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  • Far-right German lawmaker ousted as committee head over anti-Semitism

    Brandner was castigated by politicians from other parties for tweeting that popular singer Udo Lindenberg got a “Judas Reward” when he was awarded a federal medal.

    The term, referring to the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was widely interpreted as being anti-Semitic and, his critics said, showed he was unfit to lead the committee.

    This is why anti-Semitism works as the perfect sabotage for the far-Right. They cannot resist it; the faithful audience cheers, and it drives away the potentially many more people they could have as their audience. Even more, they ignore the clear statements they need to make: diversity never works, equality is a lie, civil rights are oppression, and socialism causes poverty. Yet, like most conservatives, they are most concerned with “success” so they ignore reality for pragmatic adaptation to their own in-group. Every. Time.

  • Air pollution nanoparticles linked to brain cancer for first time

    Slowly we are realizing that we have been poisoning ourselves for a long time, and perhaps that we were better off when motorcars were for the rich and rarely used by anyone else. All of our economic and technological “miracles” have dangerous side-effects when used on a planet of seven billion.

  • How to watch the first public impeachment hearings this week

    Donald Trump has orchestrated this somehow, and my guess is that while it is going and he appears to be raging at it through Twitter — an activity that takes maybe 5% of his time per day — he will be doing something else interesting with the rest of the time. He just created a media shield for himself around a nonsense issue that will shortly turn out to be moot because the Biden campaign is cratering anyway and the investigation was not focused on the Bidens anyway. Trump is keeping these cards in his back pocket in case he needs them, but most likely this impeachment will follow the Clinton route, and then Democrats have to decide whether they want to reveal how little they care about facts.

  • Leaked Stephen Miller Emails to Breitbart Directed Race, Anti-Immigrant News Coverage

    Stephen Miller ranks among the awakened not the “woke.” He recognizes that demographic replacement is suicide. He also understands that nationalism for any group leads to nationalism for all, which means that all survive instead of being absorbed into the great blob of mixed heritage null culture humanity. As an observant Jew, Miller realized that genocide is always in place and, like Herzl, seems to have seen how diversity makes it inevitable.

  • Disney+ Cuts Song Deemed ‘Problematic’ from Live-Action ‘Lady and the Tramp’

    Disney splits the audience: the remake has the new “woke” African tune, but you can still buy the original. This way, Disney supports both the Leftist diversity and the non-Leftist heritage Americans. A few years ago, the whole thing would simply have been censored.

  • White House to use webcams to create live feed of border wall construction

    Baiting the unstable, the Trump Administration pushes the Left closer toward crisis, since it knows that it is losing ground after having become dominant because people no longer trust its policies, mainly because they have all failed and created worse problems than what they claimed to solve.

  • Cincinnati-area high school announces mandatory drug tests for all students beginning in 2020

    Public education has failed; people are going to send their kids to private schools where there will be drug tests, identification of bullies, and removal of kids with precocious promiscuity or other adult behaviors. The advantage of private schools, and the reason that they always beat public schools, is that they can throw out anyone for any reason. Freedom of association of this nature allows the productive to separate from the rest, where the entire Leftist notion is to force the productive to carry the rest even though they have no need for them.

  • Michigan sees steep decline in hunting licenses

    Old America involved going out to enjoy the world. Nu-Amerika presents a world so horrible and hateful that people are staying in, ordering Chinese, buying from Amazon, and watching streaming video from Hulu while posting to Mastodon and Facebook about virtual reality fantasies. Diversity has killed social order, and now it turns out that not only did we need it to fund lots of things, but we are going to need it in order to have a healthy population. Our people are dying out from retreating from the horror that diversity, bureaucracy, socialism/entitlements, feminism, consumerism, and industrial society has produce.

  • Impeachment Frenzy: TV Networks Blast Trump With 96% Negative News

    No one is surprised. The only people credulous and purposeless enough to watch the official propaganda — even though technically it is “private industry,” the news is composed of the same Crowd of people who share an illusion — are committed Leftists.

  • Nearly 1 in 5 hate crimes motivated by anti-LGBTQ bias, FBI finds

    These statistics are pure fantasy. Since LGBT+ has become the new face of the civil rights movement, itself a mask for Leftism and Communism, people are acting out against the political control. In order to justify more money and laws, the deep state has conjured up lots of hate crimes out of it, instead of pointing out that 90% of these are most likely people speaking out against political control.

  • Official: ‘YouTube mom’ Machelle Hobson dies at hospital in Arizona

    Now we see the end result of self-empowerment culture: proles torturing their children in order to be YouTube celebrities. We did better with culture that emphasized excellence. Instead, we wanted everyone to participate, which created a “race to the bottom” because only the most simplistic material triumphed. Each year, the average is lower, so the new goal becomes even lower. The only way to change this is to aim high (again).

  • ‘Impossible to defend’: China goes rogue with new weapon

    China sells AI drones, which make their own decisions about what to kill, to the middle east. Expect escalating carnage designed to draw the US into conflict while China funds and equips the opposition. The Communist East is still stuck in a Cold War mentality, not realizing that the new American doctrine is to strengthen the good and starve the bad, which means that soon impoverished Arab nations will be killing each other with all this gee-whiz technology.

  • More people than ever turning to food banks, charity says

    The top three reasons cited by people needing emergency food were insufficient benefit income, at 36%, followed by delays in benefit payments at 18% and changes to benefit at 16%.

    The Socialism death spiral continues…

  • China aims to build its own Yellowstone on Tibetan plateau

    China has a simple plan to achieve victory over all of humanity. It will encourage the West to adopt Asiatic methods which will place it on a path to Communism, while China adopts successful Western methods and rises out of the abyss of pure Communism. Then the West will collapse and China will move into the power vacuum. We will find out in the future that China has extensively funded Leftist politicians and NGOs across the West in order to weaken, divide, and destroy us.

  • Taiwan’s President Hits Out at Hong Kong Police Shooting of Protesters

    On the thirtieth anniversary of Tiananmen Square and the falling of the Berlin Wall, the Communists reveal that their basic motivation remains the same, which is to seize and maintain power for its own sake, crushing everything natural and good in the process. There are many paths to error, and Communism is just one of them, but it seems to be a fatal choice for anything of organic worth in your society.

  • Researchers lay out first genetic history of Rome

    How diversity kills:

    DNA analysis revealed that as the Roman Empire expanded around the Mediterranean Sea, immigrants from the Near East, Europe and North Africa pulled up their roots and moved to Rome. This significantly changed the face of one of the ancient world’s first great cities, said Pritchard, who is also a member of Stanford Bio-X.

    The more Rome expanded, the more diverse it became, and then it collapsed. We either learn from this or repeat it.

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