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  • 18 years later, America vows to ‘never forget’ 9/11

    Is that so? We clearly never learned anything from it. The point of 9/11 was that political unity alone cannot make a nation. We tried; we failed. In fact, even leading up to 9/11, the cracks were evident. Diversity wandering around us, including terrorists who wanted us dead. Apathetic people ignoring the obvious threats, focusing instead on beating up on conservatives, while Leftists celebrated the attack and foreign groups within the nation calculated its benefit to them. This is not a nation, but a big bag made of consumerism and a functional legal and political system into which we dump people who have nothing in common with each other. 9/11 and the festivities following simply showed us that we did not have enough in common to wage war in the middle east, much less a world war. Democracy, equality, and diversity have finished off another nation, and now it must either balkanize into parallel Chinatowns or face another civil war. You really have to be a moron to try democracy with its long record of failure, and our ancestors were indeed morons, apparently. Others have noticed that 9/11 was more of a propaganda opportunity than actual national unity. Are we reconsidered class warfare and diversity yet? No, it will take more stumbling and pain before the human animal grunts and wakes up. However, we are closer now than ever before.

  • Rising star of Israeli right targets breakthrough

    People want strong leaders to tackle hard problems, not the Clinton/Trudeau/Obama method of covering everything in glitz and lies so that the sheep — especially the single women — feel good and keep voting for free stuff. As we perform a postmortem on our time, we realize that we were hypnotized by catchy nonsense. In my view, this began in the 1990s, after the Left unified everyone who was not Right-wing to form a bolus against Reagan during the 1980s. It became the hip social thing to do, this new publicly-acceptable counterculture product — like cheese product — and it allowed the hip businesses, new social elites of off-white extraction, and foaming crowd of neurotics to unify on one idea. They now admit that they want permanent Leftism, even if it means self-destruction for most of them. Like Captain Ahab, they must get that white whale even if it means their own end.

  • Americans are piling on credit card debt, despite recession warnings

    This is the fallout from Obamacare. The American middle class was already getting hit by high property taxes to pay for schools for illegal aliens, and then they got taxed to pay for healthcare for illegals through EMTALA and later Obamacare. In addition, their wages are lower because their employers are getting hit with high taxes, and their wages do not purchase as much because taxes have raised the costs everywhere. Egalitarianism creates a system that eats its own tail. In order to make sure that all are equal, it enslaves all, like any such symbolic quest against traditional knowledge tends to do. We either wake up and get entirely off of the equality crusade or we self-destruct. That includes democracy and diversity, by the way, both of which exist in order to enforce equality.

  • GOP holds N Carolina House seat but shows frailty in suburbs

    People in the suburbs still concern themselves too much with what others think and keeping up with the Joneses, which leads them to pay too much attention to our neurotic media, forgetting that it is run by people who chose to write opinions as news in lieu of getting a real job and learning about what they are actually writing about. I say this as a writer; you will note a different trajectory here.

  • European Human Rights Court upholds landmark ruling on Soviet genocide in Lithuania

    When the internet was new to consumers back in the 1990s, people who talked about the Holodomor were dismissed as conspiracy theorists. The Left intuited that having their side have committed a numerically more destructive genocide than the Nazis was bad, and they first denied that it happened, then blamed the Nazis, and only finally admitted that the end goal of all Leftism — mandated socialism and lack of social hierarchy, of which Communism is one variant — had perpetrated such an offense. Decades later it has become a part of “official” history.

  • Recent Anthropogenic Plant Extinctions Differ in Biodiversity Hotspots and Coldspots

    Extinction rates were also substantially higher than historical background rates, but recent declines are evident. We found higher levels of taxonomic uniqueness being lost in biodiversity coldspots compared to hotspots. Causes of plant extinctions also showed distinct temporal patterns, with agriculture, invasions, and urbanization being significant drivers in hotspots, while hydrological disturbance was an important driver in coldspots. Overall, plant extinctions over the last three centuries appear to be low, with a recent (post-1990) and steady extinction rate of 1.26 extinctions/year.

    The more we urbanize, the more we kill off natural species. In the more biologically diverse areas of the third world, this means direct extinction by loss of land, but in the first world, we are killing them off because we have expanded to the point where we are dominating water sources and redirecting them from natural areas where they are necessary. Someday, your great-grandchildren may ask you where you were when the Water Wars started.

  • Gun sales surge 15%, driven by self-protection and Pelosi-Schumer demand for limits

    People no longer trust that we have a safe society. They are preparing to defend themselves both against our endless underclass crime and the corrupt government officials who follow in areas where the underclass — both white and minority — gains a majority of the vote. America has broken down, as democracies always do, which we can tell because Germans are doing the same thing. Our Establishment — formed of off-whites embracing trendy Leftism coupled with consumerism in the 1960s — has failed, and we need to get not just new leaders, but a new power structure, which will require disenfranchising and repatriating those off-whites who supported this Establishment. In addition, we will have to end diversity by relocating other ethnic groups to their ancestral homelands. This will make every nation on Earth stronger and more stable.

  • Early Time-Restricted Feeding Improves 24-Hour Glucose Levels and Affects Markers of the Circadian Clock, Aging, and Autophagy in Humans

    Eating only between the morning and early afternoon improves many factors of health. Not surprisingly, our modern society has focused on everything but this, namely feeding us sugar and fruits (also sugar) in order to keep selling us products that we do not need. Instead, it turns out that the old ways are better.

  • Companies deny responsibility for toxic ‘forever chemicals’ contamination

    As we do the postmortem on democracy, we are going to find many situations where an intelligent aristocrat would have intervened and said, “wait, we don’t know that this is safe yet” but the shopkeepers, consumers, and investors wanted to go ahead anyway. In some of these situations, the alarm would have been pointless; in others, like this one, the alarm would have been prescient. Democracy is going out in a haze of pollution, crime, filth, corruption, narcissism, incompetence, and perversity. No one will miss it except the neurotics who think they should be more important than they are.

  • Researchers unearth ‘new’ extinction

    It turns out that every couple hundred million years or so, something happens which kills off most life on Earth. We humans like to think that we have achieved the ultimate state through our dominion over nature, and therefore, only we make the choices about our future. It turns out that nature can and will kill us off at random, and our refusal to prepare for this makes our species likely to get itself a Darwin Award. Before we can do that, however, we need to restore social order and find our sense of purpose again. While we dither and dicker over redistributing wealth and making everyone equal, which is an endless quest which results only in steady degradation of our species, we have found alternate planets to which one lucky group will be able to travel, probably determining what race will define “human” in the future. This group will be the one that manages to get some kind of Noah’s Ark spacecraft headed toward this new planet, knowing that it will take centuries to get there, and designing a machine that can take 400 or more people of similar but not identical genetics to this new place along with examples of Earth flora and fauna. This group will live on. The rest of us are just waiting for the asteroid, mega-volcano, killer epidemic, or resource wars that will finally usher us out of this brief life and into the comforting equality of extinction.

  • Fireman Sam axed as brigade mascot for not being inclusive

    If any mascot is white and blue-eyed, he will be replaced. If any statute belongs to a non-Leftist, it will be torn down. If any fact contradicts The Progressive Narrative, it will be denied and those who bring it up punished. Eventually, all whites who do not have third world minority wives will be denied participation in the system. Then, finally, “progress” will be at hand, shortly before the infinite emptiness slams down on humanity as it fails.

  • Amnesty International says Jason Kenney’s ‘fight back’ strategy violates human rights

    For some reason, Amnesty International is terrified that environmental groups will have to reveal their foreign donors. This tells us that they have something to hide. Wonder who else the Chinese bought besides Bill Clinton.

  • Terrorist threat in North is sophisticated and changing – PSNI chief

    Diversity not working so well in Northern Ireland. In fact, we can think of nowhere where it is working well, except for places where it is so new that the failure has not yet been felt. You would think that humans would look over history and note that diversity has not only never worked, but has always destroyed whatever civilization embarked upon it. Then again, they did not do the same for democracy or tolerance for sexual promiscuity and perversity, so apparently people are oblivious to history just like all other aspects of reality.

  • Outcry as Bolsonaro’s son questions value of democracy in Brazil

    The outcry reflects the fact that he is not wrong, not that he is. Everyone knows that democracy is on its last legs because it has steered humanity into suicide. We all want to escape from this system. Keep in mind that many in Brazil want to restore the monarchy because democracy has performed so badly while creating a whole new set of extinction-level problems.

  • US companies are canceling investment into China at a faster clip, survey shows

    Decoupling continues. In the end, American business will be stronger if it is self-sufficient, but this requires us to remove stubborn problems like unions, diversity, entitlements, and regulations.

  • CDU, AfD find common ground in 18 towns, report says

    Germans shocked to find that mainstream quasi-conservative party has no problem working with conservative hybrid party AFD. It seems that the far-Right finds itself back within the realm of normal again. As the Leftist solutions fail, the world heads Rightward, realizing that it got conned into going down this absurd path in pursuit of “equality” and has nearly destroyed humanity as a result. If we are able to bounce back, the first step is to end Leftism and its attendant systems like diversity, democracy, and utilitarianism.

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