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America Splinters

We are so fortunate these days as so much stands revealed. All of the errors of the West since the medieval days now parade before us, stripped of their illusion.

First we saw that democracy is basically a competitive echo chamber, where each person tries to demonstrate their support for the dominant ideology so that popular opinion favors them.

This makes our people in power into an elaborate game of “follow the leader.” If one does something dramatic, and starts a trend, the others must imitate, expand, and amplify in order to get their share.

Since they have two options — join the trend, or lose social relevance, which translates into power, wealth, and status — they all join the trend, and at that point, truth and reality are optional. All that matters is getting their share.

Our society operates by justification because when you pick a Big Lie like “equality” to sit at the heart of your civilization, it can be easily seen to be weak, so those who defend it help others stay in denial and avoid being forced to change their thinking.

In justification-based societies, those who find a way to defend the large idea that is the basis for all the justifications get rewarded because they have slain the dragon of doubt that is inherent to any ideological outlook.

This means that when the WHO says that something is a crisis, others amplify, and still others invent pretend drama to make their department stand out from the rest. They compete for who can be the most absurd in support of the big idea.

Ideologies are generally like this, since ideology by nature is not realistic nor is it meritocratic. Realism and meritocracy, in the sense that the good are rewarded, require no justification, and equality — reward both good and bad — is their opposite.

Rather, because ideologies are conjectural and not based in reality, they have an inner weakness, and this makes them unstable, which creates a market for affirmation, just like self-help books or psychologists.

If the WHO asserts that COVID-19 is an apocalyptic pandemic, then anyone who rejects this has rejected an affirmation of the ideology and therefore the ideology itself. For the same reason, anyone who rejects anti-poverty programs or anti-racist programs is presumed to desire poverty and racism. They pointed out that the ideology is in fact optional, since it is not grounded in reality.

After the WHO makes this assertion, the press must fan the flames, and each story must have an unique, iconoclastic, and different take on the crisis, so they dig out some sob story and inflate it into a worldwide crisis.

Not to be outdone — academics who get their names in the newspapers find it easier to get funding and promotions — the schools jump in, each offering its own take on how what the WHO said was true, namely that this is the worst ever thing.

Then in come the professional scientists whose work is now measured in terms of readership. They want more of that sweet public attention, so they hype the machine too, and now the crisis seems real.

Add in everyday citizens. They routinely make up stories about the horrors of COVID-19 either to hide something or to gain some notoriety. Donations flow smoothly to the victims of the latest herd panic.

For that reason, democracy has become an echo chamber of lies that intensifies itself as each voice competes for more attention.

Next, we see that our so-called leaders — the Leftists who have assumed power in the 1930s, 1960s, 1990s, and now 2020s — operate like bullies: they want to rule the world, and they have no qualms about lying, cheating, stealing, and killing to do it.

Since their belief system is symbolic, they treat everything else as a symbol. For them, COVID-19 is exclusively a symbol of whether you support the system and thus, by extension, our ability to stay in denial that our society is failing.

If we admit that we are failing, after all, people will be forced to undertake mental, moral, and spiritual change and they hate that because it destabilizes the self. They want denialism and repetition.

Bullies operate in a single mode. They take advantage of time. They rush you with their attacks, trusting you to be flustered, and so to either do what they want or rebel against it, at which point they mock you for not being hip.

These bullies — the Left — believe that history curves toward equality. Sensible observers realize that this “curve” is in fact a parabola of something that once had flight now streaking toward the ground at full speed. Equality is death.

They do not actually care about equality, of course, because they know that it is just advertising, marketing, and a justification. It is there to fool the rubes, and it works every time, because it is anti-social to claim to oppose it.

This conundrum has destroyed every human society since the dawn of time. Few know how to say that they oppose equality, socialism, diversity, and individualism because they lead to bad results in the long term.

Your bullies take advantage of this. They blitz attack: “Why are you against equality?” In a social setting, you look bad unless you have a similarly simple, snappy answer, and nothing in politics is like that, so they seem to win.

They want you to see only the moment, standing in the pub, when someone has said something aggressive to you and you are now fighting for your social status. If you answer well, you rise; if not, they dominate you, and you are subordinate to them.

Consequently like all bullies, they charge in to dominate. They will force you to accept COVID-19 as a real threat so that you do not become a dissident. They will force you back into denial.

When Creepy Joe Biden went out there today and demanded a vaccine mandate, he brought about the final splintering of America:

The expansive rules mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly, affecting about 80 million Americans. And the roughly 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid also will have to be fully vaccinated.

Biden is also signing an executive order to require vaccination for employees of the executive branch and contractors who do business with the federal government — with no option to test out. That covers several million more workers.

Just two months ago Biden prematurely declared the nation’s “independence” from the virus. Now, despite more than 208 million Americans having at least one dose of the vaccines, the U.S. is seeing about 300% more new COVID-19 infections a day, about two-and-a-half times more hospitalizations, and nearly twice the number of deaths compared to the same time last year.

He must be laughing hysterically at this moment. Whenever you see the cases rise as a percentage without accompanying numbers, remember that you are being sold a bill of goods. This virus has killed a few million people worldwide who otherwise would have died of the flu; in fact, the regular flu would have killed more, since there would have been no panic of ventilators, retrovirals, and antibodies.

Biden has told America, “I will force this upon you.” Like all bullies, he seeks to subjugate, dominate, and enslave. He wants to make the rest of us serve him and his absolute authority so that he can claim more power.

He recognizes that the virus is ludicrous and only panics idiots. That is fine with him; he wants to force everyone to dumb themselves down and become good sheep so that he can ascend to world dominance using Leftism as his crutch and excuse.

He realizes that he will get support from his base: the aging quasi-hippie Boomers who want to try to beat time, the soyboys and boxwine aunts who are afraid of everything, and the minorities who just want to see Whitey burn so they can take over.

Just like the Mask Karens who now feel empowered to yell at perfect strangers, the local school boards arrogating more authority with the pretense of protecting against the virus, the social media censoring everything in sight, Biden is just another ugly little prole who, not understanding power, thinks he should have it.

In reality, power is only as useful as your ability to wield it, and the only people who can wield it are those who use it to make things better in reality (not symbolism). No realist seeks unlimited power; he seeks to use what he has well.

Biden, like most bullies, wants to force you to accept this ludicrous nonsense because then you are his servant. Just like a con man will try to get you to repeat his lies back to him, because then he can sell you the snake oil, Biden wants to force people to buy into this fiction.

The fact that it alienates intelligent and alert people merely benefits him because his audience hates those people, who are themselves a tiny minority. Nope, he wants the unwashed, resentful, morally lazy, and intellectually stunted masses.

In this way, his mandate fits within everything else he has done as Faux President. He likes to beat down and humiliate people, shatter their dreams, and make them come crawling back to him. He likes to be “the Big Guy.”

He signed dozens of executive orders in his first days in office simply to beat down Trump. He withdrew from Afghanistan simply to beat down the military and anyone who likes America.

He rushed through bills for massive spending just to change things so that no one else could alter it back. He sabotaged anything he could, purged the non-cronies from the rolls, just so that he would have the power forever.

Joe Biden has no thoughts of the future. He may have plans, but no thoughts. He never considers the consequences of his actions because they do not matter to him. All that matters is that he gets the power and can smash anyone else.

However, in doing so, he has triggered the spring of a trap. Like all bullies, he has no fallback. Bullies blitz attack and have no plan for if that goes wrong except to call the other guy names and insult his mother.

The Left however has placed itself in precarious territory. If Election 2020 is found to be fake, if COVID-19 is revealed as not as threatening as reported, if the vaccines turn out to have negative side effects, and if connections to China are revealed, the bullies will be shown for what they really are.

At that point, nothing but conflict remains. It may not be a shooting war at the outset because the Right still intends to politically recapture territory, setting itself up as the rest of America versus the populous, cosmopolitan cities.

But it means the end of coexistence. These people lied to us and collaborated with a foreign power for its advantage at our expense; this is treason. Anyone involved, at any level, needs to go to jail or be exiled.

We know this now. They do not intend to share power, and they never have intended that. They do not intend to do anything good for America. They want to seize power, consume everything, destroy us, and dance in the ashes.

If they had a fallback plan, this would not be so urgent. However, the Left never has a fallback, because when gambling for total control you must take the audacious step of attempting to seize it. There is no fallback from that.

No fallback means that we go into the 1840s again, with states opposing the federal entity, itself driven by the sheer amount of wealth it can extract from the rest of the nation to use to buy votes with free stuff, pride flags, BLM kneeling, and other token gestures unrelated to reality.

The Left knows how dangerous this position is. They also know that the election audits are coming, as is the decertification, and they want to seize total control of government before that happens.

In other words, the bold statements made by Joe Biden today do not reflect strength but weakness. He is running scared that his plot has been revealed. Consequently, he is going to work the COVID-19 scare and trend to the utmost.

He is threatening the American people for failure to comply with his fake pandemic:

“We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us,” he said, all but biting off his words. The unvaccinated minority “can cause a lot of damage, and they are.”

He is covering the fact here that the vaccinated majority are the ones spreading the disease most of all, mainly because they are shedding the spike proteins that the mRNA vaccine programs their bodies to make, but also because reckless vaccination produces mutations. When Israel announced that it had both the most vaccinations and the most COVID-19 variant cases, it became clear that the vaccine did not work.

Like every bully, Biden wanted to blitz attack us. He wanted us to accept his panic as fact and react in panic so that we would hand him the power that he wanted.

When that failed, he doubled down, since he has no other plan but to blitz attack, and is now threatening our lives and livelihoods for our failure to comply. Instead of the acquiescence he wants, he will get civil war and revolution.

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