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  • Department of Homeland Security strategy adds white supremacy to list of threats

    DHS is stepping up its focus on what McAleenan called “targeted violence,” in which an attacker selects the target in advance, driven by hate. Racism and anti-Semitism have fueled recent attacks on African-American churches, synagogues, and public places in California and Texas, he said.

    America might find a way to introduce Communist-style speech suppression after all, but we do it through the threat of destroying your life, not secret police. We prefer the public pillory where you are made helpless by government so that the rabble can throw vegetables at you. Then when your life is destroyed and you are unemployable, others will know to avoid offending the Leftist Establishment.

  • Most Europeans see China’s ‘aggressive practices’ as a threat to their economic interests, survey shows

    A slumbering world slowly wakes up. Globalism has died: trying to treat the world as friends because they are trading partners simply means that warfare becomes economic and cultural instead of physical. China has manipulated everyone with whom it has developed a business relationship, and now is aggressively jockeying to maintain that position. The rest of us simply want to, as usual, flee the normal morass of terrible human decisions and preserve a chance of doing something better.

  • American “economic refugees” are increasingly retiring abroad

    America makes it easy to live, but hard to live well, and doubly hard to ever detach from the system. It gets its fingers into every area of your life and manipulates. If you really want peace of mind, you run off to the third world where your dollars go farther and so you can have a higher standard of living. This should be a warning to us in America that we have raised costs too much by trying to provide for everyone, and now we are consuming the normal and productive in order to subsidize the unproductive and troubled.

  • Baby Pia: Almost 1m Belgians pay for life-saving drug

    Why are there so many birth defects lately? A few candidates include maternal stress owing to mothers working, ethnic and racial mixing, and the environmental toxins that now seem to be universal since we make everything out of plastic and spray pesticides, antibiotics, and preservatives anywhere we can. Perhaps our society will perish in a cloud of defects and sterility.

  • ‘Islam is RIGHT About Women’ flyers spark concern in Winchester

    When Islam does it, such behavior is part of diversity; when a white person says that it is a good idea, it becomes a hate crime. The color line has never been clearer.

  • Corporate America Has Found a Way to Turn a Profit Off Being Green

    Green is just the latest novelty. If you are serious about environmentalism, you set aside a huge amount of land for nature (this gets difficult if you must pay property taxes). It is far easier to buy green products, which then finally provides a reason that you must upgrade everything you own, and throw the old into a landfill while you play with the shiny new ones.

  • In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat

    Another terrible idea from Leftists. Instead of taking in migrants, which encourages others to make the journey, refuse to take in any, at which point they stop coming. Jews are being used as the camouflage under which Leftism operates, just as it did to environmentalism and now as anarchists hijack climate march on day of violent protests in Paris. If you want your group to be safe, keep Leftists out!

  • Family grieves loss of Wis. mother killed by stray bullet

    “What is it going to take for people to see they’re tearing people apart?” asked Wanona Thomas, the victim’s sister. “We are all supposed to be brothers and sisters, especially in the black community. We are doing more damage to ourselves than anybody else. Innocent bystanders. Look how many people die within a month here.”

    Gang warfare seems to kill quite a few innocent bystanders.

  • South Africa xenophobia: Africa needs ‘managed migration’

    Internationalism — diversity, globalism, colonialism, and immigration — seems to be failing everywhere. South Africa shows us that when race is no longer a question, ethnicity takes over, and then local area does, with each division further proving that diversity cannot work. Having an organically unified society (united around a single culture, heritage, set of customs, language, and religion) works; having a fragmented and adversarial society does not.

  • A historic first? Israel’s Arabs could lead parliamentary opposition

    We see the same picture everywhere. Minorities, neurotics, criminals, the disabled, the impoverished, and the bureaucrats on the Left, while the middle and upper-middle classes hang to the Right. For Israel to be defeated by its historic enemies, it took only democracy.

  • Florida Man Arrested for Making Racially-Motivated Threats in Interference with Election in Charlottesville and Cyberstalking

    Specifically, the indictment alleges that McMahon threatened D.G. with physical harm because of D.G.’s race and because D.G. was campaigning for elected office. The indictment further alleges that threats were made with the intent to injure and intimidate D.G., and were part of a course of conduct that caused D.G. to fear death and serious bodily injury. The charges of cyberstalking and transmitting threats in interstate commerce carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison. The two charges arising from the threats against D.G. because of his race and because he was campaigning for elected office each carry a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

    Many of you know “Jack Corbin” from social media who does such a good job compiling dossiers on Antifa and Black Bloc members. Apparently, too good of a job.

  • NYC Judge recommends landlord pay $17,000 for threatening to call ICE on undocumented tenant

    Why is the entire judicial system defending lawbreakers? If you break laws that the Left dislikes, apparently you not only get away with it, but get free bonus money as well.

  • Most common antidepressant barely helps improve depression symptoms, ‘shocking’ trial finds

    One by one, the dominoes fall. Another illusion brought to us by science, academia, healthcare, and the media collapses. In another ten years, we will hear about the secondary consequences like early dementia and everyone will play stupid innocent again, as if there was no way that they could have guessed this was the outcome, and were not simply racing pell-mell toward profit at the expense of anyone else who stumbled across their path.

  • 52% of Americans are considered ‘middle class’—here’s how much money they earn

    Pew notes: “The 10 areas with the highest concentrations of middle class adults are located in the Midwest or the Northeast, with the exception of Ogden-Clearfield, Utah. These areas are also more reliant on manufacturing than the nation overall.”

    There are a lot of people earning way too much money in government-created jobs and industries, whether union work that drives industries offshore, bureaucracy and paper-shuffling to deal with laws and regulations, ideological hires like diversity coordinators, affirmative action and equal rights hires, or plausible deniability generators who create layers of management between a decision and its implementation. When the Big Government scam collapses, many of these people are going to find themselves rather irate, which is why they support the Left in order to keep the scam going as long as possible.

  • Trump pressured Ukraine president to investigate Biden: reports

    Another anonymous whistleblower hyping a partial truth into a conspiracy theory, or in other words, another day in the Leftist media. If Biden did wrong, he should be investigated, especially as the election approaches. If Biden knows that Trump has found out his scam, that serves as a greater punishment than jail, as Hillary Clinton found out. We hear a lot less about the Clinton Foundation lately. Maybe they will make a donation to Seth Rich’s parents in order to get back in the news focus.

  • Pedo Party Crashed

    White nationalists protest LGBT+ event, causing the media to be nervous enough to file the story in the back pages. Something is changing in our culture in the West.

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