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You might wonder why it seems like every good idea gets pushback of late.

To understand this, we have to look at human cognition. Our minds find themselves suddenly in command of a body, and this body has a life with a past history, and those minds have to make sense of this or the whole thing comes undone.

As a result, they rationalize. The brain says, “We ended up here? Great. This was the best possible series of choices given the options open to us, which means that if we have limits, something else did this to us. We are living the good life, which means we can go ahead and function.”

We learn increasing rationalization as we age. If you really wanted spaghetti for dinner because you needed the carbs, and you got salad instead, you can either throw a big fat tantrum and toss the salad, or accept what you have and make the most of it.

Brains must operate under any set of circumstances. Awakening from a coma, coming out of a blackout drunk, waking up after a coup, all of these things must be understood, assimilated, and made acceptable to the mind so that they can be acted on.

Most brain-hacks on humans work this way: knowing that the mark — the sucker we are going to con — will rationalize whatever happens, you change his circumstance and then offer him a nice easy way out. He acts on the sunk cost of circumstance, and chooses what seems the best way to end up liking it.

We find ourselves in the midst of a giant con-job, a coup by China as it attempts to seize the West and use it as a food source. The Kung Pao chicken is you, or more accurately, your economy. The unstable and directionless Chinese empire needs more gristle for the mill to keep itself around for another century.

Most of the people in this society, being 90% of the prole variety, have rationalized what is going on. They will never object to real change, and will only fight over the symbolic issues important to their social group. They live in small worlds and have no ability to change.

For them — being of short attention span — the world will forever be how it was when they were first turning into teenagers. They took notes and refer to those. Changes since that time are mostly lost on them, which is why society only really changes as generations die.

Among these, many will have an even shorter attention span because they blame the world they knew as teenagers for their problems. Through a method called cognitive dissonance, the rationalizing brain blames the world for any problem it does not know how to solve.

These unhappy people want revenge on the world, so they are content with its destruction, and they like the post-1960s trend in America and Europe toward suicide. They hate their society, mostly their families, and those around them. They want it all to burn.

Of course, saying that in public causes people to move away from you in alarm, so instead you claim it is altruism: “Yes, we should tolerate everything and everyone. Abolish all standards, remove all goals, and live for the individual.” They add, to themselves: that way society will burn.

These denialists tend to become very nasty when their illusions are threatened. They want control, most of all, so that they can wreck what they view as the one thing which ruined their lives. They cannot articulate this, as it would make them pariahs, so they internalize it as a desire for pacifism.

Pacifism, after all, means abandoning all goals and focusing instead on peace. That means that nothing gets resolved and, over time, society self-destructs. Advocating it is the perfect way to destroy society without appearing to be as aggressive and vindictive as one is.

Denialists of this nature want more of the 1960s American overthrow. They want the French Revolution over again. They want Communism. Whatever shatters everyone else and still pays for their dingy city apartments or trailers, they want. They want to thrive at the expense of those who succeeded without needing such things.

In America since the Clinton era, the normie position has been one of liberalism. Embrace the decline, encourage our labor to go offshore, and take everything you can from the system, so that it collapses after you die.

This shows us the nature of control, which is that it makes people obey, but they work to counteract the system secretly and fanatically. Everyone becomes a traitor and saboteur when they hate their world, especially the family, which is where the bad begins.

Almost every Leftist I have talked to either had a bad family life, or is denial of the bad and manipulative aspects of their family life. Their parents controlled them for the convenience of the parents, and denied them a life of their own. Now they will have their revenge.

Most of them rationalize this away and, not being particularly inclined toward the dual attack of analysis and articulation, have no real idea that they are doing this. They just know their emotions, and those emotions say pacify those who might stop the decline, and then continue the decline.

These are the people dancing in the streets when Joe Biden was announced president, and those loudly proclaiming a need for Trump to concede now. They want more of 1960s and 1990s America. They do not want a society that will rise, since they hate this society and want it dead.

You cannot realize how pathological this is until you study the great traitors like Kim Philby and Aldrich Ames. They hated their parents, and through them, their society, and were willing to face any horrible future in order to force their will upon it. They wanted to kill it.

That it might be occupied by a foreign power? They did not really consider that; to them, life was forever arrested during the year they turned thirteen and really figured out how much they hate their father who was at work too much, or their alcoholic mother, or whatever, really.

Scapegoating might be the most modern disease. Instead of seeing life as a mix of opportunity and crisis, and acting to install order and beauty, people blame life for being imperfect and seek to subjugate it, dissolve it, and dominate it.

What else explains the reckless human need to mulch up nature and replace it with concrete? “See, I won,” says the human. “You thought you could rule me with time-honored principle, but I have smashed you and left nothing but ruins. I die a victor, and am glad to die, because secretly I hate this life.”

Individualism, narcissism, fatalism, and solipsism converge here. Those who see nothing but themselves never connect to life as a larger process, and consequently they act out their personal drama on the world. When they are unhappy, the world must be made unhappy, too.

The Bidenites represent only one fork of this destructive pathology. They want back to the Obama years, when at least it seemed like we were moving toward pacifism and suicide, because Trump will force upon us choice and therefore, a need to confront our own abilities.

Do we rise? They believe there is nothing for them, so see no victory in that prospect. They would rather have do-nothing jobs and waste all day on Facebook, instead of having opportunity and risk. Risk scares them; slow decay does not.

Trump would have to be insane to concede at this point. He remains steps only from victory. Although the markets rallied today, reality kicks in tomorrow, as the investors realize that a Biden America will be weak and China is not as strong as they think.

Like most people, they think in short-term logic. They want to see their stocks go up today instead of becoming more valuable for all of next year. That way, the problem is off their desk, and they can go back to the mental fuzz of individualism, lost in their own drama like a bad indie movie.

If Trump were not winning, we would not see such fanatical calls for him to concede. We would not see dancing in the streets, constant censorship on social media, and celebrities coming out to make public statements.

The group pathology of the Left fits within the denialist spectrum, which means that they are those who fear change and have given up on the future. For them, to be called out by an election loss means that their psychology is revealed, and they experience feelings of inadequacy.

While for the Right, winning this election is a practical matter, for the Left losing it represents absolute terror, even though they will forget within a couple weeks.

They want to beat us down, cheat us and have us know it, so that they can feel the warm feeling of domination. They want to crush us. Then they want to finish wrecking the country so that we can never save it.

Only then, they feel, will their individualism be safe. Their brains rationalize their current condition of misery as good and therefore they oppose any who would stop their condition of misery. Psychologically, these people are on a path to self-destruction.

All of us will benefit from Trump winning, and that is why we see such a fanatical response to him. Most of these people lurk in denial and want nothing good. They want revenge on their dads or moms. They want this world to burn.

Trump, by offering a chance to survive, offends their very being. This makes them accept that they cheated, approve of that cheating, and want to cuck us by forcing us to accept their deception. It is the political equivalent of telling someone, “smell my ass!”

For those of us who have found some joy in life and want to thrive, this realization shows us exactly what we must do: never back down, never take these people at face value, and never stop working to eradicate Leftism and replace it with sanity.

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