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  • Nature’s Solution to Climate Change

    People are only beginning to understand ecosystemics, which is a way of thinking about events as polycausal, both giving and getting, and over the iterations of time that make simple, direct acts less effective and indirect, mutually beneficially acts enduring. For example, whales take a lot from the oceans, but give back too, including by sustaining algae that in turn absorb CO2 and output oxygen, cleaning our air. Apex species have a tendency to do this, which may be why nature values them so. In any case, maybe we can get past the crazy “scientific” ideas like surrounding the Earth with satellites to absorb carbon, and instead can focus on what works: strengthening ecosystems.

  • Millionaires now hold nearly half of the world’s wealth

    For the wealthy, equality is like a fever: you tax the heck out of everyone, subsidize the poor and clueless, and raise costs while devaluing currency, at which point everyone else ends up broke but you, who can survive the taxes and transfer your wealth into owning things instead of relying on salary, come out ahead. Rich people love Leftism for this reason; it keeps the little people in their place and the little people are too stupid to notice, and in fact cling to Leftism like slaves, which makes it triply delicious. In actuality, being a millionaire does not mean much in this world, since having a million dollars in total assets is a nice house and a decent 401(k) that still will not be enough to retire comfortably.

  • University dumps professor who found polar bears thriving despite climate change

    The climate change narrative simply serves to obscure other parts of the ongoing ecocide by humans. If you are making money from the destruction of nature, you want to send the regulators rushing off to worry about carbon instead of noticing how much land you are consuming, the pollutants you are emitting, or the vast cloud of garbage you leave behind. For these reasons, climate change has become a religion, simply because it is convenient for those in power to use to conceal their own sins and dodge the breadth and depth of the actual problem, while running after a symbolic (CO2 PPM) quest instead.

  • Pacific ports join Australian network amid growing Chinese presence in region

    People are finally figuring out that Asian powers are the bad guys. Xi follows Khan and Cyrus the Great. Amazingly, few have figured out that the Left has been covering for China for many decades. Then again, I am sure they were — as usual — well paid.

  • Aliens will likely be discovered within 30 years, Nobel Prize-winning astronomer says

    It would be hilarious if, in the midst of our ongoing navel-gazing and self-flagellating over equality here on Earth, aliens invaded and enslaved us all. They would be right to do so, since our development has obviously stagnated as we can see from the high degree of internal conflict in our societies. If you find a dying civilization, you might as well enslave them and get natural selection back on track. If the chemistry of life is universal, as this astronomer suggests, these aliens will look like us except that they will probably be smarter, saner, and healthier, and they will have great fun using us as pit labor or making us into the alien equivalent of hot dogs.

  • Surging SUV demand is canceling out the environmental benefit from electric cars

    From 2010 – 2018, SUVs were the second-largest contributor to the global increase in carbon emissions behind the power sector, the study found. This places SUVs ahead of trucks and aviation in terms of carbon footprint.

    People want larger cars because they do not trust others on the road because our societies are unstable and therefore, crazies and sociopaths walk among us. If you want people to behave in a sane manner, you have to make society sane and drive out the insane. People choosing SUVs is the effect of social instability, not a cause in of itself, although it is also a cause of much environmental destruction. If we ended air travel, international shipping, and large engines in cars, our global footprint would decline a great deal.

  • Founders Brewing manager claims he didn’t know Black employee is Black

    The point this manager made merits attention: he refuses to assume an ethnic identity and prefers to simply describe people in terms of skin color. Technically, he is correct; someone can be part-Black or of another dark-skinned group, and assuming an African ancestry there might be a mistake, as it would be with Afro-Caribbeans. However, there was a nice easy headline here, so the press ran with it, and almost no one will call them on it.

  • Things aren’t looking great for China’s economy and it may only be getting worse

    China built its economy upon the failure of Western labor, a situation brought about by unions, taxes, and excessive bureaucracy. As long as the West had no other option, China had a near-monopoly on manufacturing, so the money flowed in and Chinese used it to convert their labor into European luxury products and Canadian real estate. Now that the flow has become uncertain, the lattice of dependencies that is the Chinese economy has begun its swan dive into concrete.

  • New DNA tool could correct 89% of genetic defects

    This should be interesting when the Leftist regime decides to use genetic engineering to eradicate racism. If that sounds radical, remember that the same people claiming that this will never happen are the same ones who told us that “red flag” laws would never be used to disarm political opponents, and it only took a couple weeks for that to happen.

  • UConn students ARRESTED for ‘ridiculing’ speech in viral video

    Students wander past dorm, shouting racial epithets at no one. Under a Connecticut law, ridiculing a group is a crime; obviously, this sets up a Constitutional fight that could lay the groundwork for getting rid of these ridiculous “hate speech” laws which are obviously designed to force all of us into the role of enthusiastic diversity supporter instead of having our own thoughts, some of which might possibly go against the great egalitarian dream.

  • Court weighing whether judge can unseal lynching records

    Narrative: Cruel white people harm innocent black man.

    The lynching happened in 1946 after Roger Malcom, 24, had been jailed after stabbing and gravely injuring a white man, Barnett Hester, during an argument.

    Reality: lynchings, like Black-on-White crime, are simply the vanguard of the race warfare made inevitable by diversity and equality.

  • The IMF Warns About Rising Regional Inequality

    No one wants to face the fact that most of our economic activity and wealth is in fact false. Whatever people will pay for wins a lot of money, but since we have been dumping money onto our underclasses with entitlement, people spend recklessly and reward nonsense. Further, companies and individuals do their best to generate economic activity so that they can claim to be succeeding, something government encourages because it can then point to higher economic activity and borrow more, which means that people in cities make a lot of money for doing nothing and people outside the big cities have to lump it by being actually productive. Urbanization is part of our circular Ponzi scheme and it will collapse as it always does when someone notices that the Emperor has no new clothes after all, and investors re-evaluate their estimates of the desirability of all this frenetic business activity. This is what a bubble looks like:

    Whereas leading regions tend to be urban, educated, and specialized in services, like technology, finance, law, design, and hospitality, lagging regions tend to be rural, less educated, and specialized in old-school occupations such as those in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and construction.

    The stuff that actually keeps us alive is worth less; the stuff that wastes life on mediocre activity earns more. As with all inverted worlds, this works until suddenly it does not, and no one wants to be the last one holding on to those old investments.

  • America laughed at the idea, but China’s censored internet is growing in popularity

    We are all headed toward censored internet because of foreign interference and relentless spam. People do not so much want government censorship as they would like someone to enforce quality control, removing all of the spam, stupidity, propaganda, antisocial behavior, and narcissism. In the meantime, the West continues discussions on how to best censor the internet to remove “hate,” which today means Nazis and tomorrow means you either clap for forcing everyone to bake the gay cake or you get banned from Facebook, “red flagged,” arrested, Google-bombed as a perpetrator, and then exiled to some sad rural area where you can sweep floors in Walmart until you die.

  • Climate: 100% organic farming would boost emissions

    More importantly, organic farming takes up more land. There is a reason we switched to the industrial agriculture methods we use now; we had to beat Thomas Malthus, who said that food production only increases arithmetically while population increases geometrically. It seemed we had him defeated, but now that glyphosate and neonicotinoids are on the banning block, and people want organic farm-to-market meat and produce, the boom has been reversed and Malthus gets the last laugh. This means that we are going to face massive political instability, resource wars, and a “population bottleneck” or mass die-off.

  • Scores more heart attacks and strokes on high pollution days, figures show

    More evidence for how air pollution — mostly a result of internal combustion engines — will be ending us, or at least ending enough of us so that only the ones who stay out of the cities will really thrive.

  • Anti-Semitism rising in Germany, survey finds

    If a manager looked over this situation, he would tell the Jews, “Well, you had a few centuries to make this work, and it has not happened in that time, so we need to find another way.” The West has torn itself up over moralizing about this issue, and no one but Theodor Herzl has looked at the practical side, in which we can observe that outsider populations will always be targets, in part because of perceived nepotism and identity politics. These perceptions are not wholly incorrect. We need to end diversity before it kills more people.

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