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  • Sweden’s bomb squad called out to 100 blasts so far this year

    Add diversity, get social chaos. Leftists love the idea of “adversarial” systems, or those in which groups within society exist in constant conflict as a means of making choices, sort of like democracy itself. This way, society becomes useless and obsessed with fighting itself, allowing the individualist to go full Ted Bundy if he can get away with it, and the proles are natural lottery-players so they intend to. In the meantime, these hundred blasts have caused a rise in “hate crimes” in Sweden (or, as we like to call them, “anti-explosion crimes”). Obviously, the ethnic Swedes are not to blame, nor are the immigrants; the problem is diversity itself.

  • Thanks to Trump, the U.S. hasn’t admitted a single refugee since September

    Who can blame us? Each refugee means more social chaos, more environmental damage, fewer good wages, and fewer neighborhoods that we would want to live in. Maybe we should just accept that most of humanity is screwing up most of the time, because they are merely silly little monkeys, and that we all end up better off if we allow those to die out and their sane descendants to take their places. Maybe ten percent of the third world can be salvaged, and sixty percent of the first world… no one will miss the rest, not even themselves.

  • Germany: Dresden declares ‘Nazi emergency’

    In a policy statement, passed by the city council on Wednesday night, councillors noted that “anti-democratic, anti-pluralist, misanthropic and right-wing extremist attitudes and actions, including violence in Dresden, are occurring with increasing frequency.”

    This is such an interesting list: anti-pluralist and misanthropic seem to be new entries. I like the idea of misanthropy generally because it is actually simply quality control for humans.

  • October job creation comes in at 128,000, easily topping estimates even with GM auto strike

    The big stories here are that the numbers exceeded what the experts predicted, and that the unions are making a huge dent in what could be higher numbers. Do we really care if autoworkers get $57 an hour so that they can buy that second yacht? Maybe we would we rather have the entire society gainfully and productively employed, even if at market-competitive wages.

  • Jeff Bezos would pay nearly $7 billion to Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-all tax

    Income tax covers salaries and dividends; sales taxes and VATs assess the economic journey of raw materials through manufacturing, wholesale, and retail; wealth taxes prove to be another beast entirely because they tax you on the value of investments that you hold. Unlike the income tax which zaps the amount of money you receive from dividends or sale of investments, a wealth tax is like a property tax but applied to stock, bonds, and partnerships that you own. This means that you have to pay to own things, or must — as most will be forced to do — slowly sell them off. It is another form of socialism, which we might simply call equilibrium, or the idea that we should stop striving and let everything even out because that way people will stop agitating. Hint: they will never stop agitating and they do not care if their complaints are legitimate. If you tax wealth, companies will flee to wherever does not do this. In fact, if any Western nation were to drop its entitlements and offer lower taxes to corporations and their workers, it would become the next economic powerhouse and would end up owning the rest of us stuck in dummy-voter-land where “free stuff” always wins even though it makes our economy sicker and our self-esteem weaker each time.

  • Brazil police arrest man said to be one of world’s most prolific human traffickers

    Socialist George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) wrote 1984 to defend Leftism, not point out that it obviously always ends in French/Bolshevik Revolution conditions, namely poverty, mass mobilization for permanent war, and secret police. He stated “Freedom is Slavery” as one of the slogans of the bad guys so that the rest of us would consider that statement untrue, when in fact there is truth to it, since freedom means that we are enslaved to the bad judgment of others. Part of that bad judgment includes their habit of literally enslaving each other so that everyone can have maid service and serfs just like the wealthy used to. We are all monkeys, imitating the aristocrats with inferior versions of what they had, hopping up and down and hooting and hollering to proclaim our freedom and equality, when really what we have done is sacrificed the good things that we shared.

  • Jacinda Ardern comes under pressure as poverty in New Zealand reaches crisis levels and half a MILLION people struggle to put food on the table

    The same story as happened with Barack Obama and Emmanuel Macron comes out: people want more benefits because the cost of living has gone up, but they do not realize that these high costs come from the cumulative tax effect. If we use the example of a chair, the woodcutters pay income tax workers’ benefits; the manufacturer pays income tax, workers’ benefits, property tax, energy taxes, and the high costs of regulations, unions, and affirmative action; the wholesaler pays income tax, benefits, and property tax; the retailer pays income, benefits, regulations, affirmative action, and unions; the customer pays the sum total of all of these taxes, which are added to the price, plus any VAT or sales tax, using money that has already been taxed for income and property value. The snowball effect of taxes makes everything more expensive and induces businesses to cut what is generally their largest cost, salaries, to try to still make a profit. This is the same problem that blighted the Soviet Union, namely that without any chance of making a personal profit, it was easier to just do the minimum and write down whatever the Party said the results needed to be. That way, you received the benefits of socialism without the obligations of capitalism, and life was easier but steadily more impoverished every year. We are caught in the same cycle in the West: we tax more, spend more, and everything costs more, so the moron voters demand more of what already ails them. This is a deathloop.

  • Seattle to shut down homeless village amid rift with residents

    If you have followed the concept of Crowdism, it states essentially that when humans are left as a mass without explicit hierarchy and purpose, they revert to a Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm style existence. As it turns out, giving the homeless free houses means that they set up camp, establish their own rules, and quickly become abusive. That means that the city “loses control” of the project. We still have almost zero working answers to our homeless crisis, mainly because the homeless — like the rest of humanity — are their own worst enemy.

  • Ohio district says it will stop allowing white students to leave district, citing ‘racial balance’

    Politicians, teachers, school administrators, and unions care only about the average scores, because these are the measure our blockhead society uses to determine which schools are “good” and which are “bad.” They all want the nice middle class white kid subsidy, since that bumps up low scores from the white and minority underclass, and so politicians constantly situate schools so that they have a mix of middle class and underclass kids. This results in dumbing down education to the point where the middle class kids suffer, while the underclass kids perform at about the same level because their limitations are genetic. They might “work hard,” but until you simplify the material so that people under 100 IQ points can parse it, they will get nowhere. In the 1950s, our high schools were geared toward people of approximately 120 IQ points, and it was assumed that the dumb kids would drop out and go work on cars.

  • US manufacturing contracts for a third straight month

    We took a huge hit from the General Motors strike, and the Leftist media wants to blame the trade wars. For those who are late to the party, unions are Leftist, because they are based on the same idea of collective reward — a form of individualism, since the individual gets rewarded even if he contributes little — as egalitarianism. Even when unions support Right-wing candidates, it is merely to inject Leftism into their platforms.

  • ‘Bulletproof’ China-backed doxxing site attacks Hong Kong’s democracy activists

    Leftists in Communist China do the same things that Antifa/SJWs do in the US. Since Leftism is a simple philosophy that absorbs all other ideas and makes those into arguments for more Leftism, all Leftists possess the same virus (or brain slug if you wish) that makes them see the world in the same way. Even when they claim to be “moderates” or “liberals,” or even libertarians, the compulsion toward equality drives them toward the insane. The best solution: avoid egalitarianism with a one-drop rule. Not even one drop, sort of like how you feel about thalium or dioxin.

  • Russia: Victims of Stalin-era purges unearthed in Siberia

    It was not that long ago that the Communists were rampaging across Eurasia while murdering anyone who failed to be enthusiastic (da, tovarisch!) enough about the Five Year Plan. Now the clueless children of the System in the West, raised on the idea that the only solution for anything is more civil rights and entitlements, find themselves flirting with this same disaster, which started out murderous and then relaxed briefly before it became unstable, making it not just totalitarian but also militarized. Humanity keeps re-trying the same old dreams without paying attention to the fact that life is good if you just take life itself as what it is. Then again, if you are the type of person attracted to Communism, life is probably not so good for you anyway, and never will be because you are internally scrambled on a mental, moral, and spiritual level.

  • Millions of masks distributed to students in ‘gas chamber’ Delhi

    The more people and industry that you add, the more smoke and feces you have. Concentrating people in one place in nice even blocks, while it seems wise to our minds, may in fact be the worst way possible to live. As urbanization collapses, so too will the philosophy behind it of liberal democracy, an Asiatic notion of replacing complex natural order with human symbolic control. Yet, every country that goes down this path finds itself miserable with its most intelligent people failing to reproduce. Some ways are just bad.

  • NY Times: Refugees Needed to Fill ‘Void of Cultural Diversity’ in White Towns

    To be a Leftist, you must believe that the natural order is bad and must be destroyed, since it is not equal and you want to replace it with equality. This requires smashing down whatever has succeeded and replacing it with government and those, being dependent on government, support it. This is no different than a teacher who gives top grades to his favorite students because they parrot what he says, or a bad manager who favors the people who perform the ritual of the job obediently over those who might show up late and then be twice as productive. The eternal quest of humanity for sanity requires that we give up on these notions of control and instead focus on rewarding what functions best, but this scares people because most of them have no idea what is best and are just bumbling through life, concealing their doubts and mistakes, while promoting themselves like a brand of soap flakes on a billboard.

  • Hoard of golden treasure stumbled upon by metal detectorist revealed to be most important Anglo-Saxon find in history

    We keep learning new things about our history. How is it that this knowledge was lost to time in the first place? Our endless quest for novelty, power, and control causes us to erase the past or at least forget it, mainly because it would show us how paltry the present is and how many of our current “good ideas” are in fact moronic nonsense that has failed repeatedly through history. It is easier to just delete the knowledge than switch course, because then we might have to admit that the world is not how humans visualize it.

  • Spooky Halloween asteroid flyby one of the closest near misses ever seen

    The asteroid came closer to the surface of Earth than any other near miss in NASA’s database of known near-Earth objects. Apparently, we missed these entirely in the past, and can now only vaguely estimate how close they will come, and no one seems to be ready to warn people if one is going to smack into our surface. Out there, somewhere in the aether, a clock is counting down to the time when one hits that will cover our planet in dust clouds and cause us to starve to death despite all our gee-whiz technology. It will be great connecting to the cloud to see the latest statistics on mass starvation. That will give us plenty of time to contemplate how we could have better spent our time, energy, and money during the long years before the fall.

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