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Anatomy of Leftist control:

Murdock was maskless and did not appear to be practicing social distancing. In one photo, Murdock’s arm was slung around a priest, with the two holding a sign that read “We are an essential service.”

Rusch shared Murdock’s photo on Facebook with an admonition about the doctor who boldly attended a rally amid a global pandemic: Go to his hospital “at your own risk.”

Commenters piled on, and dozens of them contacted Murdock’s hospital. Rusch did, too. By the next afternoon, Murdock, 68, who has been practicing medicine in central and northern Wisconsin for 33 years, had been suspended for a week.

They love to destroy lives, just as they love to destroy society, because they are people of unknown motive: they do not seek any positive goal, only to ensure that others cannot impose a goal on them. This preemptive-defensive passive-aggressive position arises any time you have people who are lost, neurotic, and without anchor to something real; they float on a sea of human symbols, group emotions, trends, fads, panics, sexual advertisement, images, advertisements, songs, excuses, tropes, and distractions. They become the crowd, which is formed when humans lose direction and instead focusing on the implement of power — control — itself in order to hold the herd together. The herd then confirms its own assumptions, makes its precepts into conclusions, and generally becomes an echo chamber which runs far from reality into the comforting but dysfunctional land of human neurosis.

Some other tidbits which make one pause:

Apparently staff find it hard to follow quarantine rules of the most basic sort, leading to the high death toll in care homes:

“We really thought our elderly homes would be much better at keeping this disease outside of them then they have actually been.”

What has changed since this fellow was young? The people working at these homes are no longer ethnic Swedes. They are foreigners imported to take care of the aging Boomers at a low price so that Leftism does not have to admit that no nation can afford the generous social benefits gifted to voters by quasi-socialist states. The US pays for their military defense for the most part, and for medical innovation; these nations have reduced expense curves. Instead of investing in the future, they sent money effectively into the past, and now everyone is quietly bankrupt with mounting expenses that have been deferred. We gave up during WW1/2 on any hope of sanity or a future, and instead decided on palliative care for our societies. Diversity is now killing off those same Boomers because low-paid people from low-IQ nations who are stranded in foreign lands cheat on the rules. Anecdotally, the same thing turns out to be true in the US and UK, where diversity labor has managed to pick up the coronavirus and then bring it into these homes by sneaking in outside objects or failing to wear PPE correctly.

Luckily we are finding out that not only is nature real, but it is full of interesting ways to kill us if we are unwary:

The magnetic field of a magnetar is about a hundred million times stronger than any human-made magnet. That’s strong enough that a magnetar would horrifically kill you if you got within about 620 miles (1,000 km) of it. There, its insanely strong magnetic field would pluck electrons from your body’s atoms, essentially dissolving you.

Someone please alert ISIS so it can use this method for more of its amusing slaughter-of-the-innocents death videos.

This is why nations traditionally define themselves by race, ethnicity, and religion. There is agreement instead of constant infighting, not just because there is uniformity, but because there is a goal. Racially-mixed France was the first to fall to the Leftist revolutions, and other countries with unclear identities followed close behind. In fact, most European hatred of the Eternal Jew arises from distrust with diversity, and recognition that as race-mixed people, Jews fall prey to the worst of human insanity because evolution has been interrupted and replaced with a mishmash of Southern European, Asian, and North African DNA. Instead of prompting our pity, and a desire to place Jews safely in Israel where they can work out those evolutionary kinks, among the already-addled Europeans these realizations never occurred and instead image and mythology took their place. We even got to the point where Hitler was out there claiming that Jews possessed innate racial traits which made them evil, not realizing that it was the lack of consistency to racial traits that makes any group self-destruct. Societies tend to succeed, expand, and take in the foreign; at the same time, they face new enemies; simultaneously, they breed more lower-caste people because they have made life more orderly and thus many who would not survive in nature survive; finally, having accomplished their basic need to dominate nature, they fail to adopt a new transcendent goal, and therefore their thinking becomes backward, arguing from what the group will accept instead of for a goal that will rise up the group.

While we ponder that, we have to look at the latest panic wrought of our directionless, mixed-caste, mixed-ethnic, and mixed-race societies: coronavirus. We are only now starting to see the full profile of this illness, and it looks more like something that targets certain genetic traits as well as physical weakness (obesity, decrepitude, circulation issues). Only now are we finally figuring out that masks and goggles work to keep airborne droplets away from our mucus membranes and other permeable tissues:

Still, he said, there were reasons to suspect the virus might be less deadly in Africa where droplet-spread diseases, such as flu, have tended to spread more slowly.

Any place with wide open spaces is good. Crowds breed contagion. Our modern cities and their air-conditioned offices are perfect infection zones. Then we must consider the connection with people with non-O blood types, Asiatic heritage, and who are involved in places where blood of animals is airborne:

A total of 936 workers at the facility have so far tested positive; 810 have recovered. One employee has died, Bui Thi Hiep, a 67-year-old from Vietnam who leaves behind a husband, Nguyen Nga.

We will find more about this, just like we will about the “wet markets” (ick) in China, where presumably animals of varying types are slaughtered and the blood becomes airborne. Just like good leadership and stable civilization, COVID-19 is in the blood.

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