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  • News Corp front page with Palaszczuk in crosshairs breached press standards

    The Left wants to write political correctness into law by interpreting any gesture of strong disapproval as a “threat.” That way, only those who approve of protected groups and programs will have legal rights; everyone else will be red flagged or in jail. Everywhere there are Leftists, symbols of disapproval are being interpreted as acts, much as they interpret non-Leftist language as an act of dissent. I guess we now see that critics of hate crime laws were right all along.

  • Rise of populists in Europe resembles eve of WW2, warns London mayor

    “Hatred” is not “dividing” us; diversity does not work, and we are — despite years of guilt from little foreigners, neurotic homosexuals, and nagging administrative valedictorian women — finally noticing that not only does diversity not work now, but that it has never worked anywhere, and that in fact it is paradoxical and can never work, and will never do anything but destroy civilizations just like Soviet Communism or other pursuits of pleasant illusions. None of our elected morons seem to realize this, but even for people who dislike Hitler, it is clear that Hitler won because the diversity question has revealed itself to be a choice between white suicide and being “racist.”

  • NYC bicyclists are killing pedestrians and the city won’t stop it

    When you create a protected group in order to insulate them against the perceived discrimination by one group, you then give them power to wield that presumption of innocence against other groups as well. In this case, cities protect cyclists against cars; cyclists become a bit arrogant in response, and promptly savage pedestrians because now cyclists have a guaranteed rank in the hierarchy, and since the act of government has made them above pedestrians, cyclists are immune when they accidentally run them down. This does not apply to all cyclists; most are probably still trying to avoid harming anyone. In the same way, when we give groups protected status through affirmative action, civil rights, human rights, anti-discrimination law, disparate impact, or simply public pity — whether those groups are women, homosexuals, different religions, or ethnic groups — the abusive members within those groups then use that state-granted position as a way to abuse other groups. If some whites were abusive when they were the majority, then some minorities are abusive now that they are the majority in many areas; this is just humanity, sort of like how some cyclists keep going after they hit someone and cause fatal injuries.

  • Sailing Team to Fly 2 Crew to US to Bring Thunberg Boat Back

    What is it with proles and travel? It seems that to worship travel as an end in itself is a lower-caste thing, since proles are destroying lovely places with overtourism. Perhaps there are two types of power: actual power rules toward an effect, but self-doubting power seeks to flex its muscles as a means of convincing itself that it actually has power, sort of like how people erect talismans against demons or wear their lucky underpants to final exams. Proles have the latter, and so they love the ability to fly anywhere in the world and be annoying there, even if this shows that they are not powerful because the powerful never wreck anything beautiful without a need to do so. In the meantime, as far as grinning plebeian retard Greta Thunberg goes, we can see the negative power in the media in how it makes “heroes” out of children for their symbolic value, like David Hogg, the drowned Syrian refugee child in Europe, and the dead daycare kids in Oklahoma City. Politicians kiss babies to convince the idiotic herd that the politician is worth supporting, and they accuse their enemies of killing babies because that makes the herd — starting with its women, children, and attorneys — pull up its petticoats and howl. Humans really are just monkeys that learned to talk, with a few notable exceptions.

  • For Those Who Don’t Identify as Male or Female, Growing Acceptance—and Accommodation

    These news articles are here to warn you that we are living in a Fall of Rome time. Late Stage Democracy features an era where symbol really is more important than reality, and intentions are more important than results, mainly because everyone is simply trying to con everyone else into approving of things and nothing has any real consequences. We beat food shortages and most diseases, so now we are consuming ourselves because we have become opulent and lack purpose. It would have helped to have kings or other wise and exceptional people to guide us toward new objectives, because the herd looks to the past, even as it disguises it as innovation and “progress.” In reality, your gender is defined by your genes, and if it is imperfectly expressed, something went wrong and nature wants you to be sterilized so that what little genetic hiccup occurred does not get passed on to the next generation. However, since neurotics vote too, we must accept their insanity in order to avoid having democracy turn on us, which shows us exactly why democracy must be replaced.

  • German far-right party posts best-ever results in key state elections

  • Labour could force landlords to sell homes to tenants at ‘reasonable’ prices in bid to end buy-to-let property profiteering

    The great quest for free money continues. Politicians and voters are reacting to high housing costs over the past few years, despite those currently falling as foreign investment withdraws, and their solution is to limit what one party in the market can do, in this case, prohibiting landlords for charging market prices. This penalizes landlords and, as one might guess, leads to them looking elsewhere for profits or strategizing against the organization. When you add fee caps, you drive business elsewhere and the people your law claimed to protect end up having nothing. The politicians and the voters do not care, of course. They will have moved on to a new fascinator, trend, fad, stampede, or fetish.

  • No ‘Mixed’ or ‘Gay’ Couples, Mississippi Wedding Venue Owner Says on Video

    The specter of free association — the foundation of this country, made illegal by the Fourteenth Amendment and the Civil Rights Acts of 1866, 1957, and 1964 — rears its head again. People want to be able to brand their establishments as conservative and traditional places, and this means that they do not want mixed-race couples or gay couples getting married there. In the same way, WASPs want WASPy neighborhoods; African-Americans want Black neighborhoods without the Hispanic surge flooding them out. We wall want to be with people like us, and manifest our customs and aesthetics and beliefs, but government is standing in the way, so government must fall. Keep stockpiling weapons, food, water, and ballistic armor.

  • Chicago Kids Use Social Media To Meetup Downtown, But Police Are Watching

    What is the high cost of diversity? Part of it is that you will live in a surveillance state.

  • Deportation on the cards for shopping centre security guard who indecently assaulted toddler

    No one wants to point this out, but immigrants do not represent the best of their homelands. The best stay home and work around the system to bring about more realism (when you think about it, this is better than “progress” or “change”; it simply means a refinement of Darwinistic adaptation). The worst figure that it is too much effort, so they hop on a boat and go elsewhere to make their problems into someone else’s problems. Think about the protesters in Hong Kong: instead of trying to get visas to Australia, they stayed home and fought the good fight. So did the Chinese Nationalists in Taiwan. These are the best of their people, and if we accidentally replaced the rest of them with the seeds of this group, it might vault them forward in history and adaptation.

  • French court jails far-right activists over anti-immigrant Alps stunt

    Leftist activists seem to rarely if ever go to jail. Where is Eric Clanton these days? If I hit seven people, especially seven Leftist protesters or minorities, with a bike lock, I would spend thirty years in jail. How come this guy gets off? Oh right, Leftists gonna Left. Physical removal (transport helicopters to Venezuela) will be required. At the very least, a society without Leftists would be far less neurotic.

  • Israel bans far-right candidates for racism against Arabs

    I love this “Jewish Power” group, but they are making the same dumb mistake that Hitler made, which is to target a specific group instead of simply sticking to “Israel for ethnic Jews only.” Everyone else must go home, and that is the point. Benevolent xenophobia is not racism; it is simply the recognition that, given the chance, any other group will attempt to conquer you. Avoid giving them that chance — avoid internationalism: diversity, globalism, multiculturalism — and you never encounter the risk. We need a generalized campaign against diversity, not against Muslims or any other group. The point is nationalism: one ethnic group per nation. Period, bar none.

  • Atheists can be barred from giving invocation at Pennsylvania statehouse, federal court rules

    The original intent of separation of church and state was simply that there could not be a Church of America as there was an official, government-mandated Church of England. Through the lens of civil rights law, it becomes the idea that everyone can practice whatever religion they want and government and society must be inclusive of them all. In fact, the founding fathers never intended such a thing. If your town is mostly Presbyterian, expect Presbyterian monuments everywhere; this is not a bad thing, because it preserves culture, of which religion is a sub-heading. In the meantime, multiple religious groups should not be giving invocations, but atheism should be considered a religion in the eyes of the law because it acts like one. It consists of unprovable beliefs about metaphysics, just like any other religion; it requires a leap of faith. We should treat it like a religion instead of as an emissary of “science” or “human rights.”

  • Mass child sacrifice discovery may be largest in Peru

    Scientists should genetically test these skeletons to see if they had congenital diseases. Intelligent societies sacrificed their worst; dying societies sacrificed their best. If you do not find congenital diseases, you know you are looking at a society dying for other reasons. The sacrifice of the best is a symbolic attempt to control reality, in other words, the usual human superstition.

  • First Chinese bishop consecrated with pope’s OK after deal

    People forget that governments, religions, media, and non-profit institutions are businesses underneath it all. They have a constituency they must satisfy, even if it is through symbolic acts and not effective realistic ones. When the church drove away the Western Europeans by relying on superstition and Leftism, new audiences came in, and now it caters to them instead.

  • Anti-fascist rebellion brewing in Pacific Northwest soccer stadiums

    Leftists want the ability to show off Leftist symbols during soccer games. The club resists, knowing that eventually, someone will show up with a Right-wing symbol as well, and then the conflict which we have been sitting on for centuries will explode out into the open. Oh well; I suggest buying land near Fort Sumter.

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