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  • Congress Approval, Support for Impeaching Trump Both Up

    Now a quarter of people approve of Congress, and a narrow majority (of those polled) approve of impeaching Trump. Keep in mind that impeachment means a trial-like event, and that after that, the Senate must vote to remove Trump. This means that many who support impeachment are saying, “Sure, put the evidence on the table” not as the media likes to imply “remove Trump by any means necessary.” Naturally, the Left-leaning media wants to spin this one toward an angry mob with pitchforks attacking the Bastille, but in reality it is panicky voters under assault by a relentless propaganda machine. In the meantime, some people are noticing that the accusations may (again) be dodgy.

  • Couples who spend more on their weddings are more likely to divorce, study finds

    The more people rely on external motivation, the less internal motivation they have. Having an expensive and very public wedding can be a compensatory behavior for having the internal cohesion that a marriage needs. In the same way, Leftism makes altruism public instead of private, which means that it is administered by government and replaces social order, since people no longer rely on charities or private means. It too tends to collapse suddenly.

  • Workers celebrate deal with GM, show union power in industry

    Featuring a picture of a union worker making a Communist salute, this article shows exactly why American manufacturing left. Our unions raise costs to an absurd degree, and produce constant threat of interruption. It is a legal shakedown and our government protects it. Automation, while feared by politicians, may save us from globalism, which is what happens when unions wreck your labor cost curve.

    That’s a big difference from what GM wanted going into the talks: to slash total labor costs at its factories, which are about $13 per hour higher than at foreign automakers in the U.S.

    For the sake of 49,000 people, a nation of 320 million suffers. Fresh on the heels of that victory, unions are attacking our already over-priced and under-performing educational system.

  • Red Ice Videos Banned From YouTube

    The censorship continues. Believe in the failing orthodoxy of Leftism, or your lives will be destroyed. Luckily, this simply accelerates the spiritual/mental exodus from moribund democracy. We cannot both claim to be a free and open society, and also be trying to constantly suppress criticism of that idea going too far (or simply being dysfunctional). We have revealed ourselves to be hypocrites, inverting the goodwill left over from the second world war.

  • Guy who killed ten people wants his sentence reduced, sort of like the Central Park Five, simply for being disadvantaged. In the meantime, our old wisdom of “do not unjustly kill people” seems to be too difficult for modern democracy voters.

  • The Netherlands is building a surveillance state for the poor, says UN rights expert

    The poor commit most of the crimes. Somehow, noticing this and addressing it proves “problematic” for the lunatic Left.

  • City of Madison declares racism a public health crisis

    They are attacking a symptom, not the cause. Diversity is the public health crisis because it creates unstable, self-destructive societies. “Racism” is how they diagnose people fleeing diversity, objecting to diversity, or simply noticing that it is not working. This entire society seems impelled to pursue these suicidal ideas because it is based on the notion of satisfying others through appearance, so that each individual can feel important, instead of demanding that individuals do something productive, genius, relevant, creative, construction, or useful in order to have a role. Where the Old Ways say that we reward the good, the Leftist method insists that we reward everyone first and only later worry if they are doing good things or not. Diversity is simply the ethnic form of this egalitarianism.

  • Religion Is on the Decline as More Adults Check ‘None’

    Diversity shows us its end result, which is not the colorful collage of many cultures but simply a grey non-culture. Religion was already under assault as it struggled to deal with science, but then it shifted to a Leftist viewpoint, which led to it endorsing diversity. At this point, most churches promote the same sick fatalism as everywhere else, which is a lack of belief in life and therefore, a compensatory desire to focus on human individuals and making them feel happy, like giving a patient anaesthesia while waiting for them to die. For religion to recover itself, it will have to ally with a culture, like Western Europeans. Until then, people are going to keep realizing that they can stay home on Sunday morning instead of getting more of the same pap broadcast into their heads.

  • U.K. Millennials Worse Off Than People Born in the 1970s

    We had prosperity, and then the Left decided to share that prosperity, which both removed the concentration of power that allowed us to act decisively and make prosperity, and added a huge bureaucratic overhead and support for a permanent underclass. Now all that prosperity goes into taxes, and people are realizing that they will live in tiny apartments, labor at make-work jobs, and be in debt until they die. Good work, democracy!

  • Give them shelter, Japan’s leader says, after homeless denied refuge in typhoon

    Japan seems “intolerant” to Westerners, but what they are doing is pure sense. Instead of treating everyone equally, take care of the productive and useful and let nature deal with the rest. This means that every time a typhoon hits, the homeless wash away, and society is stronger for this. Cruel, perhaps… but functional, like all of nature. The homeless with a clue will have long ago fled for higher ground.

  • Baby food testing: 95% of foods in U.S. have toxic metals

    We are making ourselves retarded with environmental pollutants. These cannot be escaped because they now persist in our air, water, and soil. That means that whatever we grow, or whatever we slaughter that eats what we grow, will now have high levels of toxic compounds. Consumers, who like to think that companies can magically change the environment, find themselves shocked that a century of non-stop pollution has led to polluted food. The future may well turn out to be life in the Arctic circle with a giant greenhouse filled with plants and animals, and some kind of day job you do for a couple hours a day to afford everything else.

  • Paris zoo unveils the blob, an organism with no brain but 720 sexes

    Nature creates an organism to honor Leftists. Maybe it will have blue hair next.

  • Older Australians in aged care facilities are routinely being given dangerous medicines to control their behaviour, a new report reveals.

    Free care means reduced quality care because people take advantage of whatever is given freely, which means that costs must be reduced, which in turn means lower-quality staff and more shortcuts like the above. Keep voting for that free stuff, citizens. It never does anything but come back to you later as being far more expensive and lower quality.

  • Troops in Kashmir exchange fire, 4 civilians killed

    Globalism falls apart as countries realize that the world economy and political order served itself, and that simply allowed their enemies time to regroup and scheme. The USA effectively became a superpower without being a superpower, converting itself into a permanent police action to enforce liberal democracy, civil rights, and market socialism worldwide. As a result, it created a political system, but not a global order. In the meantime, all of the growth of the third world and expansion in reckless and underfunded entitlements in the West has come to a peak of dysfunction, causing resource wars to break out. We may have our first war between nuclear powers fought over river water on the Indian border.

  • Drug addicts to be given free heroin to stop them committing crime

    When the dust settles and historians whip out their pens (hopefully Pelikan M-800s) to write the history of the failed twentieth century, they may record that Leftist consisted simply of renaming things. If you call a crime by another name, you can claim that you have defeated the crime. In this model, Leftist government effectively legalizes heroin use in order to decrease other crimes, forgetting that tolerance creates an adaptive niche and therefore, you get more of the tolerated behavior. If they are really on point, they will start growing their own poppies as an international crop and spread the “good news” to other parties. Why let the Golden Triangle get all of the heroin money?

  • Global economy faces $19tn corporate debt timebomb, warns IMF

    Modern debt consists of renaming obligations as assets because you can sell them on down the line, at least until the whole circular Ponzi scheme pops. For those still paying attention, the consumers are bankrupt, the local towns and cities are bankrupt, the states are bankrupt, the federal governments are deep in debt, the UN is out of money, and corporate debt is shooting upward as well. Everyone is trying to take everything they can, betting on a default in the near future. This means the end of our economies as we know it, and, with them, the end of liberal democracy, civil rights, and market socialism.

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