Furthest Right

Preservation of traditional values agreement


Knowing that in the modern time, the tail (technology, individualism) often wags the dog (all of us living together in civilization), we collect these declarative values for the preservation of our cultures that arose before human consciousness, and by all inclinations, will preserve us where our technology and bureaucracies fail. To endorse this document is to endorse the RIGHT OF individuals to pursue these values, not these values as a SINGULAR form of government for all. They are:

1. Right to determine sexual role models and roles. We can say monogamy, polygamy and/or homosexuality are natural.

2. Right to ethnic self-determination, and if need be, ethnic segregation.

3. Right to speak the truth even if it is offensive to others.

4. Right to our own religious practices.

5. Right to regulate and govern our food, medicine and recreational drugs.

6. Right to ostracize or eject members from our community who violate this credo.

If you approve of our right as INDIVIDUALS to live by the above, please affirm this document with “yes, we support the Preservation of Traditional Values agreement” below, your organization, and the date.

More perennial philosophy attempts from moderns.

What most political systems want is derivability. You, the citizen, get given a simple principle, and using “common sense” — actually, they mean knowledge of the physical and pattern order of our cosmos — you can then derive how the other rules work.

Capitalism for example is simple. Earn money, and then anything that doesn’t affect others directly is legal.

Same with morality. Don’t hurt anyone else. Defer if conflict arises. All principles can be ascertained from a quick scan of memory and some thinking.

For more complex societies, like those with hierarchy and customs and consensual values — the situation is more complex.

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