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  • Pro-Trump group pays teens to post online

    Teenagers, some of them minors, are being paid to pump out the messages at the direction of Turning Point Action, an affiliate of Turning Point USA, a prominent conservative youth organization based in Phoenix, according to four people with independent knowledge of the effort. Their descriptions were confirmed by detailed notes from relatives of one of the teenagers who recorded conversations with him about the efforts.

    The Right finally creates an equivalent to ShareBlue, Open Society Foundations, or Organizing For Action, and we are the bad guys? As usual, the Leftists create rules because they intend to break them, and they get irate when we play catch-up successfully.

  • Association of Outdoor Artificial Light at Night With Mental Disorders and Sleep Patterns Among US Adolescents

    In a cross-sectional, nationally representative survey of US adolescents, higher levels of outdoor artificial light at night, measured via satellite, were associated with later weeknight bedtimes; those in the lowest quartile of nighttime light reported the longest weeknight sleep durations. Adolescents in areas with greater levels of nighttime light also had higher prevalence of past-year mood and anxiety disorders.

    Yet another modern miracle ends. We thought putting lights everywhere made our cities safe, but this is not working, and it turns out that the endless light pollution is inducing mood disorders and dysfunction. If everyone in this society could sleep through the night, they might be able to think clearly, and would then reject democracy, individualism, equality, utilitarianism, and the narcissism inherent to an anthropocentric view of the world. Cults and terrorists deprive their victims of sleep in order to brainwash them; is the same going on here? You decide.

  • Lol nothing matters. Or does it?

    That’s why “nihilism” is the right word to describe it, at least if it’s understood in Friedrich Nietzsche’s sense, to mean moral and creative enervation. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve found yourself every so often exclaiming to no one in particular, “I’m so tired.” Tired of what? Tired of standing up straight before the onslaught of B.S. that’s now flung in our faces every single day. Just getting out of bed to face it again every morning can feel like it takes too much energy. How much easier it would be to slouch into the gutter for a day-long nap.

    Why is it all so draining? What produces the pervasive feeling of entropy? Answer: The instinct to care about a world that shows so many signs of coming unhinged.

    More likely, we find it difficult to care about a world that makes no sense, which takes us directly to criticism of democracy. After centuries of Leftist misrule, people are pushing back, and they do not care about the specifics. They are exhausted by painstakingly fighting over the details of “issues” that never address the point that we have one issue, which is planning our future, and all of democracy works to break that down into evasive non-issues like equality. We need a functional civilization; ideas like equality and democracy do not deliver that, so we are moving on. This is not nonsense or fatalism, but an embrace of the inherent emptiness of egalitarian thought. Now we go with gut instinct, history, and a desire for excellence (arete) instead of what the egghead peasants thought was smart.

  • Donald Trump accused of sexual assault by former model Amy Dorris

    Dorris, who was 24 at the time, accuses Trump of forcing his tongue down her throat, assaulting her all over her body and holding her in a grip she was unable to escape from.

    Dorris, who lives in Florida, provided the Guardian with evidence to support her account of her encounters with Trump, including her ticket to the US Open and six photos showing her with the real estate magnate over several days in New York. Trump was 51 at the time and married to his second wife, Marla Maples.

    Her account was also corroborated by several people she confided in about the incident. They include a friend in New York and Dorris’s mother, both of whom she called immediately after the alleged incident, as well as a therapist and friends she spoke to in the years since. All said Dorris had shared with them details of the alleged incident that matched what she later told the Guardian.

    Never believe the convenient timing accusations. We should look at this “evidence”: she was there, he was there, and she told a bunch of people the same story over the following years. This follows a series of accusations made by Leftists that turned out to be fake: Christine Blasey Ford, RussiaGate, the Steele Dossier, Stormy Daniels, emoluments, income taxes, and the ludicrous idea that Donald Trump ran for president so that his hotels would take in money from foreign diplomats. We will find, if we look hard enough, that Amy Dorris is out of money and needs some celebrity and donations to get what she believes she deserves in life. If we look hard enough, we will also find Leftist operatives “reached out” to her with curiously advantageous timing.

  • The Case for Adding 672 Million More Americans

    But against China, we are the little dog: There are more than 1 billion of them to about 330 million of us. Chinese people don’t need to become as rich as Americans for China’s overall economy to outweigh ours.

    The cry of the mediocre manager or clueless businessman: grow in quantity, not quality. Ideology tells us that people are symbols to be used for our own power, so get in more warm bodies and program them with ideas, then have them do your bidding. This was the idea of the Asiatic tyrants going back to the dawn of time, finding ultimate fulfillment in Genghis Khan. Clueless Yglesias thinks that turning North America into South America will somehow provide us with world domination, forgetting that the source of our strength is not our institutions but the people who created and run them: ethnic Western Europeans. All of the South American groups who have adopted our methods have experienced lesser degrees of success.

  • Miami Herald slammed for running ‘racist and anti-Semitic’ insert in paper

    In Friday’s el Nuevo Herald, a column in a paid-for weekly supplement claimed that American Jews support “thieves and arsonists” — and compared Black Lives Matter protesters to Nazis, the Washington Post said.

    “What kind of people are these Jews? They’re always talking about the Holocaust, but have they already forgotten Kristallnacht, when Nazi thugs rampaged through Jewish shops all over Germany?” author Roberto Luque Escalona wrote.

    “So do the BLM and antifa, only the Nazis didn’t steal; they only destroyed.”

    Looks like he was criticizing the Jewish groups — some American Jews — for supporting a group of thugs. This shows one of the many problems of attempting to accuse the Left of being racists or Nazis, namely that they are Communists instead, and will use your use of their made-up terms as acceptance of their dogma, which they will then use to beat you much as they would with a severed arm.

  • Barr issues blistering critique of his own Justice Department

    Attorney General William Barr delivered a scathing critique of his own Justice Department on Wednesday night, insisting on his absolute authority to overrule career staff, whom he said too often injected themselves into politics and went “headhunting” for high profile targets.

    Barr said that argument, in essence, means “the will of the most junior member of the organization” would make decisions, but he insisted he would not “blindly” defer to “whatever those subordinates want to do.”

    “Letting the most junior members set the agenda might be a good philosophy for a Montessori preschool, but it is no way to run a federal agency,” Barr said.

    What is being said here? Barr is attacking careerism, which is the cornerstone of the unelected entrenched bureaucracy that makes up the “Deep State.” These guys are like the FBI agents who lure clueless teenagers into purchasing parts for making bombs; all that matters is the number of high-profile arrests, leading to promotions for the agents responsible. After a wave of false convictions vacated by courts, America is learning that the adversarial system rewards police, DAs, and agents who find someone to pin a conviction upon, even if that person was not instrumental in the commission of the crime. As usual with Systems, gaming the System becomes more important than fulfilling the ostensible role of the System, namely protecting people.

  • Elderly New Jersey homeowner nearly loses home — over 6 cents in back taxes

    An 89-year-old New Jersey woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease nearly lost her home because of a measly 6 cents she owed in back taxes.

    The tiny debt, which she neglected to pay on her 2019 taxes, then accrued to more than $300 in interest by last week — prompting officials in Ocean Township put Glen Kristi Goldenthal’s home up for sale on Sept. 9, NBC New York reported.

    Property taxes are the hidden American wealth transfer. They hit the middle class and wealthy hardest and go mostly toward schools, which are basically government-funded kitchens and daycare at this point. This gives those local governments a sense of sneering moral superiority which leads to the type of thoughtless and destructive behavior we see detailed here. In reality, no one should pay property taxes at all; you should not have to buy something twice, and you already pay rent to the government through income taxes, or at least, almost half of you do. We were better off when we relied on the rich for charity instead of taking it from them directly, since then we impede their ability to use that money for greater good, a capacity they have already demonstrated by becoming wealthy.

  • Some wealthy Americans are already prepping their finances for a Joe Biden presidency

    Right now, Hoppe’s client, worth between $10 million and $20 million, will be taxed on capital gains at a rate of 23.8%.

    If Democratic candidate Joe Biden beats President Donald Trump — and Democrats retain the House of Representatives and flip the Senate — that client could have potentially been staring at a 39.6% tax rate in two out of the installment sale’s three years.

    Democrats have nothing to offer but more taxes to pay to minorities and bureaucrats in order to keep the failing system — created by Leftists — afloat for a few more months. This will not work, since demand is infinite, and like the Soviets, they will drain all money from the competent and give it to the incompetent, who will create a third-world Idiocracy out of it. The only way to win is not to play the game at all, which means cutting government back to military and roads and ignoring all cries for anti-poverty and pro-diversity programs. For a short-term example, remember what happened when New Jersey over-taxed its largest taxpayer to the point that he bailed out on them, leaving a huge budget shortfall.

  • Transmissions detected between masked people: Richmond health officer

    “The concern that we continue to have with masks is that (in) a number of cases that have been reported to us, people have been wearing masks,” she added. “Masks don’t stop transmission, particularly non-medical masks.”

    The masks and “social distancing” are security theater. The only real safety lies in having a treatment path and isolating the infected. We now have that treatment path — hydrocortisone for the lungs, Vitamin-D for the immune system — which means that people who are not already doomed by underlying health conditions will survive this disease. We cannot seem to isolate the infected because our borders are open, we have no idea who is here, and people have no sense of communality or common purpose, therefore really care very little about who gets infected. In the meantime, Sweden is still standing and has a functional economy, while much-praised New Zealand just entered its biggest recession thanks to its habit of panicky shutdowns whenever a few people get sick, despite a low death rate.

  • COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor’s office show disturbing revelation

    The discussion involves the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to handle that, and most disturbingly how to keep it from the public.

    If people figure out that these shutdowns are not helping, they are going to want to get out of this panic quarantine, and this will hurt the Democrat agenda to destroy the economy and vault Biden into the presidency.

  • New documentary explores why a growing number of Americans are turning to socialism

    “The democratic socialist movement is being driven by millennials, zoomers, younger people,” says Jabari Brisport, a Brooklyn teacher who embraces the socialist label and is running as a Democrat for a New York State Senate seat. “Younger people are interested in socialism because we can see so clearly the failings of capitalism.”

    The “failings of capitalism” that they identify are all actually failings of Leftist programs like socialist-style entitlements. Those raised costs and depressed wages, much as immigration and affirmative action have done, while

  • Vikings may not be who we thought they were, DNA study finds

    Sequencing the genomes of over 400 Viking men, women, and children from ancient burial sites, researchers found evidence of genetic influence from Southern Europe and Asia in Viking DNA dating back to before the Viking Age (750 – 1050 A.D.).

    The authors also note that individuals not related to Vikings genetically, such as native Pictish people of Scotland and Ireland, sometimes received traditional Viking burials — suggesting that being a Viking was not so much about specific family roots but about a sense of internal identity.

    More fake science: we know that foreigners were given Viking burial mounds, so this study relies on sampling those mounds to determine who the Vikings were, despite knowing that it is surveying a group who were not all Vikings. Then, they can “average” those conclusions and determine that Vikings were in fact like today’s South Americans, mostly White with Moorish, Asiatic, North African, and Dravidian admixture. See, the Vikings were diverse! At this point, we have to admit that “scientist” has been reduced in meaning to signify only someone who sat through a bunch of classes and has a keyboard.

  • Chinese fishing armada plundered waters around Galápagos, data shows

    A vast fishing armada of Chinese vessels just off the Galápagos Islands logged an astounding 73,000 hours of fishing during just one month as it pulled up thousands of tonnes of squid and fish, a new report based on data analysis has found.

    Nearly 300 Chinese vessels accounted for 99% of visible fishing just outside the archipelago’s waters between 13 July and 13 August this year, according to analysis by marine conservation group Oceana.

    The Food Wars have begun. The EU is fighting to keep the UK so it can plunder its waters for fish, and China is bullying its neighbors and foreign lands to try to seize enough fish to feed its people. Democracy and globalism caused an explosion of the human population, and that is now causing ecocide. A correction is coming and we all know it, which is why people panic over COVID-19: it seems like there should be a pandemic to end it all. What is coming will in fact be much bleaker, but then get a lot better.

  • Expectant mothers urged to protect themselves from bushfire smoke

    Pregnant women living in bushfire areas are being urged to protect themselves and their unborn babies from smoke, as the fire season returns.

    Doctors in the worst-affected areas say they’re horrified by the effects of the smoke from last summer’s catastrophic conditions.

    It turns out that inhaling smoke is bad for you, whether it comes from cars, cigarettes, factories, or brushfires. Somehow this is news to the population, which had been told that nicotine was so bad for you that even smoking without inhaling would kill you instantly.

  • Pearls Before Swine

    Anti-democracy sentiments go mainstream. People are finally figuring out that it is a scam. Next, they will realize that humans in groups make terrible decisions with few exceptions. Trump is our pushback against automatically assuming that more equality, democracy, diversity, and socialism will solve every human problem.

  • Spotify CEO Defends Keeping Transphobic Joe Rogan Podcasts Online

    The news signals how Spotify, as it moves into the podcasting space beyond music, is facing content moderation decisions more commonly associated with social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Spotify has already removed JRE episodes with some right-wing figures, including Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes.

    As the Leftist Regime fades, it will demand increasing levels of censorship to suppress notice of how blatantly it is fading. Only those who demonstrate being hard in denial will get promotions or publicity. However, they have already lost the trust of those who once believed the media, so now the remaining group of True Believers have become more fanatical to conceal their secret doubt.

  • Colombia: Indigenous protesters topple conquistador’s statue

    Police looked on as members of the Misak community used ropes to tear down the equestrian figure of de Belalcázar, who founded the city in 1537.

    The whole world follows the example of the USA, which brought democracy to the world with two world wars, after having dedicated itself to equality in 1866. This cordycepted nation now teaches the world that the future is third-world and white people need to be erased for having done what everyone else did, but more successfully, and having built a successful society on it instead of remaining in the failing third-world system like everyone else.

  • ‘Sneak culture’: Boris Johnson appears to criticise Priti Patel for rule of six snooping

    Boris Johnson has appeared to reproach the home secretary, Priti Patel, for saying she would report her neighbours for meeting in groups bigger than six, calling it “sneak culture”.

    He told the Sun: “I have never much been in favour of sneak culture myself. What people should do in the first instance is obviously if they are concerned is raise it with their friends and neighbours.

    The Western method involves being active in the world as a human being. The Asiatic method relies on the government bureaucracy to do everything so people can exist in a state of radical individualism bordering on solipsism. This explains why Asia has been famously permissive and its people oblivious to anything but their own immediate concerns. A run-over and backed-up-and-run-over child in the street says, “But this way, we can exist in worlds of ourselves, at least until we collide with others, and then, it is the will of the gods!”

  • Twitter forces user to delete compilation video showing Joe Biden with young girls

    The infamous video compilation features public domain footage from C-SPAN 2 and is often referenced by Biden’s critics.

    At this point, the greatest power that Twitter has consists of banning things, because that way, everyone assumes that they are true and the DNC is suppressing them in order to protect and perpetuate the Leftist Regime as it dies.

  • Group pushes changes to Confederate imagery at Georgia park

    The group is also proposing that officials remove the Confederate flags at the base of the mountain, change the names of streets and other park features with Confederate affiliations and refocus the park on themes such as racial reconciliation and justice, the newspaper reported.

    Translation: turn your history into our propaganda. Diversity means that groups vie for power, with minorities perpetually trying to conquer the majority, which is why our ancestors kept them enslaved or marginalized. We are heading back to those times.

  • The US Air Force’s radical plan for a future fighter could field a jet in 5 years

    The Century Series approach would be a notable departure from the Air Force’s former thinking on its future fighter. In its “Air Superiority 2030” study released in 2016, the Air Force described a long-range, stealthy sensor-shooter called “Penetrating Counter Air,” which would act as NGAD’s central node networked with sensors, drones and other platforms. The Air Force would use prototyping to speed along key technologies in the hope of maturing them early enough for inclusion in advanced aircraft fielded in the early 2030s.

    But what Roper calls the “Digital Century Series” would flip that paradigm: Instead of maturing technologies over time to create an exquisite fighter, the Air Force’s goal would be to quickly build the best fighter that industry can muster over a couple years, integrating whatever emerging technology exists. The service would downselect, put a small number of aircraft under contract and then restart another round of competition among fighter manufacturers, which would revise their fighter designs and explore newer leaps in technology.

    Under Trump, the military has gone from big, future-oriented projects to practical and incremental ones, gradually improving its capabilities instead of signing a nearly blank check to futuristic predictions that often do not translate into longstanding weapons systems. The proof of this being an intelligent approach can be found in our aircraft from the past seventy years, which consist of designs from the 1950s steadily upgraded with new avionics and more efficient engines. The “military-industrial complex” (a concentrated industry that advocates for itself through the entrenched bureaucracy) wants pie-in-the-sky big budget programs, but now, Trump has redirected them toward practical programs on an ongoing basis. This means that they will keep their staff, instead of suddenly hiring thousands of new engineers every time the money boat comes in, which in turn will reduce their reliance on H-1Bs who send the information they learn immediately back to China.

  • Japan’s young musicians rally to save dying art of shamisen music

    Industry data shows that Japan produced 14,500 shamisen in 1970, but by 2017 the number had plummeted to just 1,200.

    Takafumi Tanaka, editor of the Hogaku Journal, a publication dedicated to traditional Japanese music, attributed the decline in shamisen sales to a national identity crisis.

    “No one ever plays the shamisen with perfection,” said Nakamura, who likens its myriad nuances to golf. “Even the best performers mess up and notice things they have to fix. With a guitar you can learn a song in a day, but with a shamisen it can take weeks, months, or even years. The shamisen is less of an instrument and more of a lifestyle. That can be off-putting for a lot of people. But for me it’s all part of the appeal.”

    Welcome to tradition. Instead of the easy, convenient, and accessible, it presents hard paths which reward detailed mastery. In exchange, one becomes enmeshed in a living culture,

  • Macomb County pastor admits to using church email address to harass NYT reporter

    “How about if we took all the little bitter Asian woman and had a lottery and cut their clits like the Muslims do,” Muns wrote in the email. “Not a very classy position is it, neither is your trashy little bitter personality towards white men. Only in a world where journalism is controlled by brain dead Liberals do you people even have jobs.”

    Outrage should follow. Oh wait, it is muted, mainly because most of us think that he has a point, or at least, Sarah Jeong is a manipulative propaganda agent of dubious moral character like the rest of the Leftist media.

  • YouTube censors White House coronavirus advisor Professor Scott Atlas for contradicting WHO

    At the same time, YouTube’s decision to remove a video uploaded in June of an interview with Professor Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, and advisor to The White House, is shrouded in mystery.

    The justification given by the video giant is that Atlas failed to properly align his views with that of the World Health Organization (WHO) “or local health authorities.”

    Centralization through media control will be remembered as a signature move of the Left. They learned from the Kennedy debates, which were televised and therefore united a larger audience behind the “reformer,” and later from Clinton, who famously kept an Excel spreadsheet of polls and adjusted his views to match. You find out what the herd is afraid of and then you push those buttons hard, while delaying action on things that they are still skeptical about. That way, you control them and they think they thought of it all. Currently, social media “seems” to be the responses of our fellow citizens, but its primary power lies in the delete button, since that way it can rely on Leftist users to report non-Leftist thought, and then has an excuse to remove it, leaving only The Narrative in a naked form but appearing to be conversation from our friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

  • Noise pollution: acute noise exposure increases susceptibility to disease and chronic exposure reduces host survival

    Hosts experiencing acute noise suffered significantly increased parasite burden compared with those in no noise treatments. By contrast, fish experiencing chronic noise had the lowest parasite burden. However, these hosts died significantly earlier compared with those exposed to acute and no noise treatments.

    Really loud noise kills off the parasites, but constant noise weakens you and you die younger. The same rules apply to humans. Our cities are parasite vectors wracked with constant noise from proles gunning their engines, crashing into things, and playing their constant two-note music. The future belongs to those who have clean air, water, food, and a night sky they can see, with a silence they can hear.

  • Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden

    The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people—because he rejects evidence and science. The most devastating example is his dishonest and inept response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which cost more than 190,000 Americans their lives by the middle of September. He has also attacked environmental protections, medical care, and the researchers and public science agencies that help this country prepare for its greatest challenges. That is why we urge you to vote for Joe Biden, who is offering fact-based plans to protect our health, our economy and the environment.

    The bane of actually intelligent people are the nearly-intelligent, who know enough to master procedure and process but not enough to achieve analysis or critical thinking. Worse, they mislead many of the intelligent, who tend to care greatly about doing the right thing, while most of the world cares only about what benefits it in the short term. The Scientific American readers take a face value reading of the facts and come up with a socially plausible conclusion, while missing the underlying grim reality that scientists are human, too, and most of them are fudging the “facts” by leaving out vital data in order to push for an agenda. Actual science is anti-science, in that it distrusts consensus and looks to the data, realizing that every interpretation of that data is a heuristic approximation and therefore, will in time be replaced by a more exact model.

    More social status signaling from intellectuals who should know better:

    “I cannot close without expressing a larger concern about the wellbeing of America’s constitutional democracy,” he said.

    “I have said many times over the past several years that, while the University takes no position on political issues, no matter how serious or even grave, a university cannot survive in a society that does not take seriously the basic elements of civic life—respect for truth, respect for reason as a means to truth, and the embrace of a foundational principle of human equality.

    “In those, we have as much at stake as anyone and can, indeed must, devote our resources to their preservation. So, one priority we have as an institution is to assist students with voting, no matter where they are located in the United States or beyond, and you will be hearing more about this issue in the coming weeks.”

    The founding fathers did not believe in equality or democracy. “Created equal” means that the limit of equality is being born. The American system was designed to limit democracy to the wealthiest and most productive members of society, filter that democracy through checks and balances, and generally keep government minimal. Instead we have a government that is huge, empowered by the Soviet-style 14A to intervene in all areas of life, pushing an agenda of equality and universal democracy upon us. It seems that as with Novichok, even one drop of democracy is too much. Dictators? Please, no. Let us return to sanity and restore the kings.

  • Chicago has been quietly intercepting millions from state tax refunds during the pandemic

    During the pandemic, the City of Chicago has quietly used a little-known state program to collect millions of dollars in unpaid tickets, court fees, ordinance violations, and other debt from residents, despite its pledges to alleviate the financial hardship many residents are facing, due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

    Democracy, Inc., is broke. It spent all the money on entitlements and diversity. Now it needs to squeeze even more out of you with property taxes, fees, income taxes, sales taxes, and licensing costs. It does this in order to keep the diversity employed or subsidized and to feed the growing ranks of bureaucrats, since we have lots of people so useless that the only jobs that can be found for them are in government. However, COVID-19 has pushed it over the edge, and now everyone is bankrupt and there is no more money to borrow. Only the Trump plan — bring back manufacturing and services to our shores — has any hope of succeeding. Everything else is going to go the way of Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand, which will be out of money so will borrow some play money from the Chinese, not realizing or not caring that it has also sold its sovreignty and will soon become a vassal state. The citizens will not care as long as they have footy, Instagram, and watery beer.

  • Facebook cancels ads for CancelCon anti-cancel culture event

    The virtual convention, called CancelCon, streaming on Thursday, has speakers such as Dave Rubin, Adam Carolla, Ben Shapiro, and Dennis Pager. It is co-sponsored by Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth group, and No Safe Spaces, a film addressing free speech.

    Organizers claim that they have been unsuccessfully trying to run ads for the event on Facebook. The director of No Safe Spaces, Justin Folk, showed Newsweek their multiple attempts to run CancelCon ads on Facebook. He said the status of the ads would go from “active” to “inactive” within a few minutes.

    Who says Facebook does not have a sense of humor? “We will cancel your protest of our cancelations.” In reality, however, this is probably automated and triggered by the presence of known Right-wingers. Social media is a propaganda organ for the Left.

  • Ruqqus: Conservative

    Conservative news, commentary, memes, and organizing information.

    The term “conservative” comes from the Latin verb for “to conserve or preserve,” and reflects the nature of conservatives as those who seek to preserve the best of human endeavor and nature throughout all of history, measuring it qualitatively to achieve excellence (arete) in defiance of the human tendency toward solipsism (hubris).

    We include all conservatives from Republicans, paleoconservatives, monarchists, anarcho-monarchists, traditionalists, Nietzscheans, crunchy conservatives, Alt-Right, Ult Right, neoreactionaries, and social conservatives onward. No socialism or egalitarianism please.

    Our new venture. Support open discussion social media! Even better, support blogs and email, which being decentralized are much harder to censor or destroy.


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