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  • Cancel culture taints The Linux Foundation, developer publicly disinvited from event over political opinions

    Linux developer wears MAGA hat in humorous photo, and then the usual neurotics agitate for his removal from a conference. Conference gives in, and now the echo chamber is complete.

  • Red China’s paid accomplices in the U.S.

    China sponsors “experts,” then the media reports on what they say, in order to create waves of soothing nonsense to keep us from realizing that we are experiencing the early stages of a silk glove shadow takeover.

  • Neo-Nazi flyer promoting genocide reportedly found on UNF campus

    “It’s OK to Genocide Subhumans” poster seems to miss the point of the IOTBW campaign, but the fact that authorities and media treat the two as one and the same does make for an illustrative revelation. Humanity is again going to find out that when we repress the legitimate questions and complaints about a policy like, oh, say, diversity, then we launch off into the land of radically disproportionate responses. When you tell people that they are evil for noticing that diversity sucks, they will then decide to be as evil as possible and start killing people in creative and disturbing ways. The Holocaust™ came after a century of Jewish complaints about discrimination after they gained political power with the French Revolution in 1789; the first stage of diversity failing was Jews noticing that people did not want them in every part of Germany — majority populations always react with acceptance of diversity so long as it is not in their neighborhood (NIMBY) — but the second stage was, after steps were taken to limit the ability of people to escape for diversity, a total eradication program. We are clearly in stage one here, where saying “diversity is fine but not in my community” has become the most demonized statement that one can make; this demonization will lead to people realizing that diversity is destroying their society, and they will want to eradicate it. The only sane answer is to avoid diversity entirely.

  • The Great Streaming Battle Is Here. No One Is Safe.

    The media is re-orienting, and this brings new possibilities. Since we are no longer based in a broadcast model where the cable network or television station must produce something that satisfies everyone, we are seeing the possibility for network divergence, meaning that what Fox News is to cable news and Lifetime Movie Network is to HBO can become the principle by which some entertainment breaks away from the “we are all one” model and offers dissident, non-conformist, and unconventional (even if traditional) lifestyle material. This will break media control, although they are trying to get it back with their “bundled” channels (basically, if you want the good movie, you have buy three bad ones to get it). Consumers, in the meantime, have always wanted the ability to choose their own channels; the interests of business, as usual, are slanted against those of their consumers. The only way to break this is to have outliers who do not play by the usual rules and therefore shatter the uniformity of the market; if one major network provides something other than the usual propaganda, or offers independent channel purchasing, then the others look bad in comparison. For these reasons, the battle over streaming media is more important than most realize.

  • With Indian court ruling, Modi’s Hindu agenda barrels forward

    Diversity is already dead. Modi simply finalized this by realizing that his voter base consists of the Hindu majority, not the Muslim minority, and that he can make his nation functional by designing it for one group instead of many. This presents a new mandate to the Muslims: move to Pakistan, or accept a society that is not designed for you. This sets up the next level, which is that once “assimilation” fails, people will call for an end to diversity, including repatriation of those who do not fit with the national group. Conveniently, Pakistan was created for Muslims.

  • How a rainbow poppy from the U.K. reportedly led to a student suspension in Manitoba

    The fake news wants you to know that a student was not suspended for failing to wear a rainbow poppy, but for speaking out against it. Leftists are pathological because without ideology, they have nothing to fill the void in their souls, and they drift toward schools because they like dominating others.

  • ‘Go back to California’: Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise

    Californians resemble an infection. They flee California, which has become too expensive, but then go to new places which they start to make into another California, liberalizing laws and adding costs. At that point, they have trashed those places too, so they move on with their zombie infection of Leftism, looking for new nice places to exploit for awhile. Leftist laws provide a quick boost and then a slow decline, so they are popular if your life plan includes working some jobs, buying some houses, and selling those houses to build up a nest egg. The fact that these acts destroy nice places does not deter the modern atomized individualist.

  • ‘The kind of voter Trump can’t lose:’ Working-class white women drift toward Democrats

    Exit polls showed white women both with and without a college degree shifted 13 points in the Democratic direction from 2016-2018. But white women without a college degree made up a greater percentage of the midterm electorate.

    People who watch too much television fall for the fake outrage and generated drama. The working classes are not realizing as much of the Trump boom because they pay less in taxes and the industries which are going to hire them at higher salaries have not yet experienced a boom, mostly because they are still being choked by taxes, regulations, and immigration. The constant neurotic and passive wailing of the media about how Trump is rude, brash, boorish, “sexist,” and the like will influence those who spend too much time paying attention to media in order to see what is trendy.

  • Genetic test aims to predict an embryo’s intelligence and health

    People are shocked to find out that intelligence and health are innate traits, determined by genetics, and not something that we can as good egalitarians enforce with habits and propaganda. Traditional wisdom always embraced this notion, and consequently aimed for sensible breeding and habits, instead of chaotic breeding then restrained by extreme habits like going to the gym five times a weak, eating nothing but fruits and vegetables, meditating in the shadow of the moon, and other things that neurotics do to avoid facing reality.

  • Students turn against free speech amid ‘culture of conformity’

    You can read the full report here.

    A “culture of conformity” may also be having an effect on undergraduates, who are often too intimidated to espouse unpopular views on campus, according to a report by the centre-right think tank Policy Exchange.

    Cultures of conformity emerge in strong ideological states like the postwar West. People become terrified of stepping out of line, but are equally afraid of discovering something that points out that their lives are meaningless howls in the void. White Noise by Don Delillo explores this topic among others.

  • US says that China is spreading misinformation in favor of KMT’s Han

    Trudeau/Obama-style candidate in Taiwan turns out to be a proxy for China. The Communist state, which wants to absorb the Nationalist Chinese breakaway state Taiwan (formerly: Formosa) and dominate the resistance to its takeover in 1949, supports Han Kuo-yu because he favors Chinese policies. When Chinese policies dominate, the difference between Taiwan and China closes, at which point becoming part of China seems less like a radical departure from business-as-normal. Undoubtedly China is doing this anywhere they can reach in order to have as much power possible before their strange hybrid empire collapses, just like that of Genghis Khan centuries ago. Humanity has been stuck in a loop for a couple thousand years, it seems.

  • ‘Police will never get respect back’: Aboriginal man shot by officers in remote NT

    Everywhere diversity is tried, it has the same results: minority groups behaving badly in order to use guilt as a weapon against the majority. In this case, a minority aboriginal fights back when police come to arrest him, and he is shot. Defense of the majority would involve affirming that laws were followed and are important; defense of the minority means the racial headcount, since because he was from their group he must be defended no matter what he was doing. In this way, goals and methods become confused again; for the majority, the goal is maintaining civilization, but for the minority, the goal and method are the same, which is resist the majority until they have enough numbers to seize power from the majority. Even if unaware of it, different groups in diversity are vying for control, and this constant infighting exhausts the society at which point it just decides to collapse from sheer frustration.

  • Musician Akon is creating a futuristic city and his own cryptocurrency in Senegal

    As diversity winds down, and it moves from the binary of White-versus-Black to many different groups warring it out for dominance as special interests, the far-sighted are seeing the wisdom of return to ancestral continents and building up the communities there.

  • The new academies for Europe’s far right

    The Right-wing could never respond to the Left because the Right was always too individualistic, with many divergent paths because the Right is not a formalized system of thought (ideology) but a folkway, or gut-instinct, culture-based, and higher-caste way of life. Instead of people coming together on what was necessary as a core of conservatism, we had lots of conservative intellectuals creating books about minor points and advocating their own unique recipe of conservatism and modernity hybridized. They did this to advance their own careers, since in their view, majority rule was assured in perpetuity and therefore, all they needed to do was tweak this system. In reality, majority rule was under threat and the Left was taking over, but slow-moving conservatives found it hard to counter this. Now that the disaster has fully manifested, conservatives are focusing on getting everyone on the same page instead of flitting off with their own vanity projects disguised as “new” homebrew theories. We know what the truth is and we have always known; what matters now are tactics and logistics.

  • Richest 1% of Americans Close to Surpassing Wealth of Middle Class

    Why do the wealthy support socialism? Same reason a body supports a fever: they raise the cost for everyone, but since they can afford it, they ride it out while everyone else gets taken out, allowing the wealthy to have permanent control. Like Captain Ahab, they will find out that getting what you desire but should not have often leads to worse outcomes, but it is unclear if the human ego really cares. It would rather go down in flames with the symbol of its own power over reality than live well in contentment and actual power, which is the ability to organize its own mind to find a sense of balance, peace, and purpose in life. Power is a false purpose because power is only meaningful as a means to an end, not an end in itself (a mental state we call “control”).

  • Prosecutors seize New Jersey man’s rifle over his alleged anti-Semitism

    Red flag laws, in theory to prevent mass shootings, will simply be used to disarm dissidents. We knew that this is coming, because both Leftists and government abuse any power they are given. For them, ideology is more important than reality.

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