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  • Asteroid That’s Nearly the Height of the World’s Tallest Building Is Flying by Earth Soon

    Why is this important? Let’s ask Fred Nietzsche:

    Once upon a time, in some out of the way corner of that universe which is dispersed into numberless twinkling solar systems, there was a star upon which clever beasts invented knowing. That was the most arrogant and mendacious minute of “world history,” but nevertheless, it was only a minute. After nature had drawn a few breaths, the star cooled and congealed, and the clever beasts had to die.

    We are clever beasts. Clever does not mean intelligent; intelligence implies an interaction with the world, aesthetics, meaning, and the eternal. Clever is that which pleases itself like a child locked in its room for an afternoon because it would-!-not-!-stop! dunking its sister’s ponytail in the finger paint. Clever beasts amuse themselves, become enamored of hubris and their own power, ignore the need for life to matter, and then fade away in a cloud of solipsism, narcissism, individualism, and oblivion because they never connected to anything real. Instead, they stayed in their own minds, thinking they were gods, or rather they stayed in their own minds so that they could believe they were gods. Most did this because it is their Dunning-Kruger nature, but the smarter ones did this because they gave up once the masses seized control. As we all know, the moment democracy hits your society is the instant it stops aiming high and starts aiming for the mediocre, inoffensive, marketable average. You should sneer that word, just like you should sneer “clever.” They are not nice things.

    In any case, a giant asteroid is coming at us traveling at an incredible rate of speed. If it hits us, the effect will be like a giant nuclear bomb going off, simply because things which smite Earth at Mach 17 tend to lay waste to everything around and kick up huge clouds of dust which kill life anywhere they go. If it pummels a city, that dust will be very toxic. No matter how much you believe in religion, we are in the driver’s seat here… God is not coming to save us from ourselves (nor should He, really; the flip side of the rejection of the Flood is that we are in control on our own). We either get our act together or we get exterminated and are forgotten for eternity because we made ourselves irrelevant (the opposite of how life should be, which is our need-for-meaning thymos leading us to eternal excellence, or arete).

    And for kicks, keep this in mind: our scientists cannot accurately predict whether these near-misses are going to actually miss or will hit us. This means that we do not know what will happen and are just hoping for the best. I bet that world leaders get airborne during the window when the asteroid, comet, or meteor comes close however. That way they can at least get to sealed military bases and live out their days on canned rations while the rest of us cannibalize each other in the choking dark. The clock is ticking, humanity, and we just keep screwing around with Leftism in order to keep the proles from revolting.

  • Stress in pregnancy linked to personality disorders in children, study finds

    Modern society eradicates anyone who is silly enough to support it. In the name of “equality,” women work in stressful jobs instead of happy homes; it turns out that making everyone “equal” causes them to indulge in their lower natures, so now you have lots of rutting proles and fewer families. However, look at the precedent, say the lawyers: we have built our society around “freedom” and later, as freedom became unstable, “forced equality” so that everyone can enjoy equal freedom. What does “freedom” mean? You have to have freedom from something… it turns out that that is reality of the long-term type, meaning the invisible and tangible order that exists between acting and seeing the consequences of that action. Through our freedom and equality we have adopted an insane way of life that involves working all of the time to support the peasants so that they do not revolt, something made worse by diversity, and so our people have begun to die out. They wait too long to have children, and have only two, and then they raise those children without the social capital — life lessons learning and strategies for successful life — that is passed along in one-working-parent nuclear family homes. Those children go to boring schools where rote memorization and obedience to dogma are taught more than life strategies. This sets them decades behind as they start life, and they only begin to have a clue of who they are in their 40s, having spent all of their time on jobs, paperwork, taxes, fixing stuff that breaks around the homestead, and more. “Freedom” turns out to mean the opposite of “freedom,” or you owning your own life through your time. Not surprisingly, this inverted society is killing us off through mutations, low reproduction rates, and despair.

  • Red Flag Laws Spur Debate Over Due Process

    Flip this one around. What if you were able to suspend someone’s ability to get welfare because of their political beliefs, public statements, or anonymous complaints about their mental health? People would panic en masse. Red Flag laws allow the state to — without a trial, without confronting the witnesses, and without weighing the evidence — take guns away from people who seem “threatening.” As we see daily, the category “threatening” has expanded to include finger gestures, social media criticism, and being part of certain political movements. These Red Flag laws will be used to disarm the Right if they are not opposed. Somehow, in conservative media, they have gotten less attention than the bump stock ban; could it be that more complex topics are difficult for journalists and their audience, so get ignored? That could be an Achilles Heel of democracy.

  • America’s aging population is leading to a doctor shortage crisis

    Throughout history, we see many times how success leads to new challenges which then go unrecognized, resulting in failure. In the case of America, our Baby Boomers formed a huge generation, and the resulting economic boom caused us to liberalize, which in turn meant that there were fewer children after the Boomers because of a combination of divorce, sexual liberation, entitlements, diversity, and other horrible decisions made because of what seemed like our ability to simply pay away problems. Now we seem to have a doctor shortage; how can that be? We destroyed what was good about being a doctor: caring for a local community, using your brain, being well-paid with good time off, and having a sense that your job was essential. Now, doctors spend most of their time on paperwork, are treating random walk-ins that they do not know, are paid less well, and have very little time off. This means that lots of promising candidates walked away from this profession and its additional decade of education, simply because despite the high salary, the lifestyle is not worth it. Government has responded by importing doctors from places with lower cost of living and education, with corresponding results. A better approach might be to remove all socialized medicine — EMTALA, Obamacare, insurance — from our system so that people are incentivized to stay healthy. Normal people should not be attending a doctor except for regular checkups and end-of-life care (eventually). Instead we have a nation of hypochondriacs relying on pills instead of lifestyle changes, and this makes them both unhealthy and expensive.

  • Recession risks rise for Germany as industrial orders plunge

    Clever morons built a house of cards so “efficient” that a relatively slight drop in demand causes the whole thing to collapse. This seems insane. Germany, being like most of Europe accustomed to buying votes with free stuff, sided with China in the trade war, and now it pays the price. In the long term this will be good as it will show Europe that it cannot afford its entitlements states, and in fact never could. Since 1789, Europe has lived in terror of revolutions, but the problem is that buying off the proles with power and wealth produces a society of proles, which then aspires to nothing more than the trivial and dies out from boredom.

  • Local Effort To Boycott Businesses Owned By Trump Supporters Brings Strong Response From GOP

    The Left specializes in mobilizing a mob of people with nothing better to do. It uses this mob to destroy any sense of standards, behaviors, and aesthetics that a community has because mobs are composed of individuals, and these individuals have no purpose (otherwise they would not be in a mob), and they demand the destruction of social order in order to feel power, because in their disorganized mode of thought, smashing down everything else makes them more powerful. They live in simple worlds; all they need is grocery stores, a job, and an apartment. If government needs more money, it can just print it. If society has conflicts, just accept everyone and those conflicts go away. If someone is starving, give him money and he will not be starving. They do not understand that every cause has an effect, and that simply addressing the effect — someone poor? give money; now he is not poor because he has money in this very instant — as if it were the cause results in failure to fix the problem, completely depleting our will to tackle the actual need, and finally, second results as these simplistic “solutions” wreck civilization. We have to check our mob behavior as a species, and we must do this by having social hierarchy, where we listen to the most intelligent, sensitive, moral, and insightful people and suppress the ravening mob. No one dares bring up this topic because it conflicts with the idea behind modernity, “equality,” which is very popular because it makes each person feel important despite having done nothing to achieve that importance. This in turn makes them hollow, because they have no actual reason to be proud of themselves, and that drives them into disordered thought and makes the mob even bigger. Crowdism is the great disease of our time.

  • American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging flight

    Can we admit that unions are terrorist organizations yet? They exist to hold the rest of us hostage with the potential for a strike. They represent the type of solution we might expect from workers — people capable of doing singular tasks but inept at running a whole business — in which because they want more money, they demand it from the market equally, instead of demanding what they should which is that better workers get rewarded more, simply because such a demand is hard in their egalitarian social groups so they avoid it. Unions are a bad solution to a complex problem. Conservatives somehow defend unions anyway. However, unions are part of the blight that we will have to remove in order to survive.

  • Dean of students allegedly resigns after pictures of past tweets surface

    We should not be firing people for their opinions. This guy is from the other side and another tribe, but his career just got trashed over some simple assertions that made not be wholly correct but are not wholly wrong either. He says that police and America are racist; he is partially correct, in that America was created by ethnic Western Europeans for ethnic Western Europeans, and since diversity does not work, his people are at a disadvantage here and are getting punished for breaking the rules of another tribe. He says that white people do not experience racism, but the fact is that since we created this society, it is designed for us and therefore we will always have that advantage, even if laws are now “racist” against us, such as affirmative action. He says that Hollywood reminds Blacks of slavery to keep them aware of their place in society; considering how much America uses Blacks as an underclass, he has a point. We do not have to think that he is 100% correct to note that there is correctness in what he says, sort of like how Trump is often substantially correct even when he expresses himself oddly, and we do not need to like what he is saying to note that certain problems like diversity and class warfare remain endemic. We should be encouraging dialogue, not destroying lives for politically-incorrect thought.

  • An Ancient Harappan Genome Lacks Ancestry from Steppe Pastoralists or Iranian Farmers

    Scientists reconstructed DNA from an ancient profile and found that the original Indians emerging from the mixing of populations including hunter-gatherers from the area of modern Iran. This is significant because previously it was thought that the advent of agriculture — we assume this was unknown to hunter-gatherers, which seems a dubious assumption to me — drove expansion from Iran into India. With every discovery, we both re-write history and find that traditional cultural wisdom is often right in the big picture even if not exact in the details.

  • Renter puts up shutters ahead of Dorian, property manager makes her take them down

    “She had told me we didn’t have enough shutters for the whole property so they removed them,” said Radcliff. “They also removed my neighbor’s below and she’s almost 9 months pregnant.”


  • Populist sentiment rises across the world: study

    You had the span of time from the end of WW2 to the present in which to demonstrate that Leftism actually cured the problems it complained about. It turns out that Leftism is part of the same sentiment which creates these problems, namely a revolt by the lower-echelon people against any kind of social order, and it only makes them worse plus adds more. Now our governments are broke, our people are miserable, our societies are graffiti-strewn wastelands, and even the voters have finally figured out that government is not going to solve the problem. We want government gone, socialist-style programs gone, and diversity ended. We need strong national culture, social hierarchy and moral standards, and societies based on responsibility again. Modernity was bloat; the future belongs to the adaptable, intelligent, and most of, purposeful. “I am human too” is no longer enough to be part of this world. The era of Leftism is over, and we are now looking at a sea change as we get ready to be functional again, having come through this temporary delusion battered but with our eyes opened.

  • Guatemala sees hike in migrant expulsions from Mexico

    Now that Trump has made it clear that America will not simply roll over, Mexico has stopped externalizing its problem to America. In turn, like a ripple effect, other nations will adapt to this new reality too. They used immigration as an escape valve and a way to bring income into their countries, since workers would go to America where the currency is worth a lot more, then send most of it home while coasting on free social services. That money then kept Central America alive. As it turns out, Central American nations need to find a way to have functional economies, even if smaller ones with no social services. They cannot rely on America except as a trading partner.

  • Deadly ‘Afrophobia’ in South Africa leads to political fallout with Nigeria

    South Africa was uninhabited when the whites arrived; a few nomadic tribes drifted through the area, but no one occupied it. The colonists made a thriving civilization. Now the Crowd wants to arrive and take advantage of this, but that is driving out the inhabitants whose ancestors came there in the last couple of centuries. As a result, we see diversity failing two ways: the divided white/Black government is doing poorly because it spends all its energy on internal conflict, and the Nigerian immigrants — along with, previously, Indian immigrants — are feeling the wrath of a group that does not want or need more people coming in.

  • Tennessee church shooter gets extra 291 years in prison

    Just because the media is doing its best to expedite the descent of this one into the memory hole:

    Investigators found a note suggesting Samson, a black man, attacked the white churchgoers as retribution for the slayings of nine black churchgoers in South Carolina.

  • Charges won’t be dropped for ‘Straight Pride Parade’ counterprotesters

    This seems to be a change, but might not be. Leftist protesters tend to have charges against them dismissed. If these actually go to trial, and receive more than the slap on the wrist that most Leftist vandals get, it will be a change in how America does business.

  • Viktor Orbán trumpets Hungary’s ‘procreation, not immigration’ policy

    With one hand the media says:

    Orbán, who has based his political campaigns in recent years on anti-refugee and anti-migration sentiment, said other European politicians saw immigration as the solution, but he firmly rejected this, tapping into the far-right “great replacement” theory.

    “If Europe is not going to be populated by Europeans in the future and we take this as given, then we are speaking about an exchange of populations, to replace the population of Europeans with others,” said Orbán. “There are political forces in Europe who want a replacement of population for ideological or other reasons.”

    And with the other affirms the same theory:

    Republicans are rushing to address the perception that they’re predominately the party of older white men in an increasingly diverse state.

    Increasingly diverse = less white = replacement of whites. However, they do their best to hide this fact, including mentioning that Texas is 50% Hispanic and Hispanics generally vote Leftist. The Left wants the Right to think that in order to survive, it must court Hispanic votes, despite Hispanics never voting majority Republican; realists see that if the Right and Western Civilization are to survive, they need to be ethnically Western European and start doing away with neurotic products of modernity like perpetually single working women, permanent adolescent soyboys, and those who depend on government or NGOs for their income stream.

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