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Reality Winner Exceeds The Credit Limit On The White Privilege Visa

In honor of Reality Winner, I offer you the following by way of palate cleanser.

Modern Amerika has trained an entire generation to have no respect for laws, traditions and institutions. They treat ancient pieties with contempt and act without regard to the sanctity of the law. The brighter of these reprobates will act with a modicum of caution. They may not be Montesquieu scholars, learned in The Spirit of The Laws, however; they’ve all seen Episodes of Oz or The Wire.

Genuflection towards legal necessity would occur under conditions where getting caught was a significant, non-zero probability. Then we get the not-so-enlightened regions of the Bell Curve. This culminates in an Idiot Tail of subnormal non-luminaries represented emphatically by Reality Winner.

Those who play the stupid games tend to win the dimmest of prizes. Moron Criminal of The Year of Kewpie-Dolls will certainly adorn Reality Winner’s cell at whichever femitentuary she goes to be incarcerated.

In the case of Reality Leigh Winner, a government contractor accused of sending a top-secret document to a news outlet, federal authorities brought charges less than a week after being tipped off. Winner, 25, was charged Monday with gathering, transmitting or losing defense information, as The Washington Post reported.

A search warrant affidavit filed and accessible to the public in federal court in Georgia reveals how it took just a few days for investigators to single out Winner as the alleged source of the leak. It started on May 30, when the news outlet showed authorities the printed materials and asked them to comment, according to the affidavit. “The U.S. Government Agency examined the document shared by the News Outlet and determined the pages of the intelligence reporting appeared to be folded and/or creased,” the affidavit reads, “suggesting they had been printed and hand-carried out of a secured space.”

So Darling Reality walked into a SCIF, used her Common Access Card (CAC) to log onto a SIPERNET or NIPERNET machine, then proceeded to print what she thought the people should know regardless of its Security Classification and then neatly folded the papers in half and walked out. Having so endeavored, Reality would soon be introduced rather rudely to reality in the form of a highly irate military policeman. She had to enter a code to enter the SCIF which logged her entrance to the facility. She had to type her CAC PIN to log onto the SIPER/NIPER NET machine. Again, her time and perhaps all of her keystrokes are now in the vast USG database that comprises the public record. Her print job would go to a dedicated printer for classified information which would store the file names and number of pages printed out. If she were utterly feckless, the document footer would include critical info such as file names, URLs, and directories that she mined for the stolen data. Inspector Cluseau would have enough probable cause for an arrest. There would be no victory for Ms. Winner without the Get Out of Stupid Free Card.

At this juncture, our adorable Progressive Pickachu began laying down her demented Pokemon Deck of cards to avoid responsibility for her obvious, and shall I put it bluntly; stupid transgressions against decades of settled Federal Law. She first tried a media campaign.

Winner isn’t simply denying the charges against her; she’s manipulating the press to further her narrative. “Go nuclear with the press — because that’s how Manning got out,” Winner allegedly told her mother in a recorded jail call, referring to military-intelligence leaker Chelsea Manning whom the Obama administration pardoned in its final days.

Elections have consequences, and the poor dear didn’t have Daddy Barack around to pardon her. So then there was the Visa White Privilege Card of Auld Albion.

In another recorded phone call while in jail, Winner explained to her sister that on her court date, she plans to “go out and play the cute, blonde white girl.” “Braid my hair, going to cry,” she continued.

Objective and fair-minded observers can debate Reality Winner’s cuteness. Her prior bad intentions would cut more ice in a bail hearing following an indictment. You see Reality had threatened to burn the The White House and join the Taliban.

Prosecutors argued that the 25-year-old might try to flee the U.S. if she was released on bond. They added that Winner wrote in her notebook alleged plans to set the White House on fire, travel to Afghanistan and pledge her allegiance to the Taliban, WSB-TV reported.

Yet that was just what Reality had done for us lately…

The prosecution also found evidence leading them to believe that Winner had leaked classified information in the past. According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Solari, “This was not the first time” that Winner mishandled classified information. Solari alleged that there is reason to believe that, while on active duty in the Air Force, Winner stole classified information through a USB drive; the USB drive in question has yet to be recovered.

We learn two very sad things from the cautionary tale of Reality Winner.

1) There is a diabolical form of The Black Pill. It causes you to have no respect for any law, custom or tradition that cannot inflict consequence upon your head. The only moral imperative that sort of individual accepts is the imperative to get away with it in order to expand their individual freedom. Now somebody that sociopathic will eventually wind up dead or incarcerated. The smarter they are, the longer they wreak mayhem. They don’t look like Tolkienesque orcs and are usually a lot smarter than Reality Winner.

2) There is a limit to the magical chimera known as white privilege. Little Mizz Winner completely overdrew her account. If social capital that favors white people exists at all, it won’t be honored if it is used cynically as if it were an empty social construct. Social privelege is gradually earned, not just deposited in an account somewhere. You get away with abusing it once, maybe twice if you are lucky. Applying it as a formulaic substitute for legitimate honor, moxie or ability is not a good long-term evolutionary strategy.

A lot of people need to wake up from delusion. People increasingly do not walk around believing in law and custom. We now live in an era of greater chaos and uncertainty. As law and custom are discarded, so is any sort of implicit privilege based on those traditions. The more traditions are debased, the less accrued privilege gets you out of stupid free. It is time to wake up from the fantasy that some deus ex machina will save you from abandoning or mocking what brought you to greatness.

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