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  • Delta tells nonunion workers they should just buy video games instead of joining a union

    Airline tells the truth about unions: they make bureaucrats, lawyers, and union organizers fat but ultimately, employees get the shaft when their jobs go away because they have become parasitic since they now cost more than the market will bear. Proles do not understand, because to them money is magic and rich people have infinite amounts of it, so since proles do not have much money and always want it, the rich people — anyone with more money than the prole — should just give some of it to the proles. Every time proles get power (unions, cliques, socialism, revolutions, cults, communism, democrats) they take what is thriving, kill it, and then blame someone else while they run out with whatever they have stolen. These people need to be oppressed, exiled, or killed before they destroy human civilization.

  • EU Not Working for Workers: High Employment, But Jobs Bad and Pay Low

    Speaking of parasites, it turns out that centralized, standardized, and bureaucratic societies all self-destruct the same way. They rely on control, which is a withholding of acceptance until the other person does what you want, sort of like every bad family ever; this control leads them to build a huge managerial-administrative staff and bureaucracy to ensure that everything is done factory-style, that is, equally to each person. This raises costs in order to pay for all the parasitic bureaucrat elite, and those costs are passed on to the consumers, so people face higher costs and lower pay in order to pay for the system that keeps them “equal.” At some point they start to notice that they are on a permanent treadmill, and that no matter how hard they exert themselves, they will never quite make it out.

  • Holocaust Remembrance Day Event In Russellville Interrupted By White Supremacists Rally

    Meanwhile, Griffis says she supports free speech, but she has this message for the white supremacists.

    “We will accept you if you accept us. We want you to have your life, but we want our life also, and we want the truth to be known about history.”

    This sounds like a turning point. Instead of “Nazis are bad,” we have “we will accept you if you accept us.” In other words, we have given up on one truth for everyone, and instead are fragmenting into little groups, with each recognizing that the other has an interest in ethnic survival. Good work by Billy Roper and his team in forcing this one to a head.

  • Americans See Advantages and Challenges in Country’s Growing Racial and Ethnic Diversity

    For all the talk about Jews, Muslims, and Negroes, people forget that the root of our problem is white people. Most of us are just not ready to make complex decisions, even the “smart” ones, and people in groups, especially the “smart” ones, tend to attempt to figure out cleverly what the group is going to do, and then anticipate it as if they were betting on horses, playing the lottery, playing cards, or watching a sportsball game. This means that instead of the “wisdom of crowds” we have a human tendency toward accelerating conformity and fear. Voters screw themselves every time; the Trump election, like Reagan, was a Hail Mary pass before the voters really chose suicide. People are emotional, impetuous, vengeful, manipulative, and worst of all, “clever” in their choices; they are not coldly logical and possessed of the patience to defy what all others think and spend months analyzing all of the details of a complex problem until they are able to see how each part relates. This is why voters make the wrong decisions again and again, and then hope someone like Trump can clean up the massive spew of feces and death that they have created despite having one hand tied behind his back.

  • Germany’s refugee intake begins to boost economy as settlers soothe country’s worker shortage

    I sure do love propaganda! In this article, the Left does what it always does: rushes to judgment quickly before the downside can be seen. Basically, there were a ton of Boomers, but the Boomers were too hedonistic and neurotic to reproduce themselves, so subsequent generations have been smaller and traumatized. As a result, industry needs more people so that “productivity” can stay high and therefore, taxes can be paid, and the society can pay off all those benefits already owed to the Boomers. Right now, the Left is telling us all about how this has been a success, but the story will change over time, only the Leftist journalists will “forget” to report it, probably for 4,096 times in a row. Leftists are consistent if nothing else.

  • China backtracked on nearly all aspects of US trade deal: Sources

    China wanted to take over the world by relying on Western sentiments about diversity. We felt sorry for the third world, so we would send them all of our labor demands and make them an essential part of our existence. Trump took a long hard look at this and realized that it was unstable; we were depending on people who want to conquer us, which makes no sense. Consequently, he set about evening the playing field, which resulted in a loss of the Chinese advantage and therefore, sent the Chinese economy into a tailspin. He knows a recession is coming and wants to make the USA self-sufficient so that when the economic dip hits, the US rides it out and emerges stronger than China, Russia, India, and Europe. He has called out the Chinese on their industrial spying, ejected them from their control of our infrastructure, forced a favorable balance for where we are competitive, and frozen Chinese growth as a result. In other words, globalism was always a sham, and now it is over. China was using globalism as cover for world conquest while the Western Leftists served as useful idiots for that purpose.

  • A growing number of states call porn a public health crisis

    If some random industrial chemical made people stay inside and masturbate constantly, while losing the ability to socialize or have normal relationships with the opposite sex, we would ban it right away. However, in our great pretense of “freedom” (in fact, the great pretense that the Prole Occupation Government can work at all) we must defend any kind of Free Speech, even if it is not speech and occurs at the expense of actual speech being censored right and left. For that reason, we put up with pornography, even as it rots out our people from within. It is good to see that not everyone is so fooled.

  • Turin fair kicks out neo-fascist publisher after protests

    We live in a society of Average Merchants. They want to avoid anything that reeks of fear-based controversy; the herd fears the thought that not every member is good. They are fine with titillation-based controversy, or even righteous rage, but nothing that makes the customers nervous, like hierarchy, class, some ways being better than others, culture, nationalism, eugenics, strong religious faith, nature, death, ambiguity, supernaturalism, complexity, elitism, and of course the political enemies of democracy like monarchism, fascism, national socialism, and realism. They like anything utilitarian, harmless, neutered, spineless, thoughtless, greedy/gluttonous, and otherwise useless, because they can sell it products and force society to subsidize this. Consequently they have a panic attack whenever someone comes out and says that we are not all one, that we are not equal, that we cannot have pluralism — of any form: racial, cultural, ethnic, religious — or utilitarianism, that anarchy does not work, and that we need some kind of shared purpose and aesthetics to have unity because without that we do not have civilization. Fascism touches on some of these things, not as much as monarchism or traditionalism, but still enough to be very controversial. In the meantime, you can visit Altaforte Publishers here.

  • Photo of teachers, principal posing with noose at a Palmdale school causes uproar

    Something does not ring right about this one being a hate crime. Three white and one Hispanic teacher holding up a small noose made of decorative rope? Sounds more like a suicide joke, and of course, normal people have no idea how many shakedowns have occurred with this symbol recently. However, the minority members of the community are there ready to squeeze out their blood money.

    “You hate them little black babies. You hate them little Spanish babies. All them little minorities. You hate em!” he spoke with Fox 11 reporter Leah Uko.

    “We want her gone from this school and that’s just it. We want her out of here. I do personally! I do,” Harper said. “Because I know what she about. The pictures prove it, that’s what she about and that’s what she allow to go on. So she need to go.”

    “I’ve requested that my kid be taken out of one classroom because that teacher, in particular, has shown prejudice discrimination against my kid and when I requested the black teacher I got grief for that,” Clemmons said.

    “I got kids to raise. You hate them you don’t know nothing about them. You hate them just because of where they from? Because the color of they skin you hate them? They innocent. My babies. You hate them. Why? You can’t tell me.”

    After this shakedown, which is a demand for more minority teachers and more hush money, people certainly will hate diversity more, at least.

  • Study Uncovers How Coca-Cola Influences Science Research

    In the twentieth century, we were in love with ourselves and thought ourselves massively clever for having set up all these “objective” institutions with checks and balances which meant that we were getting an absolute truth. Come the twenty-first century and we realize that truth is relative to the understanding of the person perceiving or discovering it, and that there is no universal, absolute, and objective truth; there are only degrees of heuristic approximation of subjective interpretation of the same external world. Not only that, but those systems we relied upon? Clever monkeys hijacked them and conned us all. Democracy and science both failed in that, and we are now slowly (slowly) coming to realize that soon we will be writing their postmortem.

  • Plan for 25% of EU budget to fight climate change

    90% of which will go to salaries and consultants. In the end, some trees will be planted, many research papers will be written, several conferences will occur, many speeches will be given, multiple television interviews will be broadcast, and anyone with a functional brain will be shaking with rage at the impotence, futility, and dishonesty of it all.

  • Nearly One in Two Americans Takes Prescription Drugs: Survey

    Leftists: don’t trust corporations!

    Also Leftists: let’s have free health care, welfare, and retirements so that those corporations keep getting money no matter what the markets are doing.

    American voters, looking up from a heap of prescription medications, tax forms, and paychecks: Hurr… I must have the beetus. Socialized medicine!

  • No Fun: Americans Mired In Boredom 131 Days A Year, Survey Finds

    Welcome to your egalitarian paradise. In order to support equality for all, you spend almost all of your time doing pointless and unnecessary things to keep taxes flowing. The New York Times will blame capitalism, but really we are all working to keep the wealth redistribution state afloat so that we can apply our civil rights law and on that basis, claim moral superiority and rule the world, purely so that we can tax everyone and pay our bureaucrats better salaries. It is like watching a parasitic virus take over a normal person and turn them into a drooling, slavering zombie…

  • Want to Make Money? Work for the Government

    Every form of the State — democratic or otherwise mass mobilized republics — seems to go out the same way. It grows until it takes over the economy and distorts it, at which point its people have become too dependent on government for guidance to make any decisions, so society cannot react when problems arise and it self-destructs. Democracy is suicide.

    In the meantime, 20% of the population works for the government and another 20% receive entitlements benefits. How are we so different from the Soviets anymore, after all?

  • Only a third of world’s great rivers remain free flowing, analysis finds

    It turns out that dams have a high environmental cost, and that we are wiping out freshwater wildlife because most of our rivers no longer flow freely toward the oceans. Saner minds might also point out that rivers serve a cooling role

  • Men jailed over UK’s ‘first’ gun factory in Hailsham unit

    Governments like to think that they are clever for banning certain things. Then human ingenuity in service of free markets routes around them, and government catches a few to maintain its power but cannot control the situation. In the same way, we can try to limit capitalism, but really it is the ur-theory of all economics, the law of supply and demand. We are not in control; control is an illusion. However, the voters like illusions because those enable them to keep acting as if those illusions were real, which (conveniently) justifies the selfish behavior of the voters. We have given in to evil in this time, and enthroned it as liberation and enlightenment, when in fact it is the decline of our civilization and our personal reduction to mediocrity.

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