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  • Number of abortions in US falls to lowest since 1973

    One reason for the decline in abortions is that fewer women are becoming pregnant. The Guttmacher Institute noted that the birth rate, as well as the abortion rate, declined during the years covered by the new report. A likely factor, the report said, is increased accessibility of contraception since 2011, as the Affordable Care Act required most private health insurance plans to cover contraceptives without out-of-pocket costs.

    More likely, it is the availability of Plan B pills everywhere. You can simply interrupt conception the next morning when you sober up and realize that you should not have the double McMuffin if you are going to be pregnant. Guttmacher — a far-Left organization — wants to argue for more free healthcare because, well, they are Leftists, and all Leftists want wealth and power transfer from the naturally capable to the neurotic, indecisive, and self-worshiping herd.

  • Voting age should be lowered to 16 to avert climate breakdown, think tank says

    Climate change can be used to justify everything that the Left wants. Now they want children to vote because children are more emotional and therefore, will respond to whatever everyone else is panicking about and panic too, allowing the Left and its lapdog media to sweep into power.

  • MIT scientist Richard Stallman resigns in the wake of his Jeffrey Epstein remarks

    The 66-year-old leader of the free software movement, which promotes the freedom of developers to use and share their computer programs, recently argued in an email thread last week that Marvin Minskey, the late AI pioneer and longtime MIT professor, was unfairly accused of sexual assault and that one of the underage girls in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation likely presented herself as “entirely” willing to have sex.

    We are firing people for opinions in email threads now? The manic conformity has reached instability. In a sane society, we would be able to accept differences of opinion instead of harping on the Bad Guy of the day, a role occupied of late by the recently-deceased Jeffrey Epstein.

  • Young White Liberals Helping to Turn Red State Cities Deep Blue

    People hop between cities. Having fled high-tax states, they learn nothing, and vote for the same stuff that ruined the place they came from before. We might see this as an extension of solipsism, which includes the idea that something is right because they desire it, independent of consequences in reality. Now a horde of illegal immigrants and California/NY Leftists are descending on red state areas. In democracy, apparently, you win by doing things the wrong way so long as those things are popular, and the vulnerable — young, women, disabled, minorities — are especially swayed. We will have to vote our way out of this to the point where we no longer can, and then the Boogaloo begins.

  • Health fears prompt Swiss 5G revolt

    But far from the clash of the titans, a growing number of Swiss are voicing alarm at possible health effects from exposure to the electromagnetic rays radiating from the new antennae, and are threatening to put the issue to a referendum in the country famous for its direct democratic system.

    Concerns arose early, and industry quashed them. Like banning Holocaust denial or race-crime-IQ statistics, this backfired. Now the movement gains momentum and will sensibly demand that industry show that its new technology is not harmful, instead of going with the previous standard of assuming that new technology was not harmful unless demonstrated to be so.

  • Couple leaves Baltimore for Lancaster after attack

    In diversity cities, the lack of social trust has caused social disorder so profound that parasitic criminality has become the norm, and this means that people are leaving. Much like the exodus from high-tax states, this shows us the future of high-minority cities: they will become impoverished wastelands like Detroit and Newark. We can avoid this by ending diversity, or setting up “Chinatowns” where each ethnic group administers its own system, and does not benefit from taxes taken from any other. Otherwise, we can look forward to an America where all of the big cities today will simply be welfare states paid for — for how long? — by the remaining productive people who will live elsewhere.

  • US-Russia nuclear war would kill 34 million people within hours and is increasingly likely, Princeton study concludes

    We are rediscovering Cold War wisdom. The world has several hot spots where superpowers (or wannabe superpowers) could clash. Taiwan, Korea, Western Europe, the middle east, and the Arctic could all escalate to the use of tactical nuclear weapons, or atomic devices used against soldiers and military infrastructure, which would in turn intensify into the use of strategic thermonuclear devices, which are launched against cities and economic infrastructure. NATO was created so that a significant conventional deterrent existed that would keep the Soviet Union from invading, because if war breaks out and one side is losing, it will likely employ tactical nukes in order to keep from being overrun. No one wanted to mention it then, but behind the Soviet Union was the hand of China, which would like nothing more than a war to exhaust the West and Soviets, at which point it would attack the winner and double its territory and wealth. Two groups have invaded us without provocation, the Muslims and the Mongols, whose present-day descendants live on in China and in ideological form in the Asiatic system of mass mobilization and bureaucracy. For us to ever live well, we will have to defeat China and Russia and remove them from our presence, then defeat our own use of the insane Asiatic systems of bureaucracy, mass mobilization, and symbolic unity. As Colonel Kurtz warned us, if you think too deeply about this issue, you end up scribbling “Exterminate all the brutes!” on your thesis and going native in the jungle.

  • Norway mosque shooter Philip Manshaus killed stepsister over her ‘Chinese origin’, police say

    Chinese people do no belong in Norway. Manshaus may be a troubled person, but he is the effect and not the cause. Diversity is the cause. End diversity and live in sanity; preserve diversity and self-destruct.

  • What does it take for China to take Taiwan’s Pacific allies? Apparently, $730 million

    China is still agitating for conquest of Taiwan, which is the small island to which the Nationalist Chinese — American allies, using the same philosophy as the Axis but with more personal freedoms — retreated after the great Communist herd takeover in the late 1940s. Taiwan out-performs the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on a per capita basis. This reveals how despite its successes, the hybrid Communist system still represents a lower level of function than capitalism, strong leadership, and hierarchy. In preparation for the conquest of Taiwan, China has begun buying up former allies of Taiwan and will then stage some kind of victimhood performance where the PRC pretends that Taiwan is the aggressor, which will somehow justify an invasion. If this happens, the USA will be drawn into the war. Trump’s strategy of decoupling from the Chinese economy positions the USA to be able to respond, since it will no longer depend on China for military and industrial items, and this decreases the risk of war by making it clear to China that it will face an adversary that it cannot easily defeat. Only the threat of destruction stops power-hungry Communist expansion, and this destroys Communist societies because they rely on the Asiatic idea of mass mobilization through ideology in order to function. Without an enemy, they collapse because their systems fundamentally do not work very well.

  • Remove hook-nose sign language gesture, Jewish group demands

    According to the dictionary, there are three ways to sign the word “Jew”. The term can be represented by stroking over the chin – an action used in British sign language – or by displaying pipe curls with the fingers or gesturing with the finger over the nose.

    While many of us like to be sensitive to the type of thinking that produces anti-Semitism and racism because these modes of thought tend to become runaway reactions that dominate all other thinking, it is worth admitting that this debacle is hilarious and shows humanity in denial of nature. People with Eurasian heritage have curved noses; people with Eurasian heritage and some North African admixture will have large curved noses. Jewish girls get them removed during the summer before they turn sixteen in most American cities. Not all Jews are born with these because of admixture after the formation of the Jewish people, but it is one of the things for which they are known because it is an inherent physical trait of their genetic mix. Instead of seeing this as a threat, people should look toward the philosophies that blame Jews for the failures of democracy, individualism, and equality (D.I.E.) in the West. Those are doubly dangerous: they cause murder of scapegoats, and also miss the actual problem, destroying two groups for the price of one.

  • Boris Johnson confronted by angry father on hospital visit: ‘The NHS has been destroyed’

    The NHS was destroyed because the NHS is self-destroying like all socialized medical systems. When you create greater supply, demand rises to meet it, mainly because now people do not have to worry about their own health; instead, they simply pass the cost on to society (an externalized cost). Currently, the NHS keeps itself solvent by declaring some people unable to be treated, giving others poor quality care, and using long wait times to drive people to simply go buy their own health care. It functions well for the impoverished, who are “in the system” and therefore start getting regular care and cannot be turned away because they have no other options. As usual, it is not a better system, but wealth transfer following the egalitarian model.

  • Dutch Saint Nicholas parade to replace blackface with ‘sooty faces’

    Political correctness wins again, but less than before. Instead of replacing a historical tradition, which would constitute a triumph for the forces that hate their national culture, the Dutch opt to transition into people with “sooty faces,” which is still “offensive” to the perpetually-offended but not as offensive. As usual, diversity pits groups against one another, and each group enjoys destroying the traditions of the other as a symbolic victory that increases their own power. You will have no peace and no future with diversity.

  • What Trump reveals in saying Hispanic supporter ‘looks more like a WASP than I do’

    Madman magician Trump weaves his illusion from public statements of conformity paired with private signals of what is coming next. Under the guise of praising diversity, he introduced the idea of WASPs as the American root back into public debate. Why else would you praise someone for looking like a WASP? Oh right, he’s more American that way… which means that Americans are and always will be defined by our ethnic Western European roots. In the meantime, he has not degraded anyone’s culture, merely pointed out that the future of America has to be consistent with WASP rule and WASP cultural and genetic dominance.

  • 3 teens killed in potential “stand your ground” case: “He had no recourse but to defend himself

    As diversity spirals downward into increasing chaos, we are going to see more of these. Homeowners have figured out how to defend themselves in such a way that the laws protect them, and in white areas, people are demanding stronger laws allowing this. We know that government has failed us and law enforcement can do nothing but arrive late and pick up the bodies. This means that the Wild West is back, and people will shoot even if the perpetrator is an ethnic minority, where under the Obama years there was more fear of doing such a politically incorrect thing.

  • Canberra ‘doesn’t know difference’ between Chinese ownership and investment

    Politicians love investment because it means more tax money. This means that they turn a blind eye to slow foreign takeovers because politicians can use that tax money to bribe the voters with more “free” stuff and therefore stay in power.

  • Weakened Netanyahu vows to block coalition backed by ‘anti-Zionist Arab parties’

    History will record that the demographic bomb exploded in Israel first. With enough Arabs voting to influence elections, the Right will never win again, only pale imitations of the Right and later, nothing but Leftists. These will allow the Arab population to grow to the point where the only electable leaders will be Arab within a generation. Israel now faces the choice between civil war or self-destruction.

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