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  • World Food Program wins Nobel Peace Prize for hunger fight

    The Nobel Committee said the problem of hunger has again become more acute in recent years, not least because the pandemic has added to the hardship already faced by millions.

    WFP estimates that 690 million people worldwide suffer some form of hunger today.

    “Where there is conflict, there is hunger. And where there is hunger, there is often conflict,” Beasley said in a statement on the agency’s website. “Today is a reminder that food security, peace and stability go together.”

    You have too many people, and too few of the human groups out there possess the ability to organize themselves in order to produce and distribute food. There is no technological solution, nor will the favorite moronic human dream of socialism work. You will only kick the problem down the road, where we will confront it in another decade in an even worse form. At this point, you might ask yourself: eight billion graves, or twenty billion?

  • UNC Asheville cancels classes, activities after threats made about ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural on campus

    What is the threat? Official statements from the university provide little:

    During the night several offices at the University received an email communicating a direct threat to members of the UNC Asheville community. The email demanded that the Black Lives Matter mural on University Heights on campus be painted over.

    Someone somewhere may have emailed something like “paint over the BLM mural or the campus will burn,” and so massive purse-clutching and drama has resulted. False flag, or the real deal? With the gaslighting innate to democracy, we will probably never know. In the meantime, ordinary people are getting tired of told how to think, in ideological or in other words useless for the real world, terms. They want college without the hopeless division exemplified by BLM murals. Maybe the school will do the right thing and cancel itself, then refund tuition to all students.

  • Man tossed 40-pound sandbags off highway overpass, seriously injuring driver

    David Garcia, 41, of Brighton, Michigan, was arraigned Wednesday on charges including felonious assault causing great bodily harm, damage to private property, and throwing objects at a motor vehicle causing injury, according to Michigan State Police.

    Assimilation seems to be just rockin’ along.

  • Nigerian Tech Worker Pleads Guilty to Murdering Mackenzie Lueck

    Lueck met Ajayi on “Seeking Arrangement,” an app where wealthy “sugar daddies” meet young women known as “sugar babies.”

    After the two went to his home, he strangled her to death, then burned and hid her remains in his backyard while the police and loved ones set off a frantic search party for her.

    Looks like another NHI (“no humans involved”) case. Roast sugar baby!

  • Google is giving data to police based on search keywords, court docs show

    Investigators linked Williams to the arson, as well as witness tampering, after sending a search warrant to Google that requested information on “users who had searched the address of the residence close in time to the arson.”

    We are going to have to decide what the internet is. In my view, it has to be viewed as a shared public space where all communications are public, per the nature of IP and related protocols that rely on each node to forward traffic to all other nodes. Google, however, has made a big deal of forcing everyone to use SSL encryption, which is their way of demoting older sites in search results so that you get FAANG, Wikipedia, Big Media, and whatever trendy sites have cultivated an audience; this disguises the fact that search engines do not work well owing to the chaotic nature of internet content and the grim fact that, post-2007, most users are on smartphones looking for entertainment content. We thought the audience had gotten dumb as toast in the 1990s when AOL mailed out all of those drink coasters that installed their dial-up software, but that at least required some brains. Now you just buy a cell phone and click an app, and you can subject the world to the constant stupidity for which humanity is famous. In theory, Google insists on end-to-end encryption to protect the user, but it seems that in reality this encryption is only as secure as both parties, and with Google handing over information to law enforcement, we have to consider that other sites do the same. This means that the nü-internet must be considered insecure, which benefits those who want to reduce it to television with a keyboard. I should post some emojis here.

  • Fishermen oppose release of Fukushima water into ocean

    Tokyo Electric has collected more than a million tons of contaminated water since the plant was crippled by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The water is stored in huge tanks that crowd the site and it says it will run out of storage room by 2022.

    We have to consider the possibility that before we use technologies, we have plans in place for cleanup, mainly because we now have a polluted planet, since people tend to adopt technologies, profit, and then take jobs elsewhere, leaving the mess behind for society (and nature) to absorb. What philosophy is that? It is a variation on utilitarianism, mainly that if most people do not object to something, it must be considered to be good; if we scratch deeper, we can see that this is a re-phrased “Might Makes Right” based around the idea of consensus making right. However, only right — excellence, balance, long-term health, sanity, and coherence with the whole of nature and the heavens — makes right. When we avoid that principle, we end up with giant heaps of waste that we cannot afford to dispose of cleanly but that we cannot simply ignore either.

  • What’s behind Germany’s far-right AfD party slump in polls?

    One was the deadly shooting of regional conservative and pro-migrant politician Walter Lübcke in June 2019. A far-right extremist is now standing trial for his murder. Then the deadly shooting by a far-right extremist in Hanau, which left 10 people dead — most of them of foreign descent — and finally the anti-Semitic attack on a synagogue in Halle, last October.

    Another major factor in the AfD’s loss in support is party infighting which has played out publicly in recent months in a spate of scandals that have highlighted the far-right extremist streak running through the party.

    The Right suffers from the people who want to cash in on an easy audience as usual. In this way, the Germans are no different than the American Republicans; they see a need, and address it as is convenient, in doing so, missing the point. People do not want the Nazis back; they want the good attributes of the Right for all time, namely a focus on social order and realism instead of symbolic signaling of pacifism, compromise, acceptance, altruism, pluralism, and other illusions which like the sales shpiel of a shopkeeper convey harmlessness and unity. We want unity with nature, not with all humans, since most humans are crazy and even smart, sane humans when put into committees tend to seek out the lowest common denominator. People want freedom from the herd and its insanity, not a different kind of insanity acted out through brutality and pseudo-masculine infighting. If the Right wants to make inroads, it has to deliver the stability it always talks about, not the worst aspects of National Socialist delivered with a wink and a nudge.

  • Israel to ‘immediately’ bring over 2,000 Ethiopian Jews

    Activists say Israel’s government in 2015 pledged to bring the remaining Ethiopian Jews to Israel. In 1991 while Ethiopia was in the midst of civil war, Israel carried out the dramatic Operation Solomon, airlifting out some 14,500 Ethiopian Jews in less than two days.

    Ethiopian Jews are often referred to in Ethiopia as “Falashas,” a derogatory word which translates into “strangers” or “migrants.”

    Israel has cannily imported a new minority, and will shift focus to them in the battle for civil rights, which transfers it from the Palestinians, who seem to have demonstrated zero utility or gumption over the past thousand years. For bonus points, Israel can move these newcomers into former Palestinian territory, forcing the Palestinians to deal with whatever “Black Lives Matter” translates to in Hebrew.

    For bonus, we can look at the ethnic roots of Ethiopians to see a high degree of Semitic admixture:

  • Hidden cameras and secret trackers reveal where Amazon returns end up

    A Marketplace investigation into Amazon Canada has found that perfectly good items are being liquidated by the truckload — and even destroyed or sent to landfill. Experts say hundreds of thousands of returns don’t end up back on the e-commerce giant’s website for resale, as customers might think.

    Are they kidding? Restocking items results in more expensive returns when they are found to be defective or filthy. The high price for easy commerce seems to be giant mountains of waste. Perhaps that old method of buying stuff locally had a purpose after all.

  • Yelp to label businesses accused of ‘racist behavior’ amid discrimination uptick

    The review platform says the alert will help consumers decide whether they’ll be welcome at a particular business — but its already receiving criticism by people who claim it will be used to “destroy” merchants with false allegations.

    Yelp will profit from this by offering some kind of paid service to help arbitrate these disputes, thus extracting more money from local business since advertising no longer pays the bills, and in turn, passing on those costs to consumers through higher prices. Can anyone afford diversity?

  • Belgium uses giant ‘vacuum cleaner’ to remove plastic from nature reserve

    The Galgeschoor reserve, a site of mudflats and salt marshes in the port city of Antwerp, has become riddled with plastic particles that built up over years from litter desposited by industry and towns along the river Scheldt.

    Now we see the trap of plastic: it breaks down physically rather quickly, but chemically rather slowly, meaning that we will have gazillions of bits of decomposing petrochemicals leeching into our environment for centuries. Perhaps our modern miracles show us nothing but how out of control we are as a species, flinging our waste around as if we were still in the jungles.

  • Millennials own less than 5% of all U.S. wealth

    Baby boomers control over 53% of the country’s wealth, while Gen X accounts for just over 25% and the silent generation holds around 17%, according to the Fed’s data, which breaks down U.S. wealth in the beginning of 2020 by age, class and race.

    It turns out that those Great Society programs and Hart-Celler admissions had a high cost, and those who came after they kicked in have found it much harder to accumulate wealth. In exchange for their permanent poverty, they get the ideological purity of civil rights and feminism.

  • Enrollment drops worry public schools as pandemic persists

    The virtual lessons that Emily, 8, and Annabelle, 6, received in the spring while enrolled at a Miami-Dade County elementary school became a “free for all,” Chao said. The private school classes, by contrast, hold the girls’ attention, and their mother no longer worries they will fall behind if she doesn’t attend school with them at home.

    Parents, who need the free daycare, turned a blind eye to how bad American education has become in order to accomodate a nü-American population with an average IQ in the low 90s. Now that everyone is sitting at home, they have discovered that their children were “learning” in chaotic classrooms where the material was moron-tier. Now, can we apologize to the past three generations of intelligent kids who dropped out from boredom and frustration? Our society created a system which is so geared toward the minimum that it systematically excludes the talented.

  • Researchers gave thousands of dollars to homeless people. The results defied stereotypes.

    Researchers gave 50 recently homeless people a lump sum of 7,500 Canadian dollars (nearly $5,700). They followed the cash recipients’ life over 12-18 months and compared their outcomes to that of a control group who didn’t receive the payment.

    The preliminary findings, which will be peer-reviewed next year, show that those who received cash were able to find stable housing faster, on average. By comparison, those who didn’t receive cash lagged about 12 months behind in securing more permanent housing.

    Leftists make their bread and butter on ironism, which takes the form of “nothing is as it is, and instead we can believe in these warm feelings that everyone is good,” which is basically a form of Stockholm Syndrome for those used to having their futures determined by the faddish herds of prole-rule. They gave fifty people money… obviously no cherry-picking was involved here. If I wanted to make myself famous for being stunning and brave, I would find fifty atypically stable homeless people and kick them cash, then “discover” that things turned out better for them, therefore (magic “therefore”) these results must extrapolate to the homeless population at large. And they wonder why we call it fake news, fake science, etc.

  • ‘Real and imminent’ extinction risk to whales

    Lack of action over polluted and over-exploited seas means that many will be declared extinct within our lifetimes, the letter says.

    Starving humanity needs more fish. Other creatures that need fish had better find themselves a few billion dollars to lobby democracy or they will quickly become extinct. The food wars have already begun with the battle over fishing rights near the UK and the Chinese raid of South American fish. We need fewer humans, and trying to convert them all to veganism — a diet which only works with Western grocery stores — seems to be unlikely.

  • “China Has Deployed 60,000 Soldiers On India’s Northern Border”: Mike Pompeo

    “They see, the people of their (Quad) nations understanding that we all slept on this for too long. For decades, the West allowed the Chinese Communist Party to walk all over us. The previous administration bent a knee, too often allowed China to steal our intellectual properties and the millions of jobs that came along with it. They see that in their country too,” he said in the interview.

    If China were as prosperous and stable as the Left insists that it is, none of this would be happening. China is unstable because, as history tells us, Communist systems are inherently unstable because of productivity problems, which mirrors what we have seen in the West with the low-quality of Chinese-made goods. The third world is not our future, and now we have to fight them off despite them having increased their power thanks to the Obama-Clinton dividend.

  • Russian rocket fuel leak likely cause of marine animal deaths

    Vladimir Burkanov, a biologist specialising in seals, in a comment published by the Novaya Gazeta opposition newspaper, suggested old stores of rocket fuel kept in Radygino could have rusted and the fuel leaked into streams.

    Bureaucracy specializes in crusading after symbolic problems while ignoring real ones. This leads to things like storing obsolete rockets until they leak enough toxic fuel to commit a mini-ecocide.

  • Jewish leaders alarmed by Trump’s support of ‘racehorse theory’

    “You have good genes, you know that, right?” Trump told a mostly white crowd of supporters in Bemidji, Minn., on Sept. 18. “You have good genes. A lot of it is about the genes, isn’t it? Don’t you believe? The racehorse theory. You think we’re so different? You have good genes in Minnesota.”

    Who fears good genes? People without them. In recent history, egalitarianism has taken over, and this forbids noticing that some are naturally talented and others are not, even if we all benefit from the talented. Jewish leaders fear a return of nationalism which excludes them for not being of the national population, but that is what national populations need to do in order to survive.

  • Women are leaving the workforce in droves

    The latest data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that 80 percent of the nearly 1.1 million workers who dropped out of the labor force in September were women. That’s 865,000 women, compared to 216,000 men.

    The disparity, economists say, demonstrates that women are bearing the burden of child care responsibilities throughout the pandemic, as many surveys have suggested.

    Without free government daycare, I mean “education,” women stay home and make families work while men bring in the cash. That model worked; the two parents at mindless jobs model leads to alienated children and explains the crash in Western populations.

  • No cleanup planned as millions of plastic pellets wash up along Mississippi River and flow to the Gulf

    It’s been more than two weeks since a cargo ship in New Orleans spilled millions – possibly billions – of tiny plastic pellets into the Mississippi River, but state and federal agencies have issued no penalties and are not yet sure who’s responsible for the mess or which agency, if any, should clean it up.

    Government cannot solve our problems. Neither, apparently, is globalism a solution:

    The 1,100-foot-long ship, which flies under the flag of Malta, had traveled from China and South Korea to deliver goods at Houston and Mobile before arriving in New Orleans. It left a few hours after the spill and is currently bound for Egypt.

    France-based CMA CGM Group, the ship’s operator, did not reply to requests for comment.

    We need culture back. Culture says that we do not pollute our society and, if a company screws it up, they and their insurance pay for it or die under a hail of lawsuits.

  • Illegal immigrants bank on Biden win to improve plight

    “I want Trump out,” one Honduran migrant, cradling her child, told the Center for Immigration Studies during a January fact-finding mission. “I’ll wait for that because it would make things easier to get it.”

    We call it “the last American election” for a reason: either Trump wins, or the White population gets outvoted and we have nothing but Leftists forever. That means a path straight into the third world. If you wonder why the Left has been so radical and violent over the past four years, the answer can be found here. Trump interrupted their plan for a final takeover and, now that they are revealed, they cannot get away with playing the “good guy” anymore, which means that they need to accelerate our descent into third-world mixed-race socialism, which we might call “the Asiatic method” since it has been the method of Asiatic tyrants since the dawn of time.

  • Wind Turbines Are Generating Mountains Of Waste, Not Energy

    London-based Principia Scientific International calls turbine blades “a toxic amalgam of unique composites, fiberglass, epoxy, polyvinyl chloride foam, polyethylene terephthalate foam, balsa wood, and polyurethane coatings. Basically, there is just too much plastic-composite-epoxy crapola that isn’t worth recycling.”

    Another false solution debunked. You know what kind of wind energy did work? Private windmills used to pump water and turn grindstones.

  • US bans communist party members from immigration

    The USCIS announced that anyone who is or has been a member of or affiliated with a Communist or totalitarian party cannot immigrate to America. The agency said the policy was part of a broader set of laws passed by the Congress to address threats to the safety and security of the country.

    Unless you want to become Communist, you have to keep Communists out, since their ideology is both fanatical and cult-like.

  • A new book reveals why the Dutch art of ‘niksen’ is the secret to happiness

    Precise definitions vary even among the Dutch, but I think ‘doing something without a purpose, such as staring out of a window’ sums it up delightfully.

    One expert I spoke to for my book said it was ‘a Sunday morning kind of feeling’; another that it was ‘being with one’s own thoughts without judgement’ or simply ‘sitting and soaking up the sunlight’.

    In practice, it’s lying on the sofa daydreaming, or idly ambling back from the shops. It’s letting your mind wander in a supermarket queue, or sitting with a cat on your lap.

    In other words, real life, not just mindless function to pay those taxes to keep the civil rights agenda grinding.

  • Some planets may be better for life than Earth

    Among the 24 top planet candidates none of them meet all the criteria for superhabitable planets, but one has four of the critical characteristics, making it possibly much more comfortable for life than our home planet.

    No species is stable living on one planet. Ideally, we can find four planets, one for each race.

  • More than 14m tonnes of plastic believed to be at the bottom of the ocean

    Analysis of ocean sediments from as deep as 3km suggests there could be more than 30 times as much plastic at the bottom of the world’s ocean than there is floating at the surface.

    Looks like the long Roman Holiday of consumerism has come to an end as we discover just how destructive it has been, and how much worse it has become with the export of technology to the third world. The only way to stop this is to ensure that individual humans only possess plastic objects if they are of a mental state to destroy them when they are done with them. We are also going to have to stop using landfills, which leak in floods or can otherwise be disturbed, and start burning our trash like we did in the old days. With modern filters, this can be done in a way that creates no toxic pollution.

  • Did the Civil Rights Movement Go Wrong?

    In Caldwell’s telling, the Civil Rights Act, which banned many forms of discrimination, was a swindle. Billed as a one-time correction that would end segregation and consign race consciousness to the past, it actually started an endless and escalating campaign of race-conscious social engineering. Imperialistically, civil rights expanded to include “people of color” and immigrants and gays and, in short, anyone who was not native-born, white and straight — all in service of “the task that civil rights laws were meant to carry out — the top-down management of various ethnic, regional and social groups.”

    With civil rights as their bulldozer, in Caldwell’s view, progressive movements ran amok. They “could now, through the authority of civil rights law, override every barrier that democracy might seek to erect against them”; the law and rhetoric of civil rights “gave them an iron grip on the levers of state power.” And so, today, affirmative action discriminates against whites and then lies about it; public and private bureaucracies trample freedom of association; political correctness stigmatizes dissent and censors language and even thought; “every single state must now honor” Martin Luther King Jr., “and affirm its delight in doing so.”

    And so here we are, not one country but two, governed by two constitutions, not one. “Democrats, loyal to the post-1964 constitution, could not acknowledge (or even see) that they owed their ascendancy to a rollback of the basic constitutional freedoms Americans cherished most. Republicans, loyal to the pre-1964 constitution, could not acknowledge (or even see) that the only way back to the free country of their ideals was through the repeal of the civil rights laws. The combination was a terrible one — rising tensions along with a society-wide inability to talk or think straight about anything.”

    Does he read Amerika? We have been pointing out the fallacy of 14A for some time. The big point of this book is that civil rights is responsible for our current fatal division. There is no going forward with our system; we have trashed it. Americans are polarized because of the civil rights agenda, not social media or whatever else the Left is foaming on about these days. America chose diversity as its hill to die upon and, not surprisingly, death has arrived.

  • U.S. Supreme Court conservatives revive criticism of gay marriage ruling

    In an opinion accompanying that action, Justice Clarence Thomas, joined by Justice Samuel Alito, wrote that the same-sex marriage ruling, known as Obergefell v. Hodges, continues to have “ruinous consequences” for religious liberty. Thomas and Alito both dissented in the Obergefell ruling.

    Perhaps the bigger point is this: civil rights does not recognize differently situated plaintiffs. That is, someone in a heterosexual union has different responsibilities than long-term dating homosexuals. Obergefell was always about forcing acceptance of homosexuality, and was heavy-handed like all 14A-based legislation, so will create an even greater pushback. Marriage makes sense for heterosexuals. Homosexuals have a different path and, if they are loath to walk it, that says something about them, not us.

  • Trump campaign strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from voting in 2016

    It reveals that 3.5 million Black Americans were categorised by Donald Trump’s campaign as ‘Deterrence’ – voters they wanted to stay home on election day.

    When you vote 98% for the Left, the other side will not surprisingly want to suppress you, at least until it can find a way to reach you. Trump shows no signs of being fooled by the civil rights dilemma in America: if non-Whites reach majority status, this country follows the path of Venezuela. And how’s Venezuela doing these days?

  • U.S. unveils long-anticipated restrictions on H-1B guest worker program

    The DHS rule will redefine the “specialty occupations” H-1B visa holders can qualify for, requiring petitioners to prove they have a college degree in the specific field they are seeking to work in. The changes will also expand compliance enforcement and mandate that workers hired through a third-party firm be granted one-year work authorizations, instead of the current three-year period.

    These are sensible, so the Left hates them, since they cut off the flow of cheap labor to Big Tech. In the long run, we are going to have to face the fact that life is not Star Trek, and diversity destroys civilizations, so we are going to have to produce all the labor that we need right here. Given that ninety percent of what goes on at jobs is extraneous, and we have systematically excluded the intelligent, we have more than enough source material but, as with all things modern, we are misusing what we have been given in order to make symbolic appearance points.


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