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Facebook Takes Off The Mask, Bans VDARE

Silicon Valley succumbed to Crowdism just like any other organization. When humans get together, they focus more on keeping the group happy than on having a goal, since having a goal is divisive and demands a strong radiant power like a king or general.

Consequently the group rewards what is popular, and careerists crop up who specialize in offering illusions to the rest of the group, which then makes the group become reality-averse and focus on going further into fantasy land through one-upping the offer from the previous careerist.

Eventually, anyone sane bugs out, dies out, or otherwise hides away, and only the insane remain, telling each other increasingly elaborate lies in order to keep the group focused on unity, since this is a goal that everyone (Stockholm Syndrome eye roll goes here) will support.

Crowdism destroys all human endeavors.

It turns out that the FAANG companies are no different, since they have realized by now that they are in phase two of the MySpace cycle, and have driven away the power users, innovators, explorers, and cutting-edge people. Now all they have are the media addicts.

This means that these companies are trying to “address” those audiences by pitching them propaganda which agrees with their existing assumptions. Since these groups are Leftists, or people who base their sense of self-worth on the assumption that egalitarianism will someday produce a better world, they are threatened by real-world data, including the possibility that anyone else is surviving without egalitarianism.

That shows us the Achilles Heel of ideologies: they are not necessary in themselves, but are only useful as tools for control (a system of power based on conformity to method, as opposed to radiant power like that of the kings, which unifies through a transcendent goal).

Anything which is not necessary suffers from a great weakness in that, while people may be fooled by the symbolism, if they see a working practical example that does not involve it, they will start to defect. Life is better without having your mind controlled by some idea-virus or symbolic conformity.

Consequently, in order to keep their Leftist audience intact, these companies are deleting not those who attack Leftism, but any competition for Leftism. If your way makes more sense, works better, or simply might work better, it will be banned once it attracts enough attention.

These companies escape responsibility by relying on reporting systems where every user, thread, and comment can be “reported” with a click on a little icon next to it. If enough reports come in, someone getting $8/hour to read the worst stuff on the internet has to decide whether to censor it.

Since these people are uniformly Leftist — the poor, minorities, homosexuals, low-T males, and single women almost always are — they decide to destroy years of work with a click and think themselves clever, powerful, and ironic for doing so. Thus is the Dunning-Kruger Effect always.

Recently, Facebook decided to go down the dark path of hive-mind conformity and zapped longstanding Right-wing think tank VDARE from the platform. As Peter Brimelow writes:

My refutation of Facebook’s ridiculous rationale for banning us.

Dear Facebook,

I write in response to your 1) disabling of the account 2) making a public statement about’s practices and intentions vis a vis our account’s termination.

Because it informs the termination of our account, I will start with the second issue first. We did not have more than one account. The single account we had was not fake. It was completely traceable as evidenced by users’ ability to make a tax-deductible donation from Facebook, through Network For Good, to the bank accounts. We do not pedal conspiracy. We do not interfere with elections, whatever that means, and have consistently and meticulously honored our limitations as a 501c3.

Regarding the termination of our account, we are completely baffled. We were, of course, dismayed to discover the termination and have awaited explanation for three long days. You gave us no warning. We have to date not received any communications at all regarding any strikes, decisions or justifications for this unwarranted termination. The first we hear is from a public statement defaming our business and implicating us in some wild scheme of which we had no part.

Further, if your rationale for terminating’s account is to be taken at face value, that is, that we have been terminated as a result of our alleged practices on Facebook, why are our readers being muzzled also? It is currently impossible for anyone to post links to articles on Facebook, no matter who is posting them. Our readers and donors are distressed about this and have written to us for an explanation. Why would our alleged infractions impact their Facebook privileges?

Finally, it is my understanding that users own the data they choose to post to Facebook. You are currently holding ours hostage. If you will not reinstate’s page, please return all data immediately and refund us the money we spent advertising.

Peter Brimelow
Editor, VDARE Foundation

He makes a good point: without a stated policy of what is acceptable, these companies are essentially destroying the work of others who rely on social media as a means of open communication, much as they rely on the telephone, internet, radio, cellular phones, and postal mail.

The more important the internet has become to public life, the clearer it has also become that our laws lag far behind. If cyberspace is a real concept, it needs to have the same rights and freedoms that we have in normal life if we want it to be functional.

In the bigger picture, however, social media is in trouble. Despite glowing statistics, they are still faking ad viewership numbers and are losing the most committed and interesting users as the content rapidly approaches total conformity in being inoffensive.

This shows us the human pattern yet again. In groups, humans attempt to eliminate that which makes them uneasy, like natural selection and death. They consequently prohibit mention of those things, limiting discussion to a few self-congratulatory circular topics.

If you wonder why our society fights the same problems time after time and yet they are never solved, consider that we are in a circular pattern. We have eliminated all the scary stuff, so all that remains is the effete, inoffensive, passive, gushing, neurotic, and venal.

While it seems like an odd place for a revolution to start, the battle for the internet has only begun. Centralization under the FAANG companies has treated the net badly, and people are seeking to break away from these petty tyrants to go find somewhere of interest and hope instead.

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