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  • Herman Mashaba: Johannesburg’s black mayor resigns over DA race row

    Black politician resigns white party after it elects politician who praises “some” aspects of colonialism. This shows South Africa recognizing, as the rest of the world is, that multi-racial and multi-ethnic societies cannot function because they have paradoxical goals: they either try to keep everyone happy, which means constant infighting, or they admit that they must make a choice and select a purpose, which will alienate all but one of their religious, ethnic, cultural, and racial groups.

  • Liberals take losses but win enough in Quebec and Ontario to form minority government

    Voters punt. It is safer to stick with the current system, even if it is terrible, than to roll the dice; this shows us how unstable modern political systems really are. Canada’s Obama rolls onward but with diminished confidence, although this will not stop him from further wrecking the nation in his pursuit of doing popular things to swell his little mixed-ethnic ego.

  • Protesters Are United by Something Other Than Politics

    Protests of workers seem to be becoming less important, and protests of consumers are becoming more important.

    People are objecting to the high cost of living. They have been squeezed dry. By what? By the taxes implemented by the worker protests. The workers wanted equality, a simple answer to a complex problem, and this required creating giant bureaucracies called governments which then sucked money, energy, and time out of society and made everyone miserable. These governments bestowed money onto “the poor” through wealth transfer tax-and-spend entitlements, and this created massive taxes which always get passed to the last guy in the chain, the consumer. The workers “thought” they were getting “free” money… it turns out that every year, the cost of living inched upward and the quality went down, mainly because society had become a support system for government. This includes the high cost of housing which funds our infinitely-expanding public education franchise. Now everyone is as miserable as the workers. Maybe it is time to discard government by the workers entirely, and focus on people who know how to govern instead.

  • Apple CEO becomes chairman of China university board

    Aging ragged queen deepens ties between his company and China. Apple depends on American Blacks buying iPhones; that in turn depends on Chinese peasants making iPhones cheaply. This has always been the Apple business model, by the way, which is to simplify gadgets and make them have friendlier interfaces, at which point they can sell them (ironically) at higher prices. I remember buying a $2500 computer from them which cost $17 in parts. Tim Cook, on the other hand, is the archetypal internationalist since he has no loyalty to a founding ethnic national majority because he is a homosexual. I am forever trapped between the “teach preschoolers anal group sex” Leftists and the “burn homosexuals as it says in the Bible” irate Conservatives, but I suggest giving homosexuals a niche in our society in exchange for keeping quiet about their activities, including not politicizing them; I advocate this because new homosexuals are born every generation, and if you become intolerant, you simply drive them into fake heterosexuality, where they have broken marriages, pass on whatever broken genes made them homosexuals, and cheat on their wives in such a way that is guaranteed to spread STDs into the heterosexual population (many of the wives, secretly having found out that their husbands walk up the down staircase, have affairs, spreading the STDs they get from their crypto-homosexual husbands to their lovers, who then spread it to their spouses). Most people react to homosexuality with one of the two extremes which are two sides of the same coin, namely a desire for a universal human “approved” behavior, when in fact humanity is varied and has internal hierarchy in several directions. Is specialization for insects? Not really; specialization is for eagles, and generalism is for grackles. In any case, when you aim for a universal standard, you create outsiders, including homosexuals, neurotics, nerds, geeks, wimps, misfits, mental health cases, minorities, and alienated single women. These have no problem getting in bed with the enemy, like Tim Cook has done, because they not-so-secretly hate the majority and want to destroy it.

  • As China aims for ‘world-class army’, Asia starts to worry

    If you slept through both the Korea and Vietnam conflicts, let us bring you up to speed: the Mongols were not atypical for Asia, but typical. China continues the vision of Genghis Khan, which is to conquer the world and rule it through strong central power and bureaucracy, mainly because Asia is more individualistic than the West. In the West, we value transcendental beauty, truth, and goodness, which is different from universal versions of the same because it is esoteric, or varies in proportion to the participants. That is, the more you learn, the more you can learn, and everyone has a different aptitude and drive toward learning. Asia sees no reason for any of that. Wholly materialistic, they are interested in the power of the individual, often including mass social conformity so that otherwise unexceptional individuals can participate in things of great power. They will do again what they did in the past, until we defeat them and exterminate them all. We tend to dislike exterminations, so we will defeat them, and then wait another twenty generations for them to try again.

  • Canadian transgender cyclist, 37, defends herself from critics after winning her third world title and second world record

    “I can be whatever I want to be” is the modern ideal, translating Asiatic individualism into Western Bohemian personality conceit. This ushers in an age where everyone has a narrative, as in “I’m a woman but…” and this makes reality seem like an illusion and illusion — or deliberate reality denial! — seem real.

  • ‘Just too much’: Meet the uber-rich who want a wealth tax

    The voters are just dumb enough to buy this one. The uber-rich want a wealth tax because they can afford it, but all the newer wealthy cannot, and this allows the uber-rich to continue doing what they like doing, which is associating only with people like themselves, highly competent, educated, refined, and Nordic if they can be. America and Europe have been minting wealthy people based on trivial products sold to a mass audience created by government entitlements, and so ultimately, these uber-rich have misunderstood what they need, which is not a wealth tax but an end to entitlements. That way, only the highly competent would be wealthy, and they could continue funding our hospitals, symphonies, museums, and new business research.

  • Naruhito: Japan’s emperor formally proclaims ascension to throne

    We did better under kings and emperors than we have under mob rule. Having your leaders be an outgrowth of your population, instead of managers hired to manipulate it, turns out to possess more focus on quality than quantity.

  • China’s pork shortage puts dog and rabbit meat back on the menu in rural communities

    In a land with lots of extra people, what else tastes like pork? Hmm. Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!

  • Hungary’s Orban Gave Trump Harsh Analysis of Ukraine Before Key Meeting

    It may turn out that there is more to the Ukraine scandal that people think. Specifically, the Obama-Clinton gang may have been manipulating this place for years, possibly in some sort of arrangement with Russia, which is why they let Russian tanks roll in and occupy Crimea. This area has always been strategic, which is why both Mongols and Soviets occupied it. If Russia is allied with China, or perhaps bought by China as the DNC was, then this could go much deeper than people think: China may be using Russia to check the EU and US in Ukraine.

  • Ozone layer’s USA-sized hole is SHRINKING and is now ‘smallest size in three decades’

    Some see this as a triumph of regulations/bureaucracy, but more likely, massive public consciousness in the West about the dangers of ozone-destroying chemicals caused us to back off, resulting in healing of one tiny part of our planet. Now we need to do this with diesel exhaust, plastics, and urbanization.

  • U.S. proposes collecting DNA samples from detained immigrants

    When you send an email from Gmail, the software marks your email with a loop check, so that if you accidentally write to yourself, it does not set off a chain reaction of sending the email repetitively through the same servers. The US wants a loop check on migrants, since they lie and present fake documentation, to ensure that we are not simply arresting the same five hundred thousand people time and again. Cynics would say the US should just cut out the middleman, arrest them, and as a condition of their jail sentences, make them pick vegetables, gut chickens, mow lawns, and do the other things that cheap Mexican labor has allowed, displacing much of our population into desk jobs where they are thoroughly incompetent.

  • Trudeau operatives have been hounding Mark Zuckerberg to censor a US-based newspaper

    Future history will reveal that sometime after 2007, once all the “mobile” (read: poor) users got on social media, the desirable audience of upper-half-of-middle-class suburbanites and youthful urban tastemakers increasingly left these platforms. That forced Big Tech to double down on its audience of young, entry-level, and perpetual low-level (read: baristas) workers who lean Communist because they will never have anything worth taking and want others to supplement their high time preference lifestyles. This means that Big Tech supports “negative advertising,” or taking money and favors in order to censor the opposition. It makes sense to support alternatives like Trends or Whatfinger.

  • AG Barr expands mysterious review into origin of Russia investigation

    The investigation into Russian election meddling increasingly looks like a coverup of Leftist corruption in Ukraine, and if we get lucky, we will find the hand of China behind all of this.

  • 2 NJ teens arrested for allegedly using racial slurs, urinating on young students

    The teens, both 17-year-olds of Indian descent, are in custody of the Lawrence Township Police Department.

    The accusations seem ludicrous, but the resentment was probably real. The big point is that diversity problems are no longer simply whites beating up other groups, but different diverse/minority groups beating up each other. Multicultural society forces every group into competition with every other group, and so low-level constant ethnic warfare breaks out, starting with petty crimes.

  • YouTuber PewDiePie Banned In China For Pooh Jokes About President Xi

    Making fun of the calcified, defensive, and unstable Left has become the new revolution. The workers took over, then promptly creating an Asiatic-style tyranny, and now it has become not only dysfunctional but suicidal and expensive, so people are having fun laughing at it as it dies. At some point, it will dawn on us that making decisions by committee is dumb, and expanding that committee to include all eligible voters is doubly dumb, so we need some other method of leadership than democracy.

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