians, and their actions, specifically those of Al Capone. This led to a gun control act in 1934:

The first piece of national gun control legislation was passed on June 26, 1934. The National Firearms Act (NFA) — part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal for Crime“— was meant to curtail “gangland crimes of that era such as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

The NFA imposed a tax on the manufacturing, selling, and transporting of firearms listed in the law, among them short-barrel shotguns and rifles, machine guns, firearm mufflers and silencers. Due to constitutional flaws, the NFA was modified several times. The $200 tax, which was high for the era, was put in place to curtail the transfer of these weapons.

Only later was this followed up by a wave of gun control, mostly in response to the chaos and violence of the 1960s. These acts aimed to extend the 1934 law as a general anti-crime bill hoping to disarm criminals:

Modern gun control efforts began in 1968 with the Gun Control Act, which granted the federal, state, and local law enforcement officials increased powers in regulating gun control in the effort to fight crime. It made it illegal to sell or deliver firearms or ammunition to “any individual who the licensee knows or has reasonable cause to believe is less than eighteen years of age, and, if the firearm, or ammunition is other than a shotgun or rifle, or ammunition for a shotgun or rifle, to any individual who the licensee knows or has reasonable cause to believe is less than twenty-one years of age.” There are exceptions to this law related to employment, ranching, farming, target practice, and hunting. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 amended this Act by requiring the purchaser of a firearm from federal firearms licensees to complete a background check. This Act was signed by Clinton in honor of James Brady, Assistant to the President and White House Press Secretary, who was shot and paralyzed during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The would-be assassin was a mentally unstable man who had obtained a revolver from a pawn shop in Dallas, Texas.

In other words, as usual the Leftist narrative involves a selective look at the facts in order to try to score points, and the Right-cuck “but muh equality” defense does nothing but strengthen this.

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