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  • Americans splurged over Labor Day weekend. That’s the good news

    The upturn may be a sign that consumer confidence is returning alongside a fall in new coronavirus infections. Or it could be a one-time bright spot in a slow economic recovery that remains challenged by massive joblessness and a persistent health crisis, one many fear will intensify in coming weeks.

    Some things happened in sequence: we found out that COVID-19 has been around since 2012 and the world has not ended, it turns out that Vitamin-C keeps you out of the ICU if you get it, the CDC admitted that only 6% of the COVID-19 deaths involved that disease alone, Sweden is not just still here but has cases dropping, and people finally noticed that if the ongoing riots had not spread the disease everywhere, the hype was overblown. Time to get back to function. If we told people that they were legally responsible for the medical bills for anyone to whom they spread the virus, suddenly we would have even fewer cases.

  • Florida sewage spills expected to worsen due to ageing infrastructure

    “A lot of the issues in south Florida with sewage spills has to do with the infrastructure getting very old, much of it is beyond its planned life, usually around 50 years, so there are a lot of cracks in the sewage pipes,” said Dr Rachel Silverstein, a marine biologist and executive director of Miami Waterkeeper.

    We could have had a functional infrastructure, but our governments spent the money on diversity, illegal aliens, entitlements, and diversity education instead. We either reach for the stars, or we keep fighting over how to redistribute the wealth. The answer is simple: redistribute nothing and separate the ethnic groups.

  • Prof: ‘Nothing wrong with’ murder of Trump supporter from a ‘moral perspective

    “I am extremely anti-conspiracy theory. But it’s not a conspiracy theory at this point in time to wonder if the cops simply murdered him. The police is [sic] shot through with fascists from stem to stern. They were openly working with the fascists in Portland, as they were in Kenosha which led to dead protestors,” Loomis continued.

    Loomis responded by saying, “He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.” He further added that “tactically, that’s a different story. But you could say the same thing about John Brown.”

    You could, and point out the same deficiency in Leftist thinking: they are oblivious to anything but the present and the symbolic artificial reality of “equality,” so they are willing to ignore slower solutions (like letting slavery expire from technology) and instead create chaos and death wherever they go because they are incompetents.

  • Demoted master sergeant with white nationalist ties is now out of the Air Force

    Reeves, who the Office of Special Investigations last year confirmed was an active participant and fund-raiser for the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, was discharged Aug. 14, Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said in an email Monday.

    Leftists make it official: standing against White Genocide is not acceptable. This shows us how far the Leftist takeover of America has gone, and also reveals that we are fading away just like the Soviets did, and for the same reason. We won the Cold War, but only for a minute. In the meantime, Russia and China have regrouped as allies.

  • WeChat and TikTok Taking China Censorship Global, Study Says

    Most of the content censored on WeChat supported pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, as well as messages from the U.S. and U.K. embassies regarding a new national security law enacted by Beijing at the end of June that has provoked protests across the city.

    TikTok, which began as a place where teens lip-sync to music, has become a forum for political protest including the Black Lives Matter movement, said Fergus Ryan, one of the authors. Hashtags related to LGBTQ+ issues were also suppressed in several languages, according to the report. Other topics censored in the past included criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Social media represents the greatest propaganda machine ever created. Since the content is user-submitted, these firms censor anything but Leftist content, and by doing so, project the impression that our society is Leftist. This fits with their agenda of having more covertly miserable warm bodies flooding their platforms, desperate for interaction, so that people stay on the platforms all day like the SJWs, hipsters, basement nurds, and blue-haired social defectives who use these sites the most.

  • A recipe to reverse the loss of nature

    Such conservation actions included: extending the global conservation network by establishing protected nature reserves; restoring degraded land; and basing future land-use decisions on comprehensive landscape-level conservation planning. This comprehensive conservation strategy avoids more than half (an average of 58%) of the biodiversity losses expected if nothing is done, but also leads to a hike in food prices.

    The era of cheap food is over. The days of free stuff from government are going. So is the fragile peace established by global liberal democracy and market socialism. Welcome to the lean years.

  • Dozens of scientific journals have vanished from the internet, and no one preserved them

    It’s not clear how many subscription-based journals also have gone dark in recent years. But such journals have some advantages over OA titles when it comes to preservation, says Mikael Laakso of the Hanken School of Economics, one of the authors of the new study. “Subscription-based content has historically been better covered by libraries, either by having paper copies on shelves or electronically,” he wrote in an email. “There’s been established processes, budgets, and culture in place for libraries to preserve purchased content, while what is just out there available for anyone to download for free has not been enrolled in such processes and thus runs the risk of falling through the cracks if the publisher vanishes.”

    It seems that the free content model has some serious glitches. Link rot in general afflicts the internet, with whatever is not the most popular clickbait vanishing under an avalanche of search engine spam. In addition, human societies have a bad record of preserving information, mainly because if you leave it up to the average human, they will destroy it because they do not understand it and are essentially screeching monkeys with car keys.

    We can do better.

  • Theranos’ Holmes May Pursue ‘Mental Disease’ in Her Defense

    “Contrary to what you may see in the movies, an insanity defense in federal cases is rare and hard to fake,” McQuade said in an email. Holmes must show that, at the time she committed the alleged offenses, a severe mental defect made her “unable to appreciate the nature and quality or the wrongfulness of (her) acts.”

    Theranos was, in retrospect, “peak Big Tech.” This immensely promising startup turned out to be an obvious fraud, even if the general idea (automated testing) is much needed. Now we see how it ends, in tawdry admissions of guilt and neurotic assertions of victimhood.

  • US revokes visas for 1,000 Chinese students deemed security risk

    China has accused the US of racial discrimination.

    Nearly 370,000 students from China enrolled at US universities in 2018-19.

    The third world has one riff: “we are poor, therefore we are victims, and you are powerful, therefore we are your victims, so do what we want or we will cry loudly and turn your votards against you.”

  • US charges Russian with plot to create election distrust

    The criminal charges accuse Artem Mikhaylovich Lifshits of stealing American identities to open fraudulent banking accounts and promote messaging aimed at undermining confidence in the political system. The plot calls to mind the foreign influence in 2016 described by special counsel Robert Mueller, who charged Russian nationals with stirring up discord on divisive social issues.

    Lifshifts was one of four people cited by the Treasury Department, along with Andrii Derkach, a Russian-linked Ukrainian lawmaker, for interfering in the upcoming election by releasing edited audio recordings designed to denigrate Democrat Joe Biden. Those recordings have been promoted by President Donald Trump.

    The Left keeps trying to build these fake narratives aimed at making Trump look disreputable. In reality, Trump promotes a lot of things on the Right, mainly because they are funny and roughly accurate, which makes them a good way to keep us all laughing at or otherwise mocking the insanity of the Left. However, this does not mean that he asked for them, paid for them, promoted them, or that Russia is doing anything but sewing seeds of discontent as they do every election.

    More of the same sleight-of-hand regarding Russian election interference:

    The Russian government disrupted an American election to help Mr. Trump become president, Russian intelligence services viewed members of the Trump campaign as easily manipulated, and some of Mr. Trump’s advisers were eager for the help from an American adversary.

    In other words, Russians attempted to manipulate Trump, Trump’s advisers were friendly to anyone who could help, and Russian meddling had no practical effects. This is just a smokescreen, perhaps to hide the imminent mass voter fraud, three months of riots, and history of failing but nasty attacks on Trump (emoluments, impeachment, Stormy Daniels, RussiaGate) launched by the Left after Obama was caught spying on his political opponents by using government surveillance programs.

  • U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Delivers on Promise to Protect Free Inquiry and Religious Liberty

    The new rule will ensure that public institutions of higher education uphold fundamental rights guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and that private institutions of higher education adhere to their own policies regarding freedom of speech, including academic freedom. The final rule also ensures the equal treatment and constitutional rights of religious student organizations at public institutions and provides clarity for faith-based institutions with respect to Title IX.

    Early steps toward restoring open discussion and removing political correctness show more of a spirit, and with that a cultural change, than specific laws which will fully end the problem. However, imagine this occurring with another candidate, and you cannot. Trump works to reverse the course taken by postwar America, and next, he will target what pre-war America did to incline it toward the Left in the first place. If he is really on his game, he will then target the changes made in 1866 that essentially guaranteed that things would go in this direction.

  • Houston’s Daily Covid-19 Tally Inflated by Months-Old Cases

    On an almost daily basis, Harris County Public Health releases a tally of what it calls “new cases.” A Bloomberg analysis found they include hundreds of diagnoses that are weeks or months old. On Wednesday, for example, more than 82% of the new cases disclosed were actually detected prior to this month and some dated as far back as May.

    In other words, all of our data on this epidemic is bad. All of it goes with where the prevailing attitude seemed to go, namely toward panic, and focused only secondarily on what is accurate, real, actual, and true.

  • It’s now looking like the lockdowns may have been a huge mistake

    As I’ve noted, the 1957-58 Asian flu killed between 70,000 and 116,000 Americans, between 0.04 percent and 0.07 percent of the nation’s population. The 1968-70 Hong Kong flu killed about 100,000, 0.05 percent of the population.

    The US coronavirus death toll of 186,000 is 0.055 percent of the current population. It will go higher, but it’s about the same magnitude as those two flus, and it has been less deadly to those under 65 than the flus were. Yet there were no statewide lockdowns; no massive school closings; no closings of office buildings and factories, restaurants and museums. No one considered shutting down Woodstock.

    Diversity creates distrust. We do not trust our government, fellow citizens, media, academia, published “science,” experts, and international organizations. Consequently, the mood turned to panic, and those in Deep State power took advantage of that to attempt to wreck the economy before the election so that they could replace Donald Trump, complete demographic replacement, and permanently install themselves as rulers before populism and Tea Party sentiments unseat them. In reality, Leftism has had the better part of a century to demonstrate that it can solve problems, and instead we have perpetual problems which we cannot fix because the Leftist solutions fail time and again. Add to that a massive debt, and you can see why the populist movement united fiscal conservatism with social conservatism into a conservative revival whose goal is not just to fix the West, but to yeet out the Leftists, entitlements, unions, and diversity that have wrecked it.

  • Firearms sales rose 94% from 2019

    Firearms sales rose 94% for the March-to-July period from a year earlier, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry’s trade group. About 40% of those sales went to first-time gun owners.

    When rule of law breaks down, and the Leftists in power prosecute only Right-wingers, people arm themselves and remind each other of the new Golden Rule: do not call the police, just hide the bodies. Look for a huge uptick in missing persons cases for blue-haired hipsters and random minority criminals. Remember that if you accidentally shoot a dozen people, pile them in a car and slip it into a nearby river. When they pull out the skeletal remains twenty years from now, no one will have any idea what went on.

  • Film Critics Praise Netflix’s Tween-Twerking ‘Cuties,’ Condemn ‘Right-Wing Campaign’

    Cuties (Mignonnes), which debuted Thursday on Netflix, tells the story of an 11-year-old girl growing up in France, who attempts to escape the oppressive atmosphere of her Senegalese Muslim family by joining a twerking troupe. The movie features an extended sequence in which the underage girls perform a raunchy dance number, complete with pelvic gyrations and suggestive touching.

    The Leftist attempts to normalize extreme sexuality reflect their desire to escape accountability for their own acts, because if someone else is getting away with doing something worse, they think, then their own relatively minor transgressions will go unnoticed. If as I argue, conspiracy theories are metaphor, then PizzaGate correctly identified the next big area of Leftist push.

  • $240 for ‘The Breonna’: outrage as jewelry line uses names of police brutality victims

    Black activists were quick to lambast the collection, comparing it to a slave auction and criticizing those involved for not donating proceeds to the families of victims of police brutality. Sophie Ming, an 18-year-old activist, argued that naming each accessory after victims of police brutality and pricing them differently felt “as if the name attached to the product determines the monetary value of each life.”

    Like the emptiness of the Leftist soul, their need for victimization outrage consumes everything in its path and will never be satisfied, much as the guillotine and killing fields never were. Leftism is just a flaw in the human intellect.

  • New relationship and sexuality guidelines announced to make schools more inclusive

    “They kept referring to it as sex education. That’s in your science classes. What this is about is actually about helping young people understanding how to have healthy relationships, how to know themselves and accept themselves, as well as those around them without fear.”

    Inclusion of deviance exists so that people face no accountability for their bad choices and we can finally be equal. Here we see more political correctness, in that they are framing their egalitarian dogma not as politics, but as how to be nice to other people, implying by the converse that those who fail to follow the blue-hair brigade are nasty, stupid, awful people that no one should talk to.

    In the meantime, other experts are sounding warnings about many of the behaviors that the Left would like to normalize:

    Since porn became as easy to access as YouTube, porn producers have had to fight for clicks, and so porn has become more extreme. I’d say that by 2005, porn had totally blurred the distinction between a woman’s anus and vagina. This wasn’t because women were begging their lovers for anal, it’s because porn producers were afraid you’d click on someone else’s porn if they weren’t upping the ante in terms of shock value.

    A woman has a 17-times-greater risk of getting HIV and AIDS from receiving anal intercourse than from having vaginal intercourse. So your partner needs to be wearing a condom and using lots of lube, unless both of you are true-blue monogamous, with no sexual diseases. Any sexually transmitted infection can be transmitted and received in the anus. Because of the amount of trauma the anus and rectum receive during anal intercourse, the likelihood of getting a sexually transmitted infection is higher than with vaginal intercourse.

    Everywhere, ideology and consumerism are using us as their tools. These self-serving systems replaced the kings and social hierarchy so that we could be “free” and “equal.” It turns out that they are simply bargains with the abyss, and the house always wins.

  • Byron York: Vindman, not whistleblower, driving force behind Trump impeachment

    He points out Vindman was one of several people who listened to Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, “but [Vindman] was the only one who was disturbed by what took place. He was the only one who thought there was a problem there.”

    The Left found a patsy to advance their agenda and now, take the fall. Wonder what he was promised in exchange. In the meantime, by now the rest of us have figured out that all of the anti-Trump “scandals” have been entirely manufactured and have nothing to do with reality.

  • Black Cyclists Network: ‘Why I thought this group was needed’

    Mani Arthur was stopped and searched by the police last year during a ride to promote diversity.

    His complaint against the officers has been upheld by the police watchdog, the IOPC.

    Official figures show that in London, if you are black, you are four times more likely to be stopped and searched.

    How to avoid racism: move to Africa. If you do not, we have to assume that the “problem” of “racism” is less of an issue than whatever you are avoiding in Africa. In the meantime, were you to go to Africa, you would inherit your birthright of the richest continent on Earth, in a strategic location, where your people are safe from interference by other groups.

  • Assistant principal placed on leave after yelling ‘f— the police’ at Rochester protest

    The New York Post reports Steven Lysenko, a ninth-grade AP teacher and Academy Assistant Principal at Spencerport High School, sparked complaints when he ranted against Rochester police officers in a Facebook Live video during protests over the death of Daniel Prude.

    Funny how all of these Leftist agitators seem to be non-White, usually of the admixed once-White varieties like Eastern European, Southern European, Irish, or Mediterranean.

  • The long game of the European New Right

    Yet each of them, to different degrees, challenges established post-war divisions of Left and Right, just as the interwar fascists and “national socialists”. Each calls into question the basic legitimacy of parliamentary market regimes, as the interwar fascists did. Each hones in upon anti-immigration and anti-Islamic fears. Each plays up opposition to treacherous domestic “elites” as a key point of electoral appeal.

    This gives a good summary of the European New Right movement and how it fits in with the Tea Party and other populist events. We have known for centuries that democracy is toxic, and strong power with strong culture are the only antidotes. After WW2, however, these things became taboo, a situation that is reversing. This time, no dictatorship; let us bring back the kings, caste, culture, faith, family, and a transcendental purpose and mission statement to civilization, instead.

  • ‘Deadly stuff’: Trump’s own words bring focus back to virus

    In April, the president tried to shift the public’s focus to the economy. In July, to defending the country’s “heritage.” In September, to enforcing “law and order.” But all along the way, the death toll from the coronavirus continued to mount.

    And now, Trump’s own words are redirecting attention to his handling of the pandemic when he can least afford it — less than two months before Election Day.

    “I wanted to always play it down,” Trump said of the threat from the virus. That was in a private conversation with journalist Bob Woodward last March that became public on Wednesday with the publication of excerpts from Woodward’s upcoming book “Rage.”

    He followed the advice of experts, which turned out to be wrong, but his fundamental attitude was masculine: ignore the risk, localize the damage, and keep moving forward instead of giving in to fear. A cautious Leftist president would have us living in mud huts eating bugs and cowering in obedient, conformist fear. We need high-T leaders, not soy froot simps.

  • CDC: People with COVID-19 twice as likely to have eaten out at a restaurant before getting sick

    Researchers found that the study participants who tested positive for COVID-19 “were approximately twice as likely to have reported dining at a restaurant than were those with negative SARS-CoV-2 test results,” the report states.

    This virus spreads through feces, so filthy mentally disorganized people like your average restaurant worker will be a potent infection vector.

  • DHS Files Rule Proposing Increasing Scope of Biometric Information Collection

    The rule, which is more than 300 pages long, proposes six major changes that would increase the amount of biometric information U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement can collect. The proposal will officially be published in the Federal Register Sept. 11, and public comment on the rule will be open for 30 days after that.

    Keeping track of illegal aliens proves difficult because they tend to give false names. Biometrics will make repeat offenders easily identifiable so we can detain them someplace terrible with nothing but the Christian and shopping channels on cable.

  • Inside the privileged lives of protesters busted for rioting in Manhattan

    Aside from Kraebber, the redhead daughter of an architect and a child psychiatrist with a second home in Connecticut, five of the others arrested appear to also come from privileged backgrounds — leading one police source to call their actions “the height of hypocrisy.”

    How do you make a brat? Suspend discipline without meeting essential needs. Wealthier kids have distant parents and feel safe from the consequences of their actions since Daddy always writes a check. Inside, they are empty like their parents, since any higher function has been taken away and they exist only as tax cows to work as well-paid wage slaves to fund the entitlement programs necessary for diversity and thus, White demographic replacement. No wonder this is a self-hating, angry, and destructive group.

  • Democrats may not trust the results of the election if Trump wins

    Would Democrats and others on the left accept the presidential results as legitimate if Trump wins? There’s reason to believe they might not – and there are steps Trump and others could take now to bolster his legitimacy if he wins in November. It starts by making sure we have a fair vote.

    In my view, the Left has been bluffing all along. They advanced crazy narratives about Trump “scandals” in order to freak out the bourgeois middle class voters, and then they rioted for four months to try to scare us into giving them what they want. They are going to rage up until the election, which usually goes to the incumbent fo rhis second term, in an attempt to make us all give up and stay home. This means: get out there and vote Trump, just to put these people in their place.

  • The coronavirus may have reached Los Angeles by Christmas

    Researchers from UCLA and their colleagues at the University of Washington documented an unmistakable uptick in patients seeking treatment for coughs. The increase began the week of Dec. 22, 2019, and persisted through the end of February.

    We know that it has been floating around since 2012 and that people in California got hit with something nasty toward the end of last year. Most likely, normal healthy people ride this one out just fine but it picks off those with undiagnosed underlying health conditions and kills them a little bit early.

  • MPR’s only Black classical host Garrett McQueen fired after being taken off air

    “When things happened in the news or when there were hours of programming that only represented dead white men, I would take it upon myself to change that,” said McQueen. “That always got lots of really positive feedback, but it’s not exactly what protocol calls for.”

    McQueen co-created a classical music podcast called “Trilloquy” with Classical MPR host Scott Blankenship. The podcast seeks to explore and uplift classical music of all cultures beyond the Western European canon.

    Diversity means people working against our culture. Classical is White music.

  • How SUVs conquered the world – at the expense of its climate

    SUVs were the second largest cause of the global rise in carbon dioxide emissions over the past decade, eclipsing all shipping, aviation, heavy industry and even trucks, usually the only vehicles to loom larger than them on the road.

    When you no longer trust the society around you, you want a giant car to block it out and protect you in case someone does something idiotic. Then you can commute for fifty miles a day to drive around the various diversity ghettos, drive the kids to private school in order to avoid the rotted public education decay, go extra miles to get real food instead of mass processed junk, and then take a long road trip to escape the sights, smells, and sounds of the city that somehow encroach on your exurb every time the police choke out some guy on drugs in the middle of a crime spree.

  • Might SARS‐CoV‐2 Have Arisen via Serial Passage through an Animal Host or Cell Culture?

    Unless the intermediate host necessary for completing a natural zoonotic jump is identified, the dual‐use gain‐of‐function research practice of viral serial passage should be considered a viable route by which the novel coronavirus arose.

    Perhaps this one mutated to be more severe in a lab. We do not know, and it probably does not matter. As we push further into the depths of forests and jungles, we will almost certainly awaken more pathogens that we would rather stay out there. Since humans now dominate the world, we are perhaps the best food source for any opportunistic microbe, and they will make the jump in time. COVID-19 was just a warning.


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