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  • Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide

    Absolutely no one is surprised.

  • Is Facebook censoring conservatives or is moderating just too hard?

    When a population is brainwashed in Leftist dogma, demoralized, and confused, it lashes out at any notice of problems. When you then hire the least successful members of that society to administer your censorship, they will (not surprisingly) simply ban anything controversial. In addition, they respond to complaints, and Leftists love to get together on mailing lists, chats, forums, and groupware in order to coordinate mass complaints. The dumb bureaucracy goes for it every time. Facebook and other social media encourage this because all of social media is going through the same cycle that Myspace did, where the interesting people leave and the business must cater to whoever is left, which generally means a large group of people with nothing better to do with their time than cause trouble for anyone they perceive as above them. Naturally, life-losers — those who, regardless of success in the external world, remain troubled and agitated within — do not vote conservative, and they see any conservative information as an affront to their own way of explaining the universe in which they are good for having the “right” opinions despite living disordered, confused, neurotic, and aimless lives.

  • Frustration mounts as California is hit with more blackouts

    California treated its utilities like a piggy bank for too long, so the utilities decided to slash risk by ensuring that they would not be found liable for another fire:

    But they say their top concern is public safety and preventing another wildfire like the one PG&E was blamed for that all but destroyed the town of Paradise last year and killed 85 people.

    PG&E is in bankruptcy because of a string of disastrous fires during the past three years. Its stock dropped 24% Monday to close at $3.80 and was down more than 50% since Thursday.

    Whenever people scapegoat, always look for what cannot be mentioned. The expansion of the suburbs, which pay the property and income taxes that keep California government functioning, has depleted natural sources of water and clustered many potential origins of fire. This piles up a great deal of fuel for fires and plenty of sparks. They are blaming some of those sources, namely PG&E lines which may or may not have been shot at, for the crisis of having devastated their ecosystem and produced conditions of semi-permanent drought in an overpopulated region. No matter who they blame this time, the fires will continue as they seem to every year, with all of us thinking that at some point insurance will double its rates and send angry voters to the polling places, where they will be outvoted by the urban core yet again.

  • Asthma carbon footprint ‘as big as eating meat’

    It really does feel as if they roll a Magic Eight Ball to find the panic for this week. Reading more broadly: eating meat is not that significant. No one will talk about population. Very few are talking about international shipping. Almost no one will discuss how we need fewer internal combustion engines out there, how we should stop immigration and reduce population growth especially among the lower IQ.

  • Britain must become more like France in order to win the war on obesity, former top doctor says

    In other words, eliminate snacks, have regular mealtimes, and be more active. Snacks are a byproduct of lazy parenting based around distracting children from their broken families, and no one walks around anymore because the outside world is a hostile brew of diversity, crime, and crazy people. Maybe fix your society first?

  • State of Health Report Shows Growing Despair Among American Men

    People are miserable. No one will confront the culprits — too much centralization and red tape, diversity, an abundance of insane people, sexual liberation, biased courts — and so we sit around and wonder, waiting for something to deliver us from questions that we cannot answer without contradicting the Leftist narrative and therefore, making ourselves potentially unpopular. In the meantime, men work their whole lives only to confront divorce, children who hate them, high taxes, and if they are white, a society which publicly jeers for their deaths. No wonder people are checking out.

  • Immigration official says US-Mexico border crisis not over

    It will not be over until we send strong signals that immigration is not wanted. With half of the country beckoning them to come and setting up “sanctuary cities” in the hopes of being killed last, they will keep coming and taking advantage of the free stuff here like education, healthcare, and relatively low crime. This swells our population and leads us to a condition where eventually they will have enough voting power to simply conquer us. Democracy is death, and diversity is its handmaiden.

  • Non-EU citizens will need permission to buy real estate in Finland

    Finland gets it. If you do not start erecting walls, the flood comes and overwhelms you. If you keep out foreign property buyers, they do not come to visit. If they do not come to visit, their fellow countrymen do not get the idea that they should do the same. You want to appear remote, unreachable, and unwelcoming. Otherwise, the “tragedy of the commons” plays out with you as the field.

  • Student performance lags on Nation’s Report Card

    The decline in both reading and math performance among eighth grade students preparing to enter high school was especially concerning, authorities said.

    News publications breathlessly exclaim platitudes about how the future is non-white and all these minority kids will be taking over, then proclaim themselves baffled as to how our test scores could be falling in a downward curve which looks like it wants to reach the levels found in most third world countries. It is just a mystery.

  • Retired four-star general blasts White House over NYTimes, WaPost cancelations

    Somehow, neurotic member of both the military-industrial complex and the deep state thinks that it is “Mussolini” to order the federal government to stop supporting hostile, Left-leaning publications. In reality, Trump did the right thing by eliminating biased sources. If you ask people if they want unbiased journalism, they always nod their round heads while making round mouths and clapping their flat hands, but when you show them support for unbiased journalism, they suddenly play the victim.

  • Block on GM rice ‘has cost millions of lives and led to child blindness’

    The core idea of the Left resembles the thoughts of a parasite. If someone else has something and you want it, you are entitled to it by virtue of being alive, and they must share it, since by your calculations, they do not need more than you. This appeals to the simplest minds who do not realize that tearing everything down into equal portions is destruction and decay. There are plenty of reasons to avoid experimenting with GMO rice, and the biggest may be that the lives we save today will become twice as many in the next generation, making the problem even worse. Sometimes, saving lives means letting a few die now so that many do not have to die in the near future.

  • Cartels threaten to spoil avocados

    Unions, cults, gangs, mobs, syndicates, and cartels all have one thing in common. They see a source of wealth and try to control it through fear, and this ends with a few rich people and many impoverished ones. Government with its tax-and-spend policies proves not substantially different. Now that government has failed across the world, cartels are gaining strength. It turns out that when taxes make everyone equally impoverished, the only growth industries turn out to be things like prostitution, drugs, lotteries, and crime. Perhaps all of humanity will learn from having made itself into a third world slum. Or, as history suggests, not.

  • ‘Supernatural’ Bronze Age find could shed light on one of London’s greatest prehistoric mysteries

    It turns out that the ancients associated rivers with deities and made sacrifices to them, showing us more of how their mysticism combined the natural and supernatural into a single coherent notion. Modern people, skeptically worshiping symbols and dogma, find this hard to believe.

  • Cosplay controversy: Comic Con London defends blackface decision

    As usual, the outrage provoked by diversity creates a well-intentioned rule, namely that you cannot wear makeup darker than your skin color. That ruins a lot of costumes, including your hope to be Scooby-Doo this year. There will be no peace from constant irritation, bickering, infighting, backbiting, and resentment until we get rid of diversity. It will be for the benefit of all.

  • Mystery of the skeleton hijacked by Nazis and Soviets

    Viking warrior found in the Ukraine challenges notions of Slavic destiny. How, it seems unclear, since it was obvious that the Vikings roamed around, and why seems equally unclear, since they could do a genetic assessment. Apparently, this threatens the idea that Slavs were not simply cast-offs from Western Europe who took on Asian wives.

  • Narcissists ‘horrible people but happy’

    If you unpack “everyone is equal,” you find self-worship, or “no one can tell me what to do (even if they are correct).” If you unpack democracy, you find the idea that the mob should rule over the exceptional. If you look too deeply into altruism, you find the notion of flattering others so that they protect you. Humanity is all monkey antics, all the way down.

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