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  • Trump presses Mexico on security after nine Mormon women and children killed

    American Mormons discover that Mexico is not such a great place to settle since it is wracked by violence because its only functional industries appear to be the sale of illict drugs, and tourism. This makes for an ordinarily unstable third world nation which now exists in a permanent state of civil war. American drug use funds the cartels, which leads us to wonder why — in our supposedly happy, advanced, brilliant first world country — so many people are so miserable or so confused that drugs seem like a good idea. Perhaps the weed smokers are not the worst, but the heroin and meth that funds these organized crime cartels suggest a miserable, conflicted country north of the border.

  • Research finds a new generation insecticide reduces bumblebee egg laying

    We are just screwing around in order to avoid confronting the idea that trace amounts and connectivity matter. If it kills insects in your fields, and your fields are connected to the rest of the world, then the stuff will leak out and kill insects there too or only reach them in small enough amounts that it makes them sick, damaging their regular activities including reproduction. The agricultural miracle is over; as it turns out, the great consumer boom from the sale of labor-saving gadgets is also over, having gone to a thin-margin enterprise; funnily enough, the entertainment boom seems to have ended as well, since now just about anyone can publish. Humanity faces a bigger problem than insecticides, namely that the old way that we survived has failed and no one has a plan on the drawing board for something new. Maybe we should consider an Agrarian lifestyle instead?

  • Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat Climate Crisis, Scientists Say

    While the climate crisis has peaked as a human fascination and is winding down, the problem of human environmental impact and human misery remains. Both of these things are exacerbated by our large population. Few will mention this, because telling people that they must have fewer or no children goes against our idea of Enlightenment™ “rights” and the prominence of the individual above all other concerns, but now that we see the imminent collapse, people are taking it more seriously.

  • Suspected white supremacist arrested in thwarted synagogue attack, FBI says

    As detailed in these pages before, white nationalism focuses too much on what it does not like and not enough on making a society that produces what it does like. Killing off minority groups will not help; changing society to end diversity, sexual liberation, dysgenic socialism, and other idiotic ideas arising from the selfish collectivized individualism inherent to human crowds — groups without purpose or accountability — will help, because then we can go our own way and do what we need to without interference from the other 95% of humanity that, not having its own act together, looks for someone on whom to piggyback in order to achieve a sense of purpose. That takes more thought, work, and time than simply scheming to murder Jews, but unlike this act of terror, it will actually be effective.

  • A protest against racism, and a $31.5 million defamation award

    This long-form article looks into how Oberlin college supported claims of racism after a local bakery that dared bust a black student for using a fake ID and shoplifting wine. Under diversity, whatever group is doing well is expected to subsidize the others, who in the meantime have a legitimate grievance in that society is not designed for them, since it reflects what worked for the successful group. Diversity cannot work, and we would benefit from figuring that out now instead of after it has wrecked more lives and fortunes.

  • UK: National Health Service to Deny Treatment for ‘Racist or Sexist Language, Gestures, Behaviour’

    Leftists keep following the Soviet-era program of declaring those who fail to agree with them as insane or criminal instead of merely dissenters. Most likely, however, they are simply looking for an excuse to treat as few people as possible because all of these socialized medicine systems go broke over time.

  • California conservatives leaving the state for ‘redder pastures’

    California “conservatives” finally figure out that demographic displacement means that they will never win an election again, and that the Left will simply use them as a cash cow to fund its delusional programs that are in reality simply wealth transfer to its chosen demographic. They miss the point by moving to purple Texas, which thanks to its 50% Hispanic population is now heading straight toward the Left. Tell us again about “natural conservatives,” ¡Jeb!.

  • Older generations receiving £150,000 more in ‘welfare dividend’ than millenials, think tank claims

    Back when the usual neurotics brought out their “new” ideas for socialist-style tax-and-spend wealth transfer entitlements programs, conservatives complained that this was stealing from tomorrow to pay for today. That was considered incorrect, and the programs passed because proles like free stuff. Now we see that in fact the biggest wealth transfer occurred during the pocket between implementing these programs and seeing their true cost, during which time money necessary for infrastructure went to payments to proles. These then took the money and ran, leaving present generations in the lurch. The EU politicians saw this coming and tried to use immigration as a means of funding those entitlements, but that failed, so now we see a bleak future in which everyone rents expensive apartments until they die while avoiding everyone else because society is failed and most people are insane or criminal. This is what Leftism does every time humans are foolish and greedy enough to implement it.

  • Germany: In 20 years, 1 in 3 people will have migrant roots

    Once minorities have enough numbers to be a swing vote, every election must cater to them, and soon you have only minority candidates. Those act to favor their own people at the expense of the majority, usually by raising taxes and hiring lots of their own into government and institutions, at which point discrimination against the majority becomes the norm. Majority people simply do not get elected or hired to those roles again. In this way, the diverse democracy passes from control of the majority to control of the newcomers. Under the policy of diversity — it is a policy because it did not exist until created by government — the US, EU, and Israel are all facing the same problem: demographic conquest via democracy. This will end democracy.

  • Police: Man using racist slurs killed in Waffle House fight

    Since crime-fighting under diversity is now a racial headcount, the shooters should be charged with murder and have their lives destroyed just like would happen if a majority person shot a minority person in a Waffle House. We cannot have justice under diversity, so we must simply stand up for our own, whether “fair” or not. So far, charges have not been filed. Perhaps this has something to do with the large number of minority voters in Georgia.

  • Dow hits record as stock market rally extends into 5th week

    Lots of conjecture here, but in my view, the markets are rising because of stability. It is now clear that while the majority of the country may want impeachment, the facts to support the accusation are not there, nor is the interpretation of the law being used correct. In other words, this is another political persecution like the Kavanaugh hearings, the Clarence Thomas hearings, the C. Everett Koop hearings, the accusations of election interference, the wail about emoluments over Trump Hotels, and other Leftist fantasies that sound plausible when explained after three IPAs in a hipster bar but nowhere else. Trump is winning the trade war; China sees its economy has crumbled first, and is coming back to the table. The impeachment is going nowhere. That means that while there will still be drama, nothing significant will come of it, and that means we have stability, which means that businesses can plan for next quarter, which means that they will invest and because of that consumers will invest, which in turn means that the economy will do just fine. Trump: 3, Leftists: 0.

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg says Grenfell victims lacked ‘common sense’ for staying put

    Here is the competence of your society under diversity:

    Instead, residents were told by firefighters to lock themselves inside for several hours as flames engulfed the tower block. It was revealed that 55 of the 72 people who died in the fire were told to remain in their flats.

    As the government of the UK reminds us, their firefighting service has the highest minority representation:

    From 2011 to 2018, the total number of firefighters decreased from 43,360 to 34,962 – this decrease was seen in every ethnic group except the Mixed ethnicity group

    In the same period, the percentage of all fire and rescue services staff (including firefighters, fire control and support staff) from the Asian, Black, Mixed and Other (including Chinese) ethnic groups combined increased slightly, from 4.0% in 2011 to 4.7% in 2018

    Apparently, it is controversial to say that you should ignore idiotic advice from officials. A Crowd resents most of all those who do not obey the Crowd.

  • Wexit group applies to become federal political party

    People want to live among those like them and for their money to go to support others like them. They are tired of being used as cash cows by other groups in the name of preserving some fantasy unity like ideology. No one needs equality; they need sanity, order, purpose, and most of all, realistic answers.

  • Conquistadors tumble as indigenous Chileans tear down statues

    All across the world, class warfare has bloomed into race warfare because our nations relied on diversity. If the conquistadors were as bad as the indigenous Chileans claim them to be, there would be no indigenous Chileans left; ironically, that would have been the best policy, since diversity does not work. This is the fruit of the Left, itself the result of liberal democracy, which in turn originated in The Enlightement™ or the time in which Western Civilization figured that it had beaten all the odds, and got a big head, so declared that individuals were more important than the social, natural, aesthetic, and divine orders which had guided the formation of Western Civilization up to that point. As usual, once success is achieved, a trap results because a vacuum of direction is formed, and then a Crowd emerges from the assembled people without purpose or inner guidance, and they do what groups of humans always do, which is choose short-term compromises in order to keep the group intact, resulting in suicidal reality-denying choices.

  • France to implement quotas for labor immigration: minister

    France has figured out, like the rest of the world, that immigration drives up taxes and prices while reducing wages, and so it is cutting back on this failed program for the first time. After this, people can begin totting up the high cost of all of the social services absorbed by diversity, the loss of social trust, and the high crime caused by inter-ethnic warfare, and then they will start finding ways to implement a pincer strategy, raising the cost of being a minority (ending civil rights and affirmative action style policies) while reducing the benefit (eliminating entitlements).

  • Troubles, what troubles? Trump basks in populist love

    Trump succeeds by focusing on his support instead of his enemies. We on the Right should all do the same, and work toward what we want instead of trying to defend against the mass of what we do not. The opposition is unrealistic and therefore will fail, so our goal should not be to try to fight them but only to exclude them so that we can move on to what works while they pursue what fails, fail themselves, and are slowly worked out of society by natural selection and suicide.

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