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RedditBrain Wrecked the Ukraine War

The term “Reddit” became synonymous with highly neurotic and reactionary users who are opposed to anything not consistent with Leftist doctrine. It is the paradox of tolerance not on steroids, but on gender reassignment hormone therapy. It shows us armchair activism and status signaling unchecked by any form of realism.

This worldview can exist nowhere outside the highly moderated, sanitized, controlled and oversocialized environment of virtual space that can let you have furry fan art but not fat-shaming. What you tolerate, you get more of; when you coddle the dysfunctional, you let dysfunction flower.

Reddit shows us the logical conclusion of how a generation of backseat riding brats would form their surrounding world if they would find a way to do it. That is what it means to have RedditBrain. And RedditBrain ruins everything. Unfortunately it also seems in control of our world, since armchair activism is popular in overfed democracy.

After the Maidan Revolution in 2014, the color-revolted Ukraine — designed so to keep the Russians out — became the new political Surrogate Child for the nationbuilding mommies in the US State Department and their cohorts of Reddit Browsing Simps.

This group already fell flat on their faces when the Arab Spring revealed that Arabs are not down with the Reddit Way of Life, and when given democracy the impoverished masses of North Africa and the middle east tend to vote for Islamist Leaders who do not care so much about Sanitation Departments and Strategic Grain Reserve, because the material world is temporary anyway.

You remember when CIA deputy director David S. Cohen had a cameo in the eighth season of the series Game of Thrones? Like the protagonists of the show expend themselves for pointless and ultimately unsuccessful drama, the creators of the series spent $15 million per episode for garbage plots and a final battle that takes place in the dark at night during a storm, just as the CIA took $500 million to train anti-ISIS syrian fighters, just so that then General Lloyd Austin, todays secretary of defence, could explain to lawmakers at a Senate Hearing that only a “small number” of rebels were “still in the fight” and “we’re talking four or five.” This is your War on RedditBrain.

It trades millions of dollars for symbolism and trinkets. The US Airforce under the next Administration will drop Loot Crates™ as supplies to Islamic Uigur Rebels next, maybe HALO jump in a few Funkopops, with instructions how to fieldstrip a chinese assault rifle between the pages of The Handmaids Tale.

RedditBrain drives itself through hypotheticals, like when Amnesty International publishedconjectured that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would endanger the Ukrainian population by defending their country against the Asiatic invaders from Russia.

Amnesty is, like most NGOs, a product of privileged and bored people who always want to make the world a better place, but everything they touch turns to feces. This pathology of bourgie sensibilities was already documented, and mocked, during the Victorian era, as “telescopic philanthropy” by Charles Dickens. Rather than engage the misery they would find a few minutes away from their own suburban hive, they reach out to find faraway problems to complain about since they are isolated from any real consequences. The mindset of the backseat generation, who sat in the back of the car while their suburban parents drove them to all sorts of activities paid for by their parents’ money, people with this mentality form the core of the social and physical phenotype you find on Reddit, not people who worked construction, meat processing, or any situation where they ever had to deal with theft.

They can ignore the obvious realities of war because they were always isolated from obvious realities. They never had to butcher their own food, and in case they are vegans, they never had to eradicate pests from a field of crops until every mouse, frog, lizard, and bug was dead and turned into fertilizer themselves. They can gulp on soymilk for the climate cause they don’t need to bother with the transportation network that provides it for them, nor do they need to bother with power and sewage infrastructure since they think they don’t defecate. They cannot imagine a world where these things are gone.

The cities of Aleppo and Mariupol shared the same fate of indiscriminate Russian bombardment and siege. Yet, it is not the defenders of these places that endanger the lives of civilians there, it’s the retreat of these forces, in the view of Amnesty International. In Syria, Russian mercs tortured a Syrian deserter to death with a hammer — from Assad’s army mind you and not an ISIS jihadi — and burned his corpse upside down. This event was turned into a meme for the Wagner Group, which does not exist the same way Kekistan or SNEK does not exist, but manifests for the simple reason to “trigger the libs,” as the spiteful reaction to RedditBrain and the liberal worldview of the backseat mindset.

In Russian-occupied territory the biggest threat to the civilian population comes from the Russian army,  who even if they will not loot and murder civilians, will have with them the institutions of the Russian System, which will kidnap them and in cases press-gang them into the levy troops of the people’s republics, the Russian proxy entities. Most of the low tier troops one sees with steel helmets and Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifles are made up of people from areas occupied by Russia and therefor are still Ukrainian citizens press-ganged into cannon fodder.

This is a “human rights scandal” that Amnesty International does not seem to care about, since RedditBrain cannot comprehend forced conscription unless it is happening to child soldiers in Africa or the golden triangle of Asia, but not to palefaces whom the average Reddit brainlet would rather see as inherently privileged. All these shanghaied recruits their late teens or twenties were teenagers when Russian proxy forces occupied their homes in 2014, and now they find themselves as bullet sponges for NATO supplied Ukrainian Forces, unaware that they could shoot at some relative so that the official statistic of Kremlin casualties don’t have to deal with them.

While the servicemen in the regular Russian armed forces might find a way to weasel themselves out of this mess they are in with the help of a lawyer, the levy soldier is bent over a gun barrel. The chances of getting out of it in one piece are bad and so the morale is worse. Yet despite how much they talk about bad Russian morale is in this war, it doesn’t mean anything; the command structure of an army could care less what the individual soldier thinks and feels. Most often in modern war the morale of the common soldier was bad, which is why they carry rifles but officers have pistols. These are not for the enemy. This is reality for most of mankind and still in many places today.

If the Russian army would roll into the suburbs of bourgie town, then NGO Pajama Boy would get put on a truck and enlisted into Operation Human Shield. And Pajama Boy would melt. The most courage of resistance he could muster would be to run away, so to live to collect a petition for another day, and then they would capture him, torture him, and kill him. Moral high ground is worth nothing if you can’t place your artillery and all Amnesty International uses it for is to preach to people who are not in an existential fight for survival.

Death comes sudden and oft at random, a reality which makes being a preachy RedditBrain impossible where small mistakes can kill you and there is no option for a “clean” war. The risk is not so much that Putin wants to eradicate Ukrainian culture, but that an artillery shell travels faster than the speed of sound, and while some rando walks in the street, maybe thinking the war is far away because there is no shooting around, he won’t even hear the crack of the bombardment that will kill him.

In the meantime, Amnesty International is protesting in Poland against the EU Border Protection Agency FRONTEX as well as the Polish Government, demanding that the middle eastern and African refugees which were brought by Russian Agencies into Belarus as pressure against the Polish border, can be allowed into Poland and the EU. There is a hot war going on in the neighboring country, and Amnesty International stages demonstrations that demand the entry of a proxy forces sent by the very same aggression in this war, just so that backseat RedditBrains can feel good about themselves.

This is our chance to get to a saner place. This is where you reject the drive into crazy town at the bottom of the cliff. This is the point where you grab the wheel, tell backseat RedditBrain to STFU since he’s taking us in a wrong direction, turn the car around, step on it and get back on the road to sanity, starting with looking realistically at the threats around us.

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