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Religion in all societies goes through cycles. Initially proposed on a firm understanding and strong attitude toward reality, religions as they age through the generations deteriorate into knee-jerk dogmas that do not have the insight to unify the physical fact and metaphysical truth.

I am fully aware of the problems caused by individualistic nature of many modern religions such as Christianity, Judaism and various other offshoots, although better than modern alternatives like TV religion, they have inherent corruptions that have been the cause of destruction on the biosphere – because the scriptures are lost on thin-telligent with their down-breeding standards and ‘everyone is equal under the eyes of god’ BS generalizations and seek here to help outline a fresh direction for all above-average intelligent westerners for future eras by unifying science and metaphysic under the banner of the Occident.

This decay eventually ruptures into two active extremities where we either have radical atheism or fundamentalist monotheism as individuals prefer more petty gods and idols rather than accepting the whole – this spiritual war within the whole of civilization eventually wipes the various established religions from being socially acceptable, they become demonized. Collective culture steadily decays as the land becomes tainted with reckless hedonism, consumerism and humanism – with it, a total disregard for all of earth’s creatures other than themselves.

From here onwards, the fresh intellects in societies can either reinterpret established religions to reintroduce logic into commonly held views, thereby achieving consensus, or they may continue to bicker about who is ‘right’ whilst ignoring the fact that we are wasting valuable energy fighting over symbolic illusions, and that in the long run, it will spell the death for our civilization as a being of greatness.

In trying to reintroduce logic back into established religions, it must be remembered that anything is possible if we try; miracles happen when individuals form a collective and achieve something beyond themselves. It is certainly true that all things can exist BUT in their respective time and space within the hierarchy of nature, and if they do not exist now that is not to say they cannot exist elsewhere in the universe within extraterrestrial civilizations, or in a future era where humanity and technology has surpassed pathetic ‘all accepting’ modern morality and has instead become a holistic organism of multiple nationalized cells in intimacy with the infinite possibilities of natural reality. That is the potential in physicality – all things that are physical are causal and exist as separate individual things that have important niches in the ecosystem of the cosmos as a whole.

A vital fact for both religionists and atheists alike is a truth that undermines both their pluralities. It is fascinating to realise that absolutely everything within the universe exists – else it would become nothingness, and if anyone tries to say that nothingness does not exist, then it quite literally exists. Now, all metaphysical truths are absolute – they are the very fountain of life which creates everything from nothingness. Therefore the absolute is nothingness – If atheism tells us God does not exist, it is correct.

Atheism is the highway to physical reality and this is logical, however, this does not explain the empty void of nothingness, the very creator of the universe itself and atheism itself fails to understand the natural phenomenon of naturalization and socialization united in a divinity.

Metaphysics therefore comes before physics, it is the acausal and acts between all things – meaning that between all things, between two points of nothingness there will be a line of somethingness and in this there is unity between things. In summary this means that in the void (a metaphysical realm beyond the physical) – from one point of nothingness toward another point of nothingness, there lies a line of somethingness between them and this is the first dimension. It is itself imperfect and must overcome and go beyond itself, else it will devolve into nothingness where it had came from and fail to achieve evolution, for only in creating is anything closest to the pure essence of God.

All some-things exist as a particle in causality (physical) with the unity of acausality (metaphysical) between them, therefore absolutely nothing exists, thus a meta-physical force; God exists; not as the modern exoteric ass licker, not that idiom but as a traditional approach toward a foundation theory that blends in perfectly naturally with everything in existence, from mathematics and quantum physics toward culture and politics – for nature is a whole and everything that exists is natural for else it would not exist physically. Creation (the prerequisite for evolution to begin working with somethingness) is imminent everywhere and anywhere for it doesn’t ‘exist’ as such, the void of creation is itself uncreated and is beyond even the grandest phase shifts of space-time.

The significance of this is truly astounding; this proposition says that all around us is a void that flows as if a river from timeless eternity, the fountain of life itself where all universes are evolved into a near-infinite complexity in reflection to the infinite nothingness that it is evolving from. In the form of vectors everything is created from the acausality between all points of nothingness, it has become existent and therefore, in its imitation has become slightly decayed thus it begins to evolve to maintain its intimacy with natural perfection through a will to ascendency.

God is therefore a meta-physical principle of life. ‘He’ does not exist as a thing, but exists between all things. From these first dimensional vectors all the greater dimensions are evolved upon it – as one dimension adds onto numerous others to create two dimensions, then three, then four – ad infinitum. God does not exist purely in any form or substance, any particle nor any cause in itself; for God does not exist in any-thing at all, something Meister Eckhart knew only too well.

Only things in themselves exist and it is this very reason that they can either become dysfunctional and misbalanced toward reality to become corrupt, decadent and devolve or instead better itself aiming toward balance in nature through reverence, understanding and overcoming ourselves to then evolve into the infinite possibilities of life.

If there is anything more that I wish people to understand here in our society is that, we the west need a healthy identity, something strong, something powerful - something we can all take pride in and stand without shame or embarassment; we need not to loathe our identity in self-pity and give up the spirit that drives civilization – There will always be life in us as long as we breathe; for the future is not set in stone, time is not limited to a singular dimension – the future is filled with infinite possibilities generated by the evolutionary algorithms of the butterfly effect – chaos theory.

For now our main identities have all had their time – the west has ceased to nurture a spirit in our peoples and therefore the reflective idealism which guides our civil evolution has regressed into a devolution. The best path for us to take from here which will reconciliate the vast majority of westerners may indeed be an admixture of atheism and polytheism. For atheism is the foundation upon which we tell our life stories – in our Gods we shall write our tales and mythology; our dreams, our aspirations – our destiny. All these Gods will be the socializations that we is our family; our life blood, our land, our identities. Only through our creations can we truly attain immortality of spirit and live beyond our deaths.

Holistic Polytheism

Holism and Polytheism are two seeming uneasy allies, for one it says everything is a whole and the other everything is seperated into various factions. But hold on here, it is a truth that some things are easily misunderstood by squashing two functions of an idea into two words, especially if the reader has never travelled over the trail of thought that lead to such a supposition.

(Holism may also be similar to atheism in an odd way; for it places all things firmly in the scope of singular monism reality – therefore we may treat them similarly. Atheism is a blank slate for which new stories may be created upon for the traditions of future generations – The Iliad by Homer is a great example of this)

Holism is everything, everything is part of the whole and as I mentioned before; everything is nothingness. Polytheism is the localisation of this holism within each isolated region taken from an esoteric vision of human societies – it allows for great social variety across continents. India has this element in that hinduism has many pan-nationalities with great human social diversity all off branching from the continents main religion – each locality has different sects.

Polytheism can sum up the total exoteric religious belief systems of all human history, but it is clear that these all imminate from the whole, they are symbolic reflections of the eternal that is life and existence. In our civilized attempts at capturing this acausal (wave) energy into causal manifestations;  humanity has created many different aesthetic socializations that all originate from the whole, the everything.

Polytheism is therefore, all rooted from one stem, yet has many branches like a tree with many leaves in the canopy. There are many of these trees with their own leaves and many living things which are not tree-like which live around them – And all of this life imminates from the eternal, no matter which way we look at it, everything comes from eternity and therefore shall everything return back into it – metaphysic, quantum physic and classical physics can be unified around this Nihilism.

Many decaying religions that have lost touch with their esoteric truths attempt to disprove each others surfacing socializations without realising they have originated on the same planet and only had differing symbols to represent a familiar inspiration. And if there was another alien civilization around distant stars, they would certainly not sound anything like our own cultures and they would not use the same terrestrial symbols as we do – modern religion would be lost as to their explanation.

It is also true that the majority of those individuals will project their own exoteric symbols onto other cultures and view them as hostile, this is a battle for survival between civilization organisms, a membrane that prevents the hybridisation of distinct cultures.

To truly know the eternal – the evolution beyond space-time; is to not use any image or symbol but instead embrace the whole and find a suitable niche where we become something.  Thereby we maintain our own distinct traditions based upon local divine inspiration; inspiration from nature and social realisms.

Each continent, each nation, each state needs their own reflections, their own symmetry of the eternal designed through their own civil selection. Civil selection is most likely to imitate the racial and ecological heritage of each area and the local heros that had established themselves as soulful individuals and therefore, in isolation within their territory, they must harness the energy of the infinite and keep the local interpretations alive, evolving and eternal.

This holistic view of polytheism is a quintessential philosophical unity between all the nations of the occident and other continents such that we can enjoy the sight of true diversity. It is an elusive unseen force like gravity; it allows individuals to coalesce into a community of many civilizations around their planet and is the fertile bedrock that all the missionary crusades of the past have attempted to establish in some form or the other – yet failed for the fault is within ourselves and our individual perceptions of the world, the fault lies not in other cultures because they create different varities of symbols as their medium between the civilization and eternity.

So here is a mental tool when trying to achieve sanity with both religion and science; everything may be true – but in their respective place within the order of the cosmos. Everything is monism; all dualisms and trinities are simply branches from the whole and have their roots firmly entrenched in nothing. It is an esoteric take on western culture – may we accept God as the symbol reflecting the acausal origins of reality and allow causal speciation of idealisms throughout our physical world, all stemming from the same family of cultures.

Quality and Variety through Active Nihilism

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