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  • Survey: US businesses added slight 125,000 jobs in October

    Impeachment as a threat destroys the ability of businesses to plan for the future, so they stop growing. This shows us that the Leftist long plan has nothing to do with actually impeaching Trump, but that they hope to sabotage the economy and therefore make Trump unpopular in 2020. As usual, the Left sabotages things so that others are blamed and throws a tantrum so that it can be bought off with appeasement and subsidies.

  • Pompeo says U.S. must confront China’s Communist Party

    In the meantime, the Cold War is back… or never went away… except that this time we are targeting the puppetmaster and not the puppets. America should never have allied with Communists in WW2, since by doing so we sent signals of de facto acceptance of Communism, which not surprisingly led to us becoming more Communist by the day. Now that China has been identified, it will engage in overt attacks, which defeats the typical Asiatic strategy of remaining hidden while manipulating proxies. They tend to squeal and melt when exposed to sunlight, just as the empire of Genghis Khan melted away when it had to sustain itself instead of simply conquering others.

  • Trump tweet, political divisions fuel rising discourse about new U.S. civil war

    It used to be the coast versus the south, but now it is the coasts versus the center. Plato explains how societies decay from the real and natural into exclusively social orders, meaning based on what the other monkeys think of a particular monkey and in response, how that particular monkey modifies himself and his opinions so that he can “fit in.” You either have social structure, or you have a human swarm, and like most swarms, it is massively effective — think of Asian human wave warfare — at first, but then breaks down over time. This presents a trap in that what seems like the way to success becomes a sudden drop-off to total failure, which is a way of destroying all who are not intelligent enough to think farther ahead. The British were this during the Revolutionary war, the revolutionaries were this during the French Revolution, the North was this in the Civil War, the Allies were it during the world wars, the Communists it during the Cold War, and now, the coasts where people work make-work jobs created by law and public relations are it. Society has created a huge centralized mass of people dependent on each other — this is the opposite of the “liberty” the founding fathers envisioned, which has both a positive and a negative dimension, being that no one is forced to depend on you and that you are not forced to help anyone, respectively — who want to crush the remaining independents. We are headed toward balkanization, fragmentation, and civil war or possibly all three. This is what happens when you let Leftism into your society, and adopting democracy or any other Enlightenment™-style values opens the door to the vampire of Leftism. We either go full trad or we fade away.

  • Majority of students want PUNISHMENT for ‘offensive’ costumes

    Most people do not understand that ideology is a replacement for morality, culture, and individual common sense. It specializes in symbolic victories, or getting everyone to agree that one symbol is good and all others are bad. This seems to create unity, but the “unity” achieved is unstable because the crowd can turn on anyone at any time, so instead it creates a need to constantly sacrifice people to destruction so that everyone else in the crowd feels safe because the Eye of Wrath is directed elsewhere. For this reason, Leftists constantly want to find someone who has done the “bad” thing and crush them, which both makes their ideological mob stronger and saves them, as individuals, from the wrath of the (bad) side that they have chosen. Also, Generation X wisdom is that Halloween is for people under age 13.

  • Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar Rally Moves to Bigger Arena Due to High Demand

    People — especially moronic white people, who are “clever” but not intelligent because they are oblivious to reality — want to dream the impossible dream: having civilization without the burden of supporting it; having free stuff without the burden of creating it; having peace without war, quality without evolution, and being “good” without a need to do anything but make snarky comments through a blue checked Twitter account. Those dreamers want to play John Lennon’s “Imagine,” a crypto-Communist anthem, while voting for people who tell them pleasant lies like Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar. It is the equivalent of making sure the bath is warm enough to be comfortable before getting in and slitting your wrists. You’re going to die, who cares about the last few moments?

  • Study says climate impact from loss of intact tropical forests grossly underreported

    This may be why you are hearing more about climate change lately. From 2000-2013, humanity cut down a lot of forests and replaced it with fields of weeds or worse, concrete-heavy human settlements. Now it turns out that those forests were absorbing a lot of pollution. Cynics like myself reject climate change because what we are really seeing is that everywhere humanity goes, it does the same thing, and this wrecks the local environment. We cut down forests, make concrete cities and industrial farms, and then wonder why it is suddenly hotter there and everywhere affected by air currents that once flew over the place. The solution is the National Socialist plan: set aside 35-50% of land to be intact nature, meaning with no human intervention.

  • Iran Suspends ‘Aryan’ Style Marriage Ceremonies, Calling It ‘Un-Islamic’

    “Aryan” means “noble” or the order which rose above the meanness of ordinary (human) life and instead aspired to order, beauty, discipline, harmony, excellence, balance, and a militant drive to apply these instead of sitting back and watching the world fail while bemoaning one’s own state. This is what our ancestors meant by aggression: an affirmative interaction with the world. Instead, in the modern time we get passive-aggression, which means waiting for others to act and then blaming them for our own failures; Islam and other Abrahamic faiths, with their extensive scapegoating, seem to be part of this latter model. In the meantime, you now have an excuse to have an “Aryan-style marriage ceremony” in your hometown.

  • Men are funnier than women, study claims

    Man-humor is based on absurdism in order to see what is real, or breaking rules, where woman humor is based on calling out those who break rules because social rules are more immediately and tangibly “real” than anything else in a social setting. Is one funnier than the other? Dunno, but men and women are not the same, nor “equal,” nor can “equal” be applied to anything but algebra. It is symbolism taking the place of a more complex reality and, while that makes all the humans involved feel more powerful, it is an illusion because the only real power comes from successful acts once completed. What we think of as “power” is in fact its opposite, which means that it is a pre-emptive defensive use of force but not an assertion of what power truly means, which is ability.

  • Twitter bans all political advertising

    Our society is so divided that we cannot even have a conversation. Twitter plays to the Left on this one, in that they can continue their barrage of Communist propaganda about social and cultural issues without claiming it as political advertising, since it does not advertise a candidate but an ideology. Social media has failed because its utility is bringing everyone together in the same place — like diversity and equality — but once you do that, they cannot get along, and the resulting bickering and censorship drives away the interesting people and leaves the human gunch (a neologism formed of “gunk” and “bunch”). Something similar happened to Myspace: once “everyone” got on it, the quality went down, so anyone important fled, leaving only the daytime television watchers calling each other names.

  • North Texas Teacher Claims He’s Being Fired for Being Gay

    “The world owes me a job despite my dubious personal decisions” seems to be a popular entitlement theme in late stage democracy. In reality, communities need to set standards, and that means rejecting people for certain behaviors. They rarely fire people for being gay per se, but for acting so flamboyantly in dubious ways that they threaten the ability for the group to set standards of behavior. Some guy who is quietly effeminate and lisping (or big burly bearded and spends his weekends Turkish Oil Wrestling) might get mocked, as we all do for whatever exaggerated characteristics we have, but a teacher who mentions his gayness and implies a desire to recruit others is a no-no. The best comparison for gayness is polyamory and swinging; if someone wandered around school talking about his eight wives or how great the gang-bang at the bowling alley last Tuesday was, they would probably be fired too.

  • China’s auto market could shrink about 8% this year: industry official

    Trade wars have the greatest impact on whoever sells the most stuff. Trump cut Chinese exports to America which cut Chinese spending, in turn cutting their purchases of European goods and Europeans buying Chinese goods, all of which came back to China, who is at the end of the chain. This means that Chinese have less money to throw around and consequently, the government will have to tax them more, further choking the life out of its dying Paper Tiger economy.

  • Munich study confirms severe decline in insect populations in Germany

    It took some decades to manifest, but the stuff that environmentalists warned about years ago turns out to be right. Our only solution here is to set aside lots of land for nature that is not used by humanity, so that these species can get away from our pollution and have places to thrive and reproduce. In the meantime, immigration and entitlements make this all worse by swelling the ranks of humans with the people least likely to have care for nature, and some who — feeling like strangers in a strange land — will actively vandalize it.

  • Hong Kong government gets power to stop online users from publishing any material deemed to be promoting or inciting violence

    Hong Kong is basically a vassal of China at this point, so these new rules follow the policy that China, the EU, the US, and the Antipodes have adopted of censoring the internet in order to stop people from politically organizing against the regime-in-power. Not only does this legitimize the complaints of protesters, but it also shows that late stage liberal democracy is collapsing more rapidly than expected.

  • Democrats hoped they’d win over Republicans on impeachment. But it’s not looking that way so far

    Until Trump, Democrats were able to bully cowed Republicans into “doing the right thing” for “the optics.” Slowly they have realized that this always means losing ground and destroying their own hopes of getting anything done. It has taken Conservatism, Inc., fifty years to recognize the tactics used by the Left and to begin to resist them. Their mistake was assuming that we all wanted the nation to succeed, and therefore (beware this magic word which often means “an assumption made by one party not shared by all”) the Left would not cynically use tactics which were destructive to America. Now we see that Leftism is destructive because it is based on a lie, the lie that equality ever existed and is a good thing, and that their goal is worldwide Leftism, to which the United States is just a means-to-an-end, which means they have no problem destroying it. Impeachment will be hilarious as the Democrats are forced to inherit their own dogma, which means that they have to “be the bigger man” and “do what’s right instead of partisanship,” which in this case would mean backing away from the impeachment inquiry.

  • China Pledges $29 Billion to Ditch US Semiconductors

    Decoupling intensifies. China hoped to play the Asiatic gambit of hiding their hand behind the Democrats. When that failed, China realized that the US could act in its own interests, and that will destroy China and its fragile balance between Communism and consumerism. Instead, China will attempt to make itself relatively self-sufficient, but this will require that it depend more heavily on its allies, and this will in turn push it toward future conquest which will over-extend its reach and cause it collapse yet again.

  • Your “V for Vendetta” protest mask was likely made in authoritarian China

    Reminder: in Clown World, everything is fake; the symbols became detached from their meaning. Expect anything at the surface or on the mainstream to be deceptive, since it is inverted, and to work against what it claims to. Popular revolutions always result in more centralized power and greater concentration of wealth, despite claiming to do the opposite. How can anyone be Leftist, knowing that?

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