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Recognition of the Failure of Democracy Goes Mainstream

Although mainstream consciousness has barely touched it so far, the lack of faith in democracy has crept out of the areas where it was sequestered by media and public opinion, and is now appearing even within SWPL strongholds like TED Talks.

As usual, the solution is to double down, because the only alternative is to admit that we were wrong all along and made bad decisions. It is better to blame something else so that we do not have to recognize that democracy always fails this way, and that all civilizations die from caste revolt, of which democracy is a method. So there are hopeful attempts to patch the leaky ship.

In the long-term view, however, these are like the American Constitution: an attempt to contain the beast that is the herd behavior of humans in groups, despite knowing that it always grinds toward collapse because what most people want to think is true in fact reflects the projections of their own wishes and emotions, particularly a desire to escape anything resembling Natural Selection.

Where the Left embraces individualism through egalitarianism, the Right has always advocated social order and virtue. Our view is that feelings do not matter, but results in reality do, so we must calibrate ourselves toward end results instead of filtering intermediate methods in a hope of casting out what we fear.

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