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  • China Is Paying for Most of Trump’s Trade War, Research Says

    U.S. dependency on China is temporary. Thanks to the stupidity of our Leftists, who adopted a program of unions, regulations, high taxes, lawsuits, civil rights, and other obstructions to power, our business was forced to send labor away from the vampiric high costs here. China, on the other hand, has a permanent dependency on the West, namely because China has not been able to generate a stable society for some time. For this reason, they are going to absorb the costs of this trade war, which will drive down their ability to take over the world as they have been planning. Play stupid games…

  • Canada missing 99.9 per cent of money laundering because of weak rules, expert estimates

    The Left loves rules. In reality, Canada is missing out on much of the money laundering because it is done through buying property, and that is done through shadow corporations held by lawyers who must keep the names of their employers secret. There will never be a legal ethics rule against this because Canada is not culturally unified on it being a bad thing. It cannot choose to unify itself because it is diverse, and cultural unification will inevitably exclude some groups. Yet again, we see that the high cost of diversity is that your society self-destructs. Who decided it was a good idea in the first place? Oh, right: lawyers and politicians, possibly bought by China or the Soviets.

  • Death by Loneliness

    Since the turn of the century, Americans have been dying from suicide, alcohol-related illnesses, and drug overdoses at a rate that has never before been seen. Princeton economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton have aptly named these tragedies “Deaths of Despair.” In fact, suicide is now the second leading cause of death for American teenagers and the tenth leading cause of death for Americans, overall. The suicide rate has increased more than 30 percent in half of U.S. states since 1999. Equally harrowing, drug overdose is the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of fifty. Since 2015, our nation’s average life expectancy has been declining — suggesting that the toll of American despair can no longer be outpaced by technological or medical advancements. In 2017 alone, approximately 47,000 Americans committed suicide, and over 70,000 individuals died of a drug overdose. To put these number into perspective, 40,000 Americans died in motor vehicles accident during that same year, while roughly 58,000 U.S. soldiers died in the Vietnam War as a whole.

    In every age group, and across every geographic region, alarming numbers of mothers are finding themselves childless, husbands suddenly without their wives, and sisters without their brothers. We are having less sex and fewer children than previous generations — another sign of diminished hope. Our material lives may be outwardly prosperous, but our psychological and spiritual lives are in freefall.

    What is driving us to self-destruction? There are many factors, all with one unifying theme: We are no longer living in community with one another and, consequently, we are lonely.

    No kidding. Think about modernity: equality atomizes us, since each person seeks individualistic goals alone. Diversity destroys any culture in common, which means not just what to avoid but what will make a group happy, so we have no way to demonstrate our goodness. Democracy means that no matter what we do, the herd will take over and destroy anything good. Affirmative action and female empowerment have made jobs into sterile, boring, and conformist exercises. Public education has surrounded us with “educated” idiots who simply misinterpret anything of depth while hammering on simplistic ideas as if they were enlightening. Consumerism has given us a life where everything is for sale, and so nothing is sacred. No wonder people are dying out; modernity is fatal! We can avoid it if we stay away from its core, which is Enlightenment™-style individualism, leading to equality, utilitarianism, pluralism, diversity, feminism, and all the other modern ills based in tolerance of bad behavior and punishment of good behavior by forcing those people to subsidize the bad.

  • Football racism: ‘Monkey chants aimed at children’

    Another shakedown. Minority groups come here to invade; the Iron Rule is that every group acts only in its own self-interest alone, so this can be their only real motivation. Then, the existing population rebels at its replacement, while the nattering feminized bureaucrats insist that it must be done because of some Excel spreadsheet representing their best estimates of our budgetary futures. Now the minorities, as a means of increasing their power, are claiming injury so that the white people will further neuter itself. Diversity makes enemies of us all.

  • No, U.S. Sanctions Are Not Killing Venezuela. Maduro Is

    The American Left has a new trope: it is not that socialism has failed in Venezuela, but that US sanctions — which came after the socialism — have made the place miserable. A saner reading of history shows that Venezuela was prosperous until it adopted socialism and then the easy oil money went away. It should have been able to ride out that market glitch, but instead it went full Lord of the Flies on us. Leftists like to deny the order of history in order to obscure cause-effect relationships; in the same way, they do not like to admit that colonized nations were impoverished, dysfunctional, and ruled by primitive warlords before the Europeans colonized. We were not the bad guys; we were the heroes installing order, and yet the Left wants to portray us as merely thieves, mainly because the Left are — you guessed it — projecting their own behavior, which reveals that they are merely thieves.

  • Nigel Farage under fire over ‘antisemitic tropes’ on far-right US talkshow

    It is hard to fight back the overwhelming and relentless tide of human stupidity.

    Farage, whose Brexit party is leading polls for the upcoming European elections, repeatedly uses words and phrases such as “globalists” and “new world order”, which regularly feature in antisemitic ideas.

    In the interviews, Farage also says:

    • Members of the annual Bilderberg gathering of political and business leaders are plotting a global government.
    • The banking and political systems are working “hand in glove” in an attempt to disband nation states.
    • “Globalists” are trying to engineer a world war as a means to introduce a worldwide government.
    • Climate change is a “scam” intended to push forward this transnational government.

    The Left does not care about argumentative consistency because for them, every argument is a means to the end of realizing the ultimate good, which is Equality. They believe that we will reach Utopia only through equality, and therefore any lie told which advances equality is not bad but good, even if it is indeed, a lie.

    They argue here that because Farage uses terms similar to those used by anti-Semites, he must be an anti-Semite, forgetting that in reality, he has removed Jews from certain theories about what is going on in our world. He rejects the ideas that the Jews run international banking and global finance and are controlling us, and instead blames those who are in charge of these organizations. Are these people Jewish? I have no idea, and neither does Farage, most likely. He is pointing out that the institutions of globalism and international finance are inherently bad, sort of like diversity is inherently bad, and that they are acting in self-interest, which goes against our self-interest.

    History proves him right and the anti-Semites wrong. International finance has always gone hand-in-glove with the Left, who have always wanted world federalism, as detailed in a history of world federalism:

    A much earlier proponent of globalism was Theodore Roosevelt, who on May 5, 1910, the year after he left the presidency, said the following during his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize at Christiania (Oslo, Norway):

    I cannot help thinking that the Constitution of the United States, notably in the establishment of the Supreme Court and in the methods adopted for securing peace and good relations among and between the different states, offers certain valuable analogies to what should be striven for in order to secure, through the Hague courts and conferences, a species of world federation for international peace and justice. [Emphasis added.]

    A month earlier, on April 5, 1910, U.S. Representative Richard Bartholdt (R-Mo.) introduced “Joint Resolution 187: To authorize the appointment of a commission to draft articles of international federation.” A key portion of Bartholdt’s resolution stated:

    Second, To report to Congress, as soon as practicable, a draft of articles of federation limited to the maintenance of peace, through the establishment of international court having power to determine by decree all controversies between nations, and to enforce execution of its decrees by the arms of the federation, such arms to be provided to the federation and controlled solely by it.

    The Left has always agitated for standardizing humanity under an egalitarian rule of law. That way, they can quash dissent without wars, and treat everything as a police action, which induces the population to go along with it. Theodore Roosevelt was not Jewish, and is praised by many conservatives. The point is that people act in their own interest, and those in finance and government by the nature of their jobs seek to standardize the world and control it all. More territory, more power and profits.

  • Indian woman in mall calls for rape of girls for wearing ‘short dresses’; video goes viral

    The Left is cheering this one on, because the girls asserted their right to anarchy/equality/individualism in clothing, but it has resonated more widely because people are starting to feel that our anarchic society is nothing but decay, and we want standards back. That means throwing out or punishing those who deviate so that we can have people behaving in something like the right away again. They found this woman and made her apologize, but there are many more behind her thinking the exact same thing.

  • 57% of Democrats Believe President Trump Guilty of Treason

    There is no coming back from this. No, not for Trump. For America.

  • Sunscreen enters bloodstream after just one day of use, study says

    It turns out that all of our fears about modernity were real. We feared all the chemical additives to our lives, but were assured that they were fine. It turns out that scientists like to have careers, too, and so they routinely faked data in order to appease those with the money. Our society, which runs on the bureaucratic concept of formalism, insisted that because something was “science” it must be absolutely true. Now that we have broken past that illusion, we are seeing that our gut instinct was right, and we have been slowly poisoning ourselves with the products of industry for the profit of others.

  • Listhaug blows in the “moral police”: – Let people smoke, drink and eat red meat

    My starting point for this with public health is very simple. I do not plan to be a moral police, and will not tell people how to live their lives, but I intend to help people get information that forms the basis for making choices, says Listhaug when NRK meets her for lunch on the last day of the Frp country meeting.

    Sanity may be returning as we get over the idea that everyone must be forced to do the universally “right” thing, and start to see our societies as ecosystems where people serve unequal roles toward the same goal. That means that no one rule fits everyone.

  • The faceless insurgency in Mozambique that no one can explain

    We are going to see more of this as groups of people with money — corporations, religions, political factions — quietly take over weak governments that depended on international Leftism to stay afloat. We are seeing a collapse on par with that of the Soviet Union as the liberal democracy which seemed to be the gold standard of the twentieth century falls apart from its own failing programs and a consequent lack of public faith worldwide.

  • ‘Grand Theft Europe’ – reports tax fraudsters stealing millions from governments

    It is going to get ugly as we do the postmortem on liberal democracy. As it turns out, lots of rules and procedures simply makes it easier to steal lots of money, and so a quasi-legal form of corruption arose which enriched lots of people from the taxes that the vote-sheep paid. We will catch onto these schemes, of course, but those who initiated them will be long gone, retired to Swiss chalets with their families and staff. Democracy enables parasites.

  • A judge linked to a Holocaust denier’s essay on Facebook. He doesn’t see the problem.

    Memphis judge learns from the Trump era: never apologize, never back down, and most of all, do not allow them to bully you into quitting. Every day, more people will see what you said and agree with it, and soon you will beat back the passive-aggressive bullies by using their own game. Maybe he will see the followup lesson, too, which is that once they have attacked, you need to remove them from power, because they will do it again and again. Leftists are pathological.

  • The Problem With Soft Socialism

    Socialists figured out that they need capitalism as a fundraiser for their Utopian schemes. However, even that mild form of socialism wrecks societies, and we are now seeing that come to fruition. Their only remaining option is to double-down on having control, or to give up and go away. They have plotted for this day by bringing in the third world to outvote those of us with the intelligence and thoughtfulness to see that Leftist plans will end in tears. That way, nothing can obstruct the Left but its inevitable Soviet/Napoleonic end.

  • Knife crime rise ‘linked to youth service cuts’, parliamentary report finds

    The bureaucrats found a correlation between cutting social services and knife crime. They can do this because knife crime is relatively new, and so they can claim that it was “caused” by cuts to services, when in fact services exist in the places where knife crime is big because these places were already impoverished and criminal. The bureaucrats use this argument anywhere they can, since it enables bureaucrats to have more money and power. At this point, we in the West have given up on governing and simply are bickering on how to divide up the money that the State stole. A better solution is to cut it all, start exiling the criminals, and allow people to arm and defend themselves. We survived the Victorian era where people were carrying around revolvers and sword canes; we can survive a more violent world so long as the good people have a chance to win.

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