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  • NYT updates Kavanaugh ‘bombshell’ to note accuser doesn’t recall alleged assault

    Amerika’s Smearpaper of Record, The (((Gnu Yawk Times))) is at it again.

    The New York Times suddenly made a major revision to a supposed bombshell piece late Sunday concerning a resurfaced allegation of sexual assault by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — hours after virtually all 2020 Democratic presidential candidates had cited the original article as a reason to impeach Kavanaugh. The Times’ revision says: “Editors’ Note: An earlier version of this article, which was adapted from a forthcoming book, did not include one element of the book’s account regarding an assertion by a Yale classmate that friends of Brett Kavanaugh pushed his penis into the hand of a female student at a drunken dorm party. The book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident. That information has been added to the article.”

    The Times was once more caught lying. They rapidly “added information” to their otherwise totally dishonest hit piece. It’s not so much that scumbags at newspapers have just recently been lying to us on political cue. It’s that now we can catch the malefactors before the lie makes it around the world. Consider what happened here as yet another reason why anyone contradicting The Narrative will persecuted as Alt-Right. They really don’t want anyone to remember The Maine.

  • California adds an 11th state to its travel ban. No taxpayer-funded trips to Iowa

    Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Friday extended California’s ban on taxpayer-funded trips to an 11th state, adding Iowa to the list based on the Midwestern state’s passage of a law that removed gender protections under Medicaid.

    Removed gender protections? What a dishonest article about a dishonest law.

    “The Iowa Legislature has reversed course on what was settled law under the Iowa Civil Rights Act, repealing protections for those seeking gender-affirming healthcare,” Becerra said in a news release. “California has taken an unambiguous stand against discrimination and government actions that would enable it.

    Does using Medicaid for gender-affirmative healthcare involve making the taxpayers pay the doctors to cryofreeze my nuts off because I woke up wanting to be Shirley Temple this morning? Do you really think that if USC or Stanford had a bowl game against Iowa this year that they would just forfeit to the Hawkeyes because some freakshow wanted to switch restrooms? No, this is just more colorful virtue-signalling from the Street-Pooper State.

  • UAW national strike against GM begins as union backers flood into Flint

    Trabant Motors goes on strike. Former CEO Barack Obama has yet to comment. Perhaps they could offer a free tire gauge with every model sold to help us all with fuel economy.

    The UAW and management both are getting to live in Disney Land because nobody wants GM to die and leave its pension fund liabilities to anyone in the family will. Nobody really knows what’s in those pension books. Nobody knows what’s underneath the concrete plug that got put on the meltdown site at Chernobyl. Nobody particularly wants to find out either answer. So a bankrupt company will magically find more money to pay useless workers to produce a product that nobody with means and options actually wants to buy. Back in the US, back in the USSA!

  • Trump Has Few Options to Respond to Saudi Oil Attack

    So what if Donald Trump responds by encouraging a massive uptick in fracking and shale oil extraction? Or perhaps we make an offer to feed Venezuela in return for unfettered access to its offshore reserves. A bunch of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi. The guy who founded Al Quaeda came from old Saudi money. Let Israel handle this one if they worry about spreading Iranian influence. Eventually, The Iranians will run out of Barack Obama’s and John Kerry’s money to continue financing these things. They will face their own reckoning without us wasting our time, money or young population retaliating on someone else’s behalf. When Bret Stephens’ children are in uniform in the ME, I’ll take foreign policy euchastes from (((The Wall Street Urinal))) more seriously. Until then, become more self-sufficient close to home and let the wogs exterminate themselves.

  • Whites need not apply: Campus sci-tech symposium to only feature scholars of color

    “New Voices in Science and Technology Studies: A C3 Symposium,” set for early November at the private Massachusetts-based liberal arts university, invited scholars to submit papers if they represent a “historically underrepresented group.” The call for papers specifies that means either “African Americans, Alaska Natives, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders.”

    Good luck with all that !SCIENCE!, kiddoes. How long before every science symposium will only be open to people of color?

  • With B-1 Aging and B-21 Still Years Out, Air Force May Soon Have No Go-To Bomber

    In case you wonder why Iran would dial up the Saudi strike now….

    The constant deployments broke the B-1 fleet. It’s no longer a question of if, but when the Air Force and Congress will send the aircraft to the Boneyard. But Air Force officials are still arguing the B-1 has value to offer, especially since it’s all the service really has until newer bombers hit the flight line in the mid-2020s. Some in the Air Force are pinning hopes on new technologies to keep the B-1 fleet alive even for just a little while longer. On top of that, the Air Force must soon deliver a more fine-tuned bomber strategy that includes the B-2 Spirit and B-52 Stratofortress. Lawmakers say they want the Air Force to better explain how the service plans to sustain its legacy aircraft while ushering in the brand-new B-21 Raider.

  • The U.S. Is About to Do Something Big on Hong Kong

    Oh my, Marco Rubio on ‘roids!

    Rubio said he expects the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to easily pass in Congress and be signed into law by the president. The legislation, which has bipartisan support in the Senate and the House of Representatives, has emerged as the primary vehicle through which the U.S. government is hoping to deter China from carrying out a Tiananmen Square–like crackdown against peaceful protesters and pressure it into upholding the city’s special status within China. (So far Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose wife’s family has extensive business dealings in China, hasn’t specifically endorsed the legislation, even as he’s advocated for legislative measures to preserve Hong Kong’s autonomy.

    So how many armored divisions is he in favor of deploying? That’s the only question President Xi is going to ponder before he sets the bag limits and hands out the linked ammo belts.

    Q: What do you call that guy who stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square?
    A: Nothing nice until you finish hosing his viscera out of your tracks.

    Somebody needs to share that with Senator Rubio. Every enemy Donald Trump has seems to want to get him into a war this morning.

  • Transgender woman fired after telling conservative activist to leave coffee shop

    I guess She/He/IT wasn’t in charge of the floor at the time. She just acted that way and figured she’d get away with it because !POWER B!TCH!

    A transgender woman lost her job Wednesday after telling an employee of the Nebraska Family Alliance she was no longer welcome at a Lincoln coffee shop. The story, told through varying social media accounts and interviews, started after Marilyn Synek, a communications specialist for the Nebraska Family Alliance, said she was told to leave Cultiva Coffee because of her political beliefs.

    She/He/IT’ll play the martyr now. I’m sure the Paypal is already set up. I mean if you care enough, you have no choice but to contribute. I feel empowered not caring and hoping She/He/IT dies in a ditch and feeds all those hungry decomposers scuffling for work at the bottom of the food pryamid.

  • Former pro football player accused of staging racially-motivated burglary

    LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — A former pro football player is facing charges after allegedly staging a burglary and vandalizing his business, according to Gwinnett County Police. Edawn Coughman, 31, was arrested September 12, 2019, and has been charged with filing a false police report and insurance fraud. Gwinnett County Police was called to a burglary in progress at Create and Bake Restaurant and Coughman’s Creamery on Duluth Highway in Lawrenceville at approximately 9:30 p.m. on September 11.

    !RACISM! It’s too good of a scam and a money-maker to ever die. Kudoes to Gwinnett County’s Finest for putting the collar on this creep.

  • Truth About Rumor Prince Andrew Will Be ‘Banished To Bermuda’ Amid Epstein Scandal

    Does anyone wonder why the elite are depraved and indifferent? Banished to Bermuda for being a sick little piggie? Give me that opportunity, and I probably say “Oink! Oink! Oink!”

    According to a tabloid, the Duke of York has been asked to keep a low profile while conversations about Epstein’s scandal are still ripe. And in order to save the monarchy from further shame caused by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s third child, the dad of two may be exiled to Bermuda. An unnamed source claimed that the goal is simple: to get Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband out of the United Kingdom. A similar thing was done to the Queen’s uncle, Edward VIII, who was banished to the Bahamas after abdicating from the throne.

    I was hoping Madagascar or Papua New Guinea. Sending them to a resort as punishment is perverse incentivization. Madagascar, at least; has enough childhood HIV to make him reconsider a few of his proclivities.

  • Feinstein to host fundraiser for Biden, in another apparent snub of fellow Californian Kamala Harris

    Females who are too clever by half always get attacked by those of their own gender. Femininity has its own, unwritten competitive code. This move has nothing to do with Joe Biden. It’s all about The Slore of Babylon. Diane Feinstein, like Tulsi Gabbard, cannot abide Kamala Harris. Nobody here is perfect, but Senator Harris just positively slithers. Calling in the air strikes and going off on Kamala Harris got Tulsi Gabbard essentially fired as a perspective candidate for President. Senator Feinstein shows a certain nasty finesse in how she goes after The Slore as detailed below.

    According to reports, Feinstein, the senior senator from the Golden State, will throw a fundraiser next month for Democratic 2020 presidential frontrunner Joe Biden — and not for Harris, another White House contender whose poll numbers suggest she could probably use some high-profile help. Feinstein and husband Richard Blum will co-host the Biden event Oct. 3 in San Francisco, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by CNBC. Feinstein first gave her backing to Biden in January, months before the former vice president made his campaign official in April.

  • With glue and fake blood, climate protesters target London Fashion Week

    Again, climate activists are hijacking environmental concern for the purposes of personal drama. They hate fashionistas, I’m not really fond of them either. I also don’t believe jet-fueled poor taste is going to kill the planet. The Climate Fascists don’t either. Fascists just gotta fash. Even if we don’t even get a lousy autobahn out of the deal.

  • Maspeth High School’s secret to high pass rates is cheating: teachers

    Taxpayer dollars hard at work. Public Education is like a public urinal. Sometimes you have to use it, but hold your nose. This, of course, is how you produce excellence from diversity. You redefine it as excellence’. It’s not quite excellence, but something sort of related.

    They call it the “Maspeth Minimum,” meaning everyone gets at least the minimum grade or score needed to pass or graduate, no matter what.

    Whistleblowers call it fraud. The secret to the school’s 98% graduation and 90% Regents pass rate, they say, is simple: “Cheat!”

  • Did Social Work Kill Civil Society?

    Another case where welfare doesn’t make us better off? What would social workers work on if we all just got with a program? The social agencies have a clear disincentive to ever solving social maladies. They aren’t getting their next caseload out of Phillips Andover. They need destitution in order for anyone to need their “help.” It’s easier and more certain to just become a self-licking ice cream cone than to actually fix things. I’m not sure social workers killed civil society, but they sure wouldn’t drink as well if it weren’t bleeding.

    The professionalization of social work, to Husock, was the ultimate abdication of civil society. “Volunteers,” Husock says, “became a disadvantage as nonprofits sought to comply with government requirements to hire social workers with master’s degrees, whose education in many cases had been supported by the government itself.” More to the point, social work, by its nature, demanded responding to already-manifest social ills. The formative work that might prevent social ills outright, of the sort performed by Charles Loring Brace, would necessarily be lost.

  • Biden on racism: White people ‘can never fully understand’

    I’m sure glad we have Joe “Pretty Fly” Biden to share with us The Black Experience. He’s going back to his roots below in a way the hair plugs just don’t do justice to. They’ve sand-blasted him clean and he’s quasi-articulate below. Even Corn Pop approves. It’s storybook.

    During his 20 minutes at the pulpit, Biden condemned institutional racism as the direct legacy of slavery and lamented that the nation has “never lived up to” the ideals of equality written into its founding documents. But then he added a more personal note — perhaps the closest he would come to addressing his detractors. “Those who are white try,” Biden said, “but we can never fully understand.”

  • Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy as part of settlement

    Not good enough, but all that was ever going to happen. The dead, strewn across everywhere that is turning into nowhere, are not going to hop back up and do The Tennessee Waltz. When something that bad and wrong happens, only time can heal.

    Purdue Pharma, the company that made billions selling the prescription painkiller OxyContin, filed for bankruptcy in White Plains, New York, days after reaching a tentative settlement with many of the state and local governments suing it over the toll of opioids. The filing was anticipated before and after the tentative deal, which could be worth up to $12 billion over time, was struck.

  • What The Sacklers left in their feckless and cupiditous wake…

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