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  • U.S. to help Poland, Ukraine disconnect from Russian gas

    America takes further steps to isolate Russia and China. Now we see why Trump is so friendly to Putin: Trump offered Putin a chance to join the new West, but this required separating from longtime ally China. Since Russia chose a Eurasian or Asian future, America is building the wall around Russia that terrified it during the Cold War. In addition, it is replacing the one functional Russian industry and cutting off the threats from participation in Western economies. This will cause a cascade of collapse in Eurasia and Asia, with only those who joined the West thriving. The Hong Kong protests consist of people basically saying that they want the Western system instead of the Eastern one, even as the East encircles them with an iron hand.

  • Trump heads for the golf course as leaders gather to mark start of WW2

    Our president treats WW2 with the respect it deserves, namely by pointing out that another fratricidal war over which variety of Leftism will rule us should have no respect, and be forgotten as another bungle of history related to our adoption of class warfare and through it, mass opinion manipulation. We need to move forward, not moan over the past simply because it reinforces our ideological narrative. Reagan did the same thing at Bitburg. Blaming the Nazis for everything is simply a way for us to reinforce our own (dying) narrative that sexual liberation, diversity, entitlements, democracy, and consumerism are a way forward. They may have beaten the Soviets, who were failing anyway as all long-term Leftist societies do, but they are not our future. Our future lies in realistic ideas and action, and the victors of WW2 endorsed the opposite, much as they did during WW1, effectively turning the West into an Asiatic-style centralized society and breaking its sense of pride and will to something more than individual comfort, convenience, and wealth.

  • 17-year-old arrested for football game mass shooting, charged with 9 counts of attempted murder

    The ideological shootings get a lot of press, but what about everyday gang-related shootings? If you subtract gun suicides and gang activity, America has crime on par with Western Europe. The problem is not the guns, nor the video games, nor even white nationalism, but the collapsing social order brought about by our adoption of individualism, utilitarianism, egalitarianism, and other sick fruit of The Enlightenment.™

  • ‘Straight Pride Parade’ in Boston draws counterprotesters and heavy police presence

    People are tired of the official equality agenda and want a return to the functional. While LGBT+ rights and special privileges give us a symbolic victory, in which the desire for equality beats back nature and reality, they do not make life better; in fact, they make us more like the Soviets, enforcing human intentions on nature in order to achieve conformity. We want out of this order. Most of us are fine with LGBT+ existing among us, so long as they keep their orientation quiet like swingers, urine fetishists, BDSM, and other sexual outliers. We know that a society geared toward conservative heterosexual nuclear families thrives, but everything else fails, and we want out of the FAIL category.

  • Parents and residents point to culture problem at Knox HS

    The family and others in Knox said they feel the culture at the high school needs to change.

    “Bullying, racism, and I mean that, the racism is really out of control,” said Jennifer Sanchez, the boy’s mother.

    Civil rights operates by forcing society to tolerate internal disagreements under the banner of individual equality. This passes the buck to anyone but the responsible force, diversity, which causes people to be in constant conflict over group identity. If our schools are diversity warzones, try ethnically-separated schools.

  • Sweden to introduce bank tax to fund defense boost

    Europe slowly awakens to the need to build itself back up as the postwar order falls. The first step will be to locate more taxes; the next, to cut back on entitlements; finally, eventually, the realization that Leftism is a death trap — both socially (equality, diversity, permissiveness) and economically (socialism, entitlements, big government) — will dawn, and the West will begin the long journey back toward sanity.

  • New Texas gun laws make it easier to carry firearms in public spaces

    Texas pushes back against the loss of social order by arming its citizens, ensuring that those who bring chaos and disorder will experience negative consequences. This acknowledges that our courts and laws have failed, and we will see more of this “Wild West” across America and Europe as people work around the impotent Leftist governments that have, in the name of equality, given perps effectively more rights than victims.

  • America’s Wealth Hinges on Its Ability to Borrow Big – or Else

    Every time the stock market seems likely to have problems, people go into a state of panic. They drive distractedly, fail at simple tasks, and wander around like people at a funeral. We know that our entire system is a house of cards based on taxing us, priming the pump with underclass spending, recognizing economic “growth,” and then borrowing money based on the demand for our currency. The phenomenon of nonsense jobs where people do make-work all day, the huge number of entitlements-dependent people who do nothing, and massive expansion of government all relate to this system. Ron Paul demanded that we audit or abolish the Fed for this reason. Our cute game-playing with our currency allowed politicians to buy votes with entitlements, and we could never afford this three-quarters of our budget, as we see from our $23 trillion dollar debt. The entitlements — a manifestation of the socialist idea of distributing the wealth of a society to all citizens equally — must go.

  • Immigration lawyers report Canadian Muslims being denied entry to U.S.

    Americans realize that immigration is our disaster despite making other people wealthier. It crushes our wages, destroys what is left of our culture, and lets criminals and enemies walk among us. Ten years ago, this headline would have attracted great alarm; now, the vast majority of people are nodding and smiling because we are finally avoiding a great open sore which has devastated our nation and will do worse in the future.

  • Vancouver Rape Relief centre vandalized, likely over restrictions for transgender people

    Rape relief center does not want biological men among victimized women, most of whom were raped by men. This upsets the transgenders, who seem to be a new fanatical audience for the Left in that they demand new rights which further destroy the normal majority, which has always been a goal of the Left. Pluralism cannot continue because it creates constant civil rights conflicts like this at the expense of unity and productive, sane, stable, and healthy normalcy; we are spending all our energy on the infighting of special interest groups and none on the future.

  • Netanyahu says he will extend ‘Jewish sovereignty’ to all West Bank settlements

    Netanyahu annexes Arab settlements and places them under Jewish law. This is the first step toward driving out non-Jews, which makes sense if you are a Jewish state. In turn, this is forcing Jews to support nationalism because without it, they will be outvoted and then exterminated as areas turn minority-majority.

  • Climate change: India pitches for financial support by developed nations

    His remarks are in line with the statement by the BASIC group of nations — Brazil, South Africa, India and China — in which they urged developed countries to undertake ambitious actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and meet their finance commitments, including by mobilizing USD 100 billion annually by 2020.

    Replying to a Calling Attention Notice on Climate Change in Parliament in June this year, Javadekar had blamed the developed countries for not keeping up to their commitment of providing USD 100 billion and technology transfer collectively to developing countries like India for dealing with climate change.

    The conservatives out there tend to see climate change as a big shakedown to enable wealth transfer, just like globalism. Clearly developing countries will face a bigger problem than the West can fund because of their much vaster numbers. The real solution involves limiting the amount of people, urbanization, concrete, and internal combustion engines that we use — these create “heat islands” in cities and displace jet streams, causing local climate effects across the world — but that is not politically popular. We will need stronger leaders than democracy can offer in order to address this issue.

  • Newsom and top California lawmakers strike a deal to cap rent increases

    Politics involves public image, not reality. We are still trying rent control, after seeing it fail for the past seventy years, apparently. When you control rent increases, you gradually make properties bring in less money than their land is worth, so people take as many of them off the market as possible. You then beat up the landlords with property taxes, which they pass on the federal government by deducting it from their income taxes or business taxes. If they are really pressed, they simply stop upgrading facilities and allow them to degenerate into slums, then take Section 8 money. At some point, they allow the facilities to be condemned, insulating themselves behind shadow corporations, and then resell the properties at market value. The voters remain oblivious and have happily voted themselves into having fewer apartments at lower quality, but for now, everyone is excited and warm fuzzies are going all around.

  • Latin Americans Are Souring on Democracy. That’s Not So Surprising Considering the Region’s History

    Democracy fetishists have a hard time facing truths about democracy. The people who don’t pull wires and make big time decisions look at things more realistically. Street-Level Reality tends to make people distrust one another. A recent poll of Latin Americans found that less than half would prefer to live under democracy. Once we come to understand that a democracy is ultimately limited by the quality of its voters, we take a good, hard look at the drugged-out neighbor’s kid and ask ourselves a very important question. “Really?” In democracy, unfortunately, that answer is “Yep!”

  • As he campaigns for president, Joe Biden tells a moving but false war story

    The upshot: In the space of three minutes, Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony. One element of Biden’s story is rooted in an actual event: In 2011, the vice president did pin a medal on a heartbroken soldier, Army Staff Sgt. Chad Workman, who didn’t believe he deserved the award. In a statement Thursday, Biden’s campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said Workman’s valor was “emblematic of the duty and sacrifice of the 9/11 generation of veterans.”

    No apology, no retraction, no admission of intent to deceive. Yes, he believes that you, the voter are an idiot. Is our democracy far enough gone down the long and wrong tail of the bell-curve to prove him magnificently correct?

  • Women in Tech Conference Drops Palantir for Working with ICE

    The Grace Hopper Conference has been skin-suited. Typical #SJW garbage. #SJW 1 on the board overseeing who sponsors The Grace Hopper Conference calls up and tells them to do the petition. #SJW 2 at does petition and sends it #SJW 1 who is shocked and must act quickly….

    Business Insider reports that the largest conference for women in computing, the Grace Hopper Celebration, has dropped data firm Palantir as a sponsor due to the companies work with the United States’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

  • Massive Study Finds No Single Genetic Cause of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior

    The “Truth” has just been changed. A lot of time and energy will now be wasted erasing The Gay Gene from our collective subconsciousness.

    Despite the associations, the authors say that the genetic similarities still cannot show whether a given individual is gay. “It’s the end of the ’gay gene,’” says Eric Vilain, a geneticist at Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C., who was not involved in the study.

    Taboo topics are like that. The taboo never stands up to inquiry driven by curiosity for long.

    “A lot of people want to understand the biology of homosexuality, and science has lagged behind that human interest,” says William Rice, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, who also was not involved in the work. “It’s been a taboo topic, and now that we’re getting information I think it’s going to blossom.”

    The next fight becomes what is done with the truth, now that it can no longer be concealed.

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