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Modern society continues the loop. We cannot admit the source of our real problems — class warfare, diversity, entitlements, unions, affirmative action, bureaucracy — so instead we look to exclude anything but that which confirms our dominant illusions and the methods we use to implement those. This quickly assembles a huge group of yes-men, bean-counters, and careerists, who tell us that there will be wonderful things just down the road if we adopt their “new” ideas, very much like more intense versions of the old ideas. The mentally-addled show up in force to cheer for the new old ideas, and then the rest of the sheep vote for it because it seems like it is awfully important to folks and they just want to get along with the group. That is how easy it is to defeat any human society, even a high-IQ one, where membership in that society is a right and not a privilege.

Some people seem surprised that China continues preparing for war so blatantly. They can get away with it, however, because most people in the West are not only stupefacted into thinking that “civil rights” is the “struggle of our time” and therefore, nothing else matters, and because we have now surrounded ourselves with enemies here in the West. Those enemies will use the vote when the time comes, since to them our survival does not matter, only that their group wins. China can count on the do-gooder cucks, the Left, and minorities to support it when it continues its warfare against the West. When the time comes, they will have borrowed all of our technology and will shut down our industry remotely. They want to first take over Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore if they can. That will give them a wealth engine, at least for a few years, to fund their final war.

In the meantime, the West confronts the baffling prospect of the coronavirus COVID-19. We know it spreads faster than the flu, but it seems to only kill some groups (BAME, the obese, the elderly, people with preexisting conditions, and some who are just genetically susceptible to it). For the vast majority of people, it shows up as nothing more than a cold, but if you lost the genetic lottery, it can snuff you out in a rather disgusting and prolonged death scene. On some level, we all know that now we must place our trust in fate, because whether or not it kills us is not in our hands, except in that we can live healthy lives: avoid pollution, smoke a pipe, trim down, get more exercise, take lots of Vitamin C and D, maybe bulk up on glutathione and zinc, perhaps even toss in some aspirin and lots of water to keep the blood thin. We can get more sleep instead of stressing over our make-work job, hoop-jumping credentials, and herbivorous social lives. At the end of the day, however, our destiny escapes our own control. We must embrace nature and the gods, or just curse our bad luck or celebrate our good luck, but either way, humanity is feeling pretty small right now. Coronavirus might be the kick to our ego that we needed after nearly a century of non-stop technology beating out nature.

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