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  • As Arab Gulf starts opening to Israel, Palestinians face a reckoning

    The Palestinians’ strategy centers on holding Israel to account in international legal tribunals, and trying to break the United States’ dominance over the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Baconi said.

    “Arab and European support in that strategy is crucial, but it is questionable that the Palestinians will be able to secure either to the level required to ensure a just peace.”

    On that 4D chess thing: Trump just made two peace deals that broke Arab world unity against Israel, which effectively makes the Palestinians and other groups which support terrorism into outsiders. This then strengthens Jewish Nationalism while, by opening up the Arab states, reinforcing the idea of a Muslim culture dedicated to something other than constant unsuccessful jihad. This will in turn make the Arab states more nationalistic, defeat internationalistic alliances, and cause the idea that nationalism leads to success to spread from the middle east to Europe and the United States. This is a canny and unpredictable move, classic Trump. He strengthened his principles by ending the political strength behind attacks on those principles, even if he is doing so overseas.

  • Facebook ignored blatant political manipulation around the world, claims former data scientist

    Zhang implies she was fired after bringing her concerns to upper management and being told to stop focusing on issues beyond the scope of her role, which involved analyzing the platform to identity “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” Facebook’s phrase for bot networks and other malicious activity with ulterior motives like influencing election outcomes and promoting or undermining various political candidates and controversial topics. The memo indicates she also turned down a $64,000 severance package because it involved signing a non-disparagement agreement that would have restricted her ability to speak publicly about the company.

    Big Tech knew it was dying in 2009 when the Natural Born Clickers study showed that 8% of internet users are responsible for about 85% of engagement, making it clear that the internet does not represent the audience toward which its ads are targeted. In other words, the internet is great for selling tshirts and mugs to households which earn under forty thousand dollars a year, but bad at reaching middle America. Big Tech thought it struck gold with the smartphone audience, only to find out that the only people using smartphones all the time are also broke and working in menial capacities. This caused social media to adjust to its new audience, including the third world, and consequently to go hard Left in its search for a happy managed community for this new audience. Since that time they have been cooking the books with warm bodies clicking ads and watching videos in order to hide the fact that they address the unsuccessful many instead of the happy suburbs where people have something better to do all day and night than scroll through the gibberish posted by others.

  • Pennsylvania judge sets bail for accused rioters at $1M each

    Twelve adults have been charged with criminal conspiracy for arson, riot, institutional vandalism, failure to disperse, obstructing highways and other public passages, disorderly conduct, and defiant trespass. Nine of them had their bails set at $1 million. One of the 12 faced an additional charge of illegal possession of a firearm. According to police, at least eight of those charged are not Lancaster residents.

    Watch these trials. When they want to get a Right-winger, they rush to court as quickly as they can to take advantage of the media outrage. When Leftists get charged, the trials get delayed and then gentle penalties like probation are handed down years later. Remember how Eric Clanton got a nice cushy landing after seven aggravated assaults that would have put the rest of us in prison for the better part of a decade.

  • Republicans targeted with violence, threats as Election Day looms

    While no one tracks exact statistics of political violence, a Washington Times review of reported incidents uncovered at least 15 major skirmishes since February. The number is likely greater, however, since so many incidents are unreported.

    “The hard left is certainly getting more active,” said Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University, San Bernadino. “We had the first homicide from the far left in many, many years this year.”

    The Left gets away with terrorism because “conservative” is not a protected class, so few are keeping statistics. My guess is that this violence is a bluff to try to convince conservatives to stay home and let the Left steal the election, and that after the election, the bullies will calm down because they no longer have a cause to unite around. Vote Trump and make the rioters and violence go away.

  • Republicans, Democrats Seek to Widen H-2B Visa Program as 20.6M Americans are Jobless

    Harris and Pingree want Pompeo to more clearly define exemptions for the H-2B visa program in Trump’s executive order — a move that would help widen businesses’ ability to bring foreign workers to the U.S. to take jobs in the food industry.

    If we get White Americans into these jobs, they will never revert again to being just about completely Hispanic, and that threatens the easy profits of this industry, which basically passes on to us the endless listeria and salmonella scares. Now that the COVID-19 shutdown has raised the price of meat, maybe it is time to hire regular Americans again, since the Hispanic wave has not produced such low prices that it is worth keeping.

  • ‘Mandalorian’ star Gina Carano under fire for anti-mask, alt-right tweets

    Recently she’s inspired criticism for sharing anti-mask memes, retweeting right-wing opposition to Black Lives Matter, and mocking the practice of sharing your pronouns on social media. At the moment her Twitter name is “Gina Carano boop/bop/beep,” an obvious contrast to the way her Mandalorian co-star Pedro Pascal included his pronouns (“he/him”) on his own profile.

    How dare someone leave the hive mind, where everyone is tolerated so long as they enthusiastically support The Partythe hive mind! She was good in Haywire (2011), a surprisingly arty and atmospheric action flick with well-choreographed fight scenes.

  • Germany to take in more than 1,500 migrants from Greek islands

    Merkel’s decision follows a rise in opinion polls by her conservative party at the expense of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), after what is widely seen as her steady handling of the coronavirus crisis.

    Middle class voters in Germany always opt for the least “rock the boat” solution, not knowing that this leads to a boiling frog. Voters everywhere do this, mainly because democracy terrifies people. We all know that people in groups make terrible decisions, and most people cannot manage their personal lives, let alone make political choices. Democracy throws the decision to the people, knowing that they will screw it up and blame the rich, then keep voting furiously for the lesser of evils, never achieving anything good. Farage and Trump were a revolution against the System, but the AfD was too in love with National Socialism to get far.

  • Search to resume for mass graves of Tulsa massacre victims

    One of the areas is where a then-10-year-old boy laid he saw Blacks being buried shortly after the massacre and another where old funeral home records indicate 18 Blacks were buried following the massacre.

    Ground-penetrating radar found anomalies indicating possible graves in both areas.

    We have been fighting the Diversity Wars for a long, long time. No one wins.

  • Southern Mongolia turns to police state as full-blown cultural genocide unfolds

    Arbitrary arrest, extrajudicial detention, forced disappearance, and house arrest are so widespread that the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center estimates at least 4,000 to 5,000 Mongolians have been placed under some form of police custody during the past three weeks. These individuals include prominent dissidents and their family members, writers, grassroots activists, herders leaders, recent protesters, and netizens.

    “Massive student hunts are sweeping the region. Even in the remotest rural communities, police presence is so heavy,” a Mongolian parent said in an audio statement. “The entire Southern Mongolia is turned into a police state now.”

    Leftism always ends this way. “You want your race and culture? You can keep your race and culture!” – Barack Obama (2012).

  • Inequality Robs $2.5 Trillion From U.S. Workers Each Year

    If income had been distributed as evenly over the past five decades as it was in 1975, the median full-time worker in the U.S. would enjoy annual earnings of roughly $92,000 a year. As is, that worker makes just $50,000.

    We took from the middle class to fund the quest for diversity, while raising costs to the middle class by forcing them to move farther away to commute and compete against not just women in the workplace, but the entire third world coming here willing to work for lower wages. Now you see the high cost of unions, which drove American labor costs to ludicrous levels, prompting a great crackdown at the same time that the Left wanted to bring in mass immigration. Those same unions supported the Left because, if we are honest, union organizers get paid either way. American workers basically impoverished themselves by supporting the unions who sold them out.

  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania, police shooting of knife-wielding man ruled a homicide

    The woman soon steps outside and a man, identified by authorities as Munoz, runs out of the home toward the officer. The footage shows Munoz wielding a knife above his head, “in clear view, in a threatening manner,” the district attorney’s office said in a release.

    The police officer fired several shots, ultimately killing Munoz. No one else was hit by gunfire, according to the district attorney’s office.

    To avoid riots, they threw the police officer under a bus. This will complete their transition to a minority-run police force as White guys flee the force and any existing White leaders are fired. Welcome to diversity, which is not as it was advertised, but it seems to be too late to sue for fraud.

  • New Covid Cases Soar in Denmark, Surpassing No-Lockdown Sweden

    In Sweden, which still has the highest Covid death toll in the region, the number of new cases fell to about 200 a day, on average, this week. In Denmark, which was among the first in Europe to shutter its economy and close its borders, local authorities just reported a daily increase of 317 cases, the most since early April.

    We have an aggressive flu attacking us; it kills the vulnerable. Lockdowns do not protect them. They either die early, or later, but you can keep your society functional if you choose the Swedish method.

  • ICE whistleblower: Nurse alleges ‘hysterectomies on immigrant women in US’

    Ms Wooten alleged that one doctor removed the wrong ovary from a young detainee and that “everybody he sees has a hysterectomy”.

    “We’ve questioned among ourselves like, goodness he’s taking everybody’s stuff out…That’s his speciality, he’s the uterus collector,” she said in the complaint.

    Gotta end those anchor babies somehow. Most likely, these women are getting raped in transit by their fellow illegals and coyotes, getting venereal diseases, and those spread so thoroughly that removal of sex organs is the only fix. Sad, but then again, this is why you do not immigrate illegally to other countries.

  • How Canada convinced the world to eat engine lubricant

    Canola is one of the world’s most popular edible oils, but 50 years ago you would have found it only in mechanics’ shops

    “Democratization” means that things get cheaper… by cutting corners. Your food is all gunk unless you deliberately seek out the non-democratic versions.

  • Global perception of US falls to two-decade low

    Positive views of the US has fallen to a median of 34% across the countries surveyed, and only 16% confidence in President Trump.

    An overwhelming majority – 84%- said the US has handled coronavirus badly.

    …based on the faked figures. The world usually hates a strong American leader, but when polled after the election, mellow out quite a bit. They want to fake us out into choosing a weak leader, because that makes them stronger.

  • ‘We can have Wakanda. We just have to build it’: Nineteen families buy 97 acres of land in Georgia to create black-only ‘safe space’ town called Freedom

    ‘We figured we could try to fix a broken system or we could start fresh. This is how we build our new Black Wall Streets. We can do this. We can have Wakanda. We just have to build it for ourselves,’ Scott said. Wakanda is the fictional African city of the Black Panther comic book series.

    Smart move, but it needs to be in Africa, and WASPs need to be able to do the same (“No Irish Need Apply”).

  • WTO finds Washington broke trade rules by imposing tariffs on China

    Washington says tariffs it imposed two years ago on more than US$200 billion in Chinese goods were justified because China was forcing companies to transfer technology and intellectual property.

    But the WTO’s three-person panel said the US duties broke trading rules because they applied only to China and were above maximum rates agreed by the United States. Washington had not then adequately explained why its measures were a justified exception, the panel concluded.

    Votes favor the many weak who gang up on the strong. This is why democracy fails, equality fails, and world government is a terrible idea. China and its allies are outraged that Washington has decided to fight back; Washington should simply ignore the WTO and defund it if possible. Globalism means we get used by others because there are more of them than us, even if we do things better. Those who are most competent should rule, not the shared illusion of the masses.

  • Grand jury decides to indict bar owner in shooting death of James Scurlock

    Surveillance footage showed Gardner fatally shooting Scurlock in the Old Market on May 30 during protests.

    Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine originally announced he would not file charges, saying his investigation determined that Gardner felt his life was in danger.

    But, after complaints from citizens, Kleine said he would back the formation of a grand jury to further investigate.

    When the herd rages, good people get destroyed so that the herd can maintain its pretense.

  • Coronavirus kills far more Hispanic and Black children than White youths, CDC study finds

    The numbers — the most comprehensive U.S. accounting to date of pediatric infections and fatalities — show there have been 391,814 known cases and 121 deaths among people under the age of 21 from February to July.

    Of those killed by covid-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, more than 75 percent have been Hispanic, Black and American Indian children, even though they represent 41 percent of the U.S. population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The federal agency collected data from health departments throughout the country.

    The disproportionate deaths among youths echo pandemic disparities well-documented among adults. Previous studies have found the virus’s death toll is twice as high among people of color under age 65 as for White Americans. People of color also disproportionately make up “excess deaths” — those killed by the virus without being diagnosed or those killed indirectly by the virus’s wide effects on the health-care system.

    Most likely, this points to underlying conditions not diagnosed and a general weakness to illnesses of this type, something already installed in the European-American population by many horrible epidemics in Europe. If anything, this suggests that we repatriate these people to their homelands as quickly as possible.

  • Boris Johnson ‘plans to opt out of human rights laws’ amid Brexit row

    The prime minister is said be considering ways to prevent the legislation being used to stop deportations of asylum seekers and prosecutions of British soldiers.

    Human rights are civil rights in an international context; civil rights mean those which government has a duty to enforce, instead of natural rights, which it has a duty not to violate. Civil rights means enforced equality, and since America adopted the doctrine in 1866, it has taken over the West and international law. Escaping this would be a huge step toward regaining control of our nations from the bureaucratic cabal that wants to rule us permanently with third-world votes and entitlements.

  • Chinese database details 2.4 million influential people, their kids, addresses, and how to press their buttons

    Security researcher Robert Potter and Balding co-authored a paper [PDF] claiming the trove is known as the “Overseas Key Information Database” (OKIDB) and that while most of it could have been scraped from social media or other publicly-accessible sources, 10 to 20 per cent of it appears not to have come from any public source of information. The co-authors do not rule out hacking as the source of that data, but also say they can find no evidence of such activity.

    They seek to rule the world.

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – an update

    It has been further energised following the killing in May of George Floyd and the ongoing campaigning by the Black Lives Matter movement. Our Race Equality and Anti-Racist Action Plan is accelerating and amplifying our efforts.

    It is important that campuses, curricula and communities reflect both the University’s contemporary and historical diversity and engage with its institutional legacy across the world. For this reason the University has taken the decision to re-name – initially temporarily until a full review is completed – one of the buildings in the Central Area campus.

    From the start of the new academic year the David Hume Tower will be known as 40 George Square. The University has never played any part in the naming of the space where the building sits, which has been known as George Square since the 1700s.

    In this system, you get promoted for saying the correct things. That way, the audience stays happy, at least those likely to complain. That heckler’s veto guarantees that only semi-competents who are experts at public relations, namely deference and signaling, get ahead. Now we see what a crisis that has created; our storied educational system is in the hands of lunatics and nitwits.

  • Why Did Women Vote for Hitler? Long-Forgotten Essays Hold Some Answers

    Summarizing Abel’s findings, historian Ian Kershaw wrote in his book on Hitler’s rise to power that they showed that the “appeal of Hitler and his movement was not based on any distinctive doctrine.” He concluded that almost a third of the men were attracted by the indivisible “national community” – Volksgemeinschaft – ideology of the Nazis, and a similar proportion were swayed by nationalist, super-patriotic and German-romantic notions. In only about an eighth of the cases was anti-Semitism the prime ideological concern, although two-thirds of the essays revealed some form of dislike of Jews. Almost a fifth were motivated by the Hitler cult alone, attracted by the man himself, but the essays reveal differences between men and women in the reason for the enthrallment with the Nazi leader.

    Chaos begets strong leaders, but it looks like anti-Semitism was not what propelled Hitler to power.

  • Sociopathic traits linked to not wearing a mask or social distancing during pandemic: study

    Researchers from the State University of Londrina found that people who reported “antisocial traits,” such as low levels of empathy and high levels of callousness and risk-taking, were less-likely to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures, such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

    Good hit piece. This survey of 1,500 people relied on user-reported data, which means that it broadly inferenced those “antisocial traits” from guesswork based on general questions.

  • Scientists are using MRI scans to reveal the physical makeup of our thoughts and feelings

    Now, obviously, people think very different thoughts. But, you know– like, people choose to do different things with their bodies. But they all walk putting one foot in front of the other. Nobody walks sideways. Nobody walks backwards systematically. There’s something about the biological apparatus that makes you act in a certain way with your body. And I don’t think we realize the degree to which the biological apparatus that we have in our skulls governs, shapes the way we think.

    Soon, they will scan you for job applications. Get self-employed if you can.

  • Rising debt is a ‘very serious issue’ that governments face, says Singapore minister

    He added that the new high levels of debt that many countries are moving toward cannot continue without hurting growth. That’s because today’s economies — unlike those in the period after the Second World War — can no longer rely on rapid economic growth and inflation to bring down debt, he explained.

    This crisis will bring down democracy, which has spent like a drunken sailor on entitlements and diversity while neglecting infrastructure, meaning that restarting economies will be obstructed by a lack of function in addition to mountains of red tape.

  • Texas officer charged with assault in fatal 2019 shooting

    Police in the Houston suburb said the Hispanic officer shot Turner during an attempted arrest after she shocked him with his Taser. Court records showed three outstanding misdemeanor warrants against Turner at the time.

    We send cops out to deal with the worst of humanity, placing them in constant danger and therefore, a high risk of aggression. Then we blame them when one of these people acts in a way designed to make a cop shoot them.

  • South Africa’s major ‘transformation’ law is coming – these are the planned changes you should know about

    Workman-Davies said that the current Employment Equity Act already provides for affirmative action measures to be introduced for some employers.

    However, he noted that these measures currently apply only to designated employers, which are large scale employers who employ more than 50 employees, or which have a high annual turnover.

    A disguised tax, this bill forces employers to hire Africans so that those Africans have money, and if they do not do the work, they cannot be fired. It is a camouflaged welfare program that like all such programs will bankrupt the government and sabotage business.

  • The Indian Government Just Said That Indian Culture Doesn’t Recognise Same-Sex Marriages

    In the hearing on the petition mentioned above, the Solicitor General, on behalf of the State, pushed back stating that Indian culture and law don’t recognise same-sex marriages. As per law, marriage is only between a man and a woman—this petition “did not even deserve the filing of an affidavit”, said the Centre.

    Gay marriage is not about love; it is a political creation designed to force the majority to support the homosexual minority, instead of telling them they have the same rights as everyone else but, since marriage is designed to further the species, marriage is for heterosexuals. Accept that you are different and move on. They admit the political nature here:

    “There is a huge employment crisis,” said trans advocate Swati Bidhan Baruah to Firstpost. “So many people are thrown out of their homes by their parents for coming out as queer, and they need to be provided with shelter. We need to fight for the upliftment of queer people by providing them with opportunities for higher education, and so on. There is no dearth of challenges within the community, and legalising gay marriage is certainly not paramount.”

    In the end, everything the Left does — from unions, entitlements, diversity, and regulations onward — exists to further class warfare, namely taking from the naturally competent to give to the naturally incompetent. No wonder our societies are strikingly incompetent.

  • Texas leads SBA pandemic relief loan fraud in national prosecutions

    Gautreaux is among a handful of Texans accused of trying to defraud the Paycheck Protection Program of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES, according to the Department of Justice. His is among three Houston cases and seven statewide currently under indictment, but at $13 million, may be one of the largest sums attempted by an individual. With the federal government beginning to take cases such as Gautreaux’s to court, Texas leads the country in PPP fraud indictments, which public records currently document at 45 nationwide and as of Thursday, involve 50 people.

    No national culture and no future means that you might as well rip off the herd whenever they let you.

  • Thousands of immigrants in Texas could be forced to leave the country following court decision on protected status

    In 2017, about 45,000 people from El Salvador, Honduras and Haiti lived in Texas under the program, according to a report by the Center for American Progress. Those families had a combined 53,800 U.S. citizen children, according to the report.

    As detractors said, these programs are designed to produce anchor babies to vote Democrat.


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