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  • What You Need to Know about the Inequality of the “Equality Act”

    Civil rights (also: “human rights” in an international context) was structured as an argument because no one can say “no” to it: “What, you oppose the idea that everyone is equal, should have equal freedom, and not suffer discrimination?” This misses the fact that what we call “discrimination” is actually natural selection, which enables the Few Competent Ones to break away from the Fermenting Herd. However, the Left loves civil rights because it allows them to break up any rules or conventions; all they have to do is find one person who did not feel “equal,” and in can come the herd of lawyers, bureaucrats, police, media, academics, and other aggregated losers to tear down what exists and replace it with a shiny new chrome-and-glass government agency that takes from the good and gives to the bad and the mediocre (I am an elitist, but not so much of one that I do not admit shades of grey to the category “incompetents”). They are designing new rules to force you to hire the crazy LGBT+ rainbow hair people, bake that gay cake, etc. It does not sound so bad until you realize that you will be sued, and probably lose, if you do not hire the blue-and-orange haired monstrosity that waddles through your door talking about social justice. Basically, civil rights serves the same purpose as unions or socialism, collective reward, which ensures that the mediocre and fully incompetent get jobs too. This is fully Soviet, in that it makes society into an engine of wealth redistribution instead of a system that rewards the good, smites the bad, and tolerates the mediocre, as successful societies are. They might as well call this the “Suicide By Good Intentions Act” and be done with it.

  • New report explains how China thinks about information warfare

    The Chinese have taken the view, according to the DoD and other outside national security experts, that information dominance is key to winning conflicts. This could be done by denying or disrupting the use of communications equipment of its competitors.

    That sounds quite a bit like social media or the Left in general. Could it be that Leftism is merely an Asiatic method, namely harnessing individualism to form people into great groups doing identical things so that the Asiatic tyrant can stay in power? Is Asia simply what happens when civilization gives up early on? Remember, they got civilized and advanced long before we did, which could reflect that we are primitive, or that there was primitive wisdom in avoiding organized, permanent, and consequently bureaucratic — treat everyone identically, make them all do the same things at the same time, favor the individual in order to create a mass mobilized group — civilization?

    We experience information warfare daily in the form of false ideals:

    For the first time in history, three black women have been crowned as Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America.

    They want a constant symbol of your dispossession, and they first use the most foreign (African) and later, the nearer mixes (Asians and Semites, who are both partially comprised of our recent ancestors). At the same time, they suppress dissenting voices so that you are less aware that there are competitors and alternatives to the great egalitarian Regime:

    Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos have been unpersonned by the digital tech giant Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram. They’re coming for you, next. Or more likely, for us.

    We are under constant information assault by the Left and, like the Chinese, they act as a great organized mob united toward a singular simplistic goal, which is the achievement of Utopia through the messianic apocalyptic faith of egalitarianism. Favor the individual to make a mob, then mobilize that mob, and you win… in the short term.

  • Study sponsored by NOAA finds that poorly-sited air temperature monitoring stations have artificially boosted global warming data

    Michael Crichton was correct. In State of Fear, he wrote what conservatives had been saying for decades: that when you take a local area, cover most of it in concrete, cut down the forests and break the ecosystems, it gets warmer because more solar heat is reflected and the absorption systems no longer exist. Even if you stick some parks with nice mowed lawns and a few strategic trees, you still generate a giant heat wave. Go into Central Park in summer, and you find that the farther you get from the borders of city around it, the cooler it gets, as long as you avoid direct sun. The climate change fetishists know this, and so they sited their monitoring stations on pavement in areas with no tree cover. Not surprisingly, they found that we are warming, so we need to all hurry up and transfer our wealth to the third world so that humanity can form one world government where the majority of voters are third world and therefore, because lower average IQ people vote for freedom/socialism, will exist in a permanent Leftist regime. That way, they can screw up and no one will (publicly) notice.

  • BNP founder Nick Griffin: ‘We were offered big money by Zionists in 2007 under two conditions: That we attack Islam, and never criticize the banking system’

    People seem to be oblivious to what democracy means. One man, one vote means that someone will buy all the votes; we call that “lobbying” in the degenerate modern West (DMW). If you are Jewish, you want to ensure that rising political movements do not destroy your source of income or your people. This represents a misstep by the Jewish Establishment, which should instead be focusing on hard nationalism. The diaspora is over, and Jews are going to go back to Israel, which will in turn drive out the Palestinians. Until Jews accept this new reality, they will continue to defend their enemy, which is the idea that diaspora is good and normal, otherwise called “diversity.” International banking is not their hill to die on, either, but they correctly fear that if new political movements become aligned against it, they will rapidly morph into socialism, which consumes all opportunity and leaves only poverty.

  • Trump administration denies special help to Venezuelans seeking asylum

    And now we see the American goal in Venezuela intervention. Trump wants to maintain the Monroe Doctrine, which holds that other countries do not intervene in our sphere of influence, while keeping Venezuelans in Venezuela by ending the cause of their misery, which is (as usual) socialist engineering of their society into equal poverty instead of a flexible system in which opportunity motivates performance.

  • Nature’s emergency: Where we are in five graphics

    The felling of forests, the plundering of seas and soils, and the pollution of air and water are together pushing the natural world to the brink.

    This is the real crisis: too many humans, making too many demands from the natural world, without enough natural world to absorb our damage. The fake crisis is climate change. Resistance to it has forced the real crisis to come out in the open. If you love natural, hug a “climate change denier” (and a tree, of course).

  • Judge says Alabama failed to protect prisoners from suicide

    More crazy civil rights dogma comes forth in this innocent-sounding proclamation. Now it is our duty to keep people from killing themselves. This means more subsidies, more hiring of special handlers, but also more power to government. The Left adores this.

  • Japan child population falls for 38th year, hits postwar low

    No one wants to admit it, but our modern lifestyles are killing us. We are sedentary, working from chairs on paperwork that does not really matter; we work too much, and spend too much of our time cleaning up after idiots, whether by dealing with the bureaucracy or dysfunctional public institutions; finally, equality means that only evil wins, and good feels marginalized, so your best people breed less and basically want only to escape. We have made a misery hugbox for ourselves in the name of “equality”!

  • Self-improvement guru set to face ‘sex slave’ accusers

    Prosecutors have been tight-lipped about who will testify about the sorority, called DOS, an acronym for a Latin phrase roughly translated as “Lord/master of obedient women.” There’s speculation that former members of Raniere’s inner circle including TV actress Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman, the daughter of the group’s top executive, could take the witness stand against him.

    No one wants to admit it, but this group succeeded for the same reason that there are groupies in rock ‘n roll: chicks dig it. Love is jealous by nature; to be loved is to be seized, protected, held, and owned, to some degree. It means that you have a place that is uniquely for you because you are loved for who and what you are, and now, you are bound to a destiny with another. In addition, it implements hierarchy, because among the harem, one gets chosen every night, and that is her time to shine. This group shows us the ultimate psychology behind PUA, MRA, and “white sharia,” which is that women need a place, and egalitarian society cannot provide it, so they are turning to strong men. Biologically, they know that this leads to family of some kind; at some point, the rock star must choose one or more groupies to be his permanent baby mommas. Egalitarianism, by contrast, offers them lots of exciting relationships followed by single motherhood, and at the end of the day, all that matters to society is that they keep going to jobs, paying taxes, and buying stuff to keep all of us subsidized by this sick system.

  • Justice Clarence Thomas’ moment may finally have arrived

    People on the Right have been wondering what Trump has been doing. He realizes that for the last century, the Left has battered down every door and conquered every institution through the magic of civil rights, which requires them to find only one person who has not been treated equally as a pretext for dismantling the organization. Affirmative action is the classic case; you must hire the Other, or they will sue you and take your business. This is how Western totalitarianism works, by using indirect power applied through market forces, much as we allow “private businesses” like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit to censor people despite being public spaces. Trump has been building the understructure needed for the courts to stop making Leftist civil rights based decisions. They are ready; courts have signaled a willingness to rebuke affirmative action, for example, but if they get enough conservatives in there, courts will swing to natural rights (government cannot obstruct your freedoms) from civil rights (government must force everyone to treat everyone else equally). In law, you do not stop the courts from forcing people to bake gay cakes by setting a rule that everyone can bake a gay cake; you attack the reasoning at the root of their justifications, and by eliminating those rationalizations, cause the system to respond with a pro-discrimination agenda instead of a forced-association one.

  • Bud Light’s Rainbow Bottles Benefit GLAAD Leading Up To Pride Month

    You can now buy a rainbow beer bottle to celebrate LGBT+ rights. However, the contents are still Budweiser, so you lose. The big point here is that American consumerism is collapsing. For years, we had a rising population of nice white people who fell for the pleasant illusions offered by shopkeepers, and bought heavily advertised products. With the rise of the internet and cable, however, a revolt against advertising began, and people separated from the mainstream, really starting in the 1980s because it happened organically instead of politically as the hippies wanted in the 1960s. This revolt happened because it took people a couple of generations to realize that advertising was a way of selling cheap products at high prices, like Coca-Cola, and therefore this is a market correction not a political event. At the same time, we faced a problem: all of these products matured. That is, we now know exactly what watery beer is, and how to make it as cheaply as possible while rigging the rules so that everything else is too expensive (regulations benefit the big companies, who can afford them easily, for the same reason that a $500 tax bill is big news to a poor man and no big deal to a rich man). People also know that watery beer will always be there. The big margins are gone; you can no longer find a way to make beer more cheaply, introduce it with lots of advertising, and sell it for a high profit. These businesses are “mature” in the sense that they are done growing. This applies to automobiles, food, beer, entertainment, and even the internet. These businesses have found their maximum efficiency and now can only “make” profit by cutting costs, specifically personnel costs, but regulations including affirmative action do not allow that. As a result, they are in a bad space, which means trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, so they are trying to “add audiences” by appealing to LGBT+, SJW+, HIV+, minorities, etc. However, these groups are not responding as well because they are politically aligned against big business, or are indiscriminate consumers like the minorities (this is the same reason the Left wants them as voters; whatever sounds good today they vote for, since they have lower average IQs, and they forget about tomorrow, which is why they adore socialism unless — as in Brazil — they have a recent memory of how much of a disaster it is). The great consumer economy boom is at an end, and with it, the great tax-and-spend boom is over, and that is why the Great Recession of 2008 seems to have stayed with us. Of course, the Obama doubling down on tax-and-spend policies did not help, nor did all the government regulations and taxes raising costs, but those are effectively part of the same thing. Our only way out of this is to start offering competitive products again, and that will require getting rid of the dead weight of unions, regulations, diversity, tax-and-spend, and other redistributionist programs.

  • Platform Access Is A Civil Right.

    This one is, unfortunately, a misstep. What you want is common carrier protections for both platforms and users; that way, advertisers do not get to yank content if something “controversial” is posted. The advertising — in the hands of Google — is driving this censorship. You could also treat social media as public space and install First Amendment rights. However, supporting civil rights makes us an ally of the enemy; we do not want to force equality on people through private businesses, except when they are utilities or public spaces. Otherwise, bake that gay cake! (Poor cake. Being in clown world turned it gay.)

  • Living In A Digital Gulag On Holocaust Remembrance Day

    We interviewed Laura Loomer some time ago. She is an intellectually clear activist, meaning that she does not deceive about her intentions, and she is pro-nationalist, starting with her own tribe. She points out correctly that whether via indirect methods like business/advertising or direct, our civilization has endorsed the hiding of contra-narrative views just as the Soviets did. Worse than being bad in itself, this is a sign of our decline, and all should heed but few will.

  • Standing Up For Realism

    Machiavelli laughs at the cretinous egalitarians. In the grips of our “freedom, civil rights, and consumerism” society, we have become creatures who only act within the confines of our ideology, which means that we insist that foreign policy exist to advance our ideology. Unfortunately, our ideology does not apply, like trying to make the Vietnamese stop embracing Communism for the good life, or trying to teach Afghans to exist as something other than a third world theocracy. People are what they are. Realism says we accept them as they are, and act toward what works, instead of trying to spread democracy, Coca-Cola, LGBT+, and welfare to a clueless world.

  • Marine Le Pen on the EU elections: “The Battle for Europe to remain European, with European values has begun”

    The French are still trying to make up for 1789. Who can blame them? Marine Le Pen states the obvious, which is that Europe is fighting to stay European. I prefer that to talk of “values,” because in an egalitarian time, “values” always becomes translated to “political values” like culture becomes “political culture,” and that means egalitarianism. We cannot fight for egalitarianism; we can fight for inherent things, like who we are, our culture, our heritage, and our way of life. The rest of the world can watch and improve itself by our model or its own.

  • Nurse in trousers told her London Marathon record would not count

    Dear silly lady, you do not “break” a record if you find some easier way to do it. Then, you are setting a different kind of record, not competing as everyone else has. If they ran a marathon in dresses and got a certain time, part of that record is the fact that they did it in dresses. This is sort of like the transgender athlete debacle, where a biological man claims that because he is now legally officially a woman, he has beaten the female record. No, a thousand times, no. The point was that women who were actually women achieved those records, and simply slapping a WOMAN label on a man does not impose on you the same challenges that they faced.

  • Study says ancient Romans may have built “invisibility cloaks” into structures

    Looking past the obvious moronic clickbait headline, the point is that Romans used similar mathematics as our scientists today. Now, we hope to use those patterns to break up light waves so that objects become “invisible” (read: distorted enough to be camouflaged). Then, they used these same patterns to break up ground waves from earthquakes. Big point is that the ancients studied patterns, where we study material, and they got farther than we did in certain areas as a result. Imagine how much farther we could get if we studied patterns… but then we would have to admit that diversity, equality, and democracy are total failures. Oopsie.

  • ‘Endgame’ Projected to Eclipse ‘Avatar’ as Highest-Grossing Film

    “How can you say our society is failing? Look at all our technology, our wealth, and how normal people can have a good life, much better than anywhere else!” True, but the gap is narrowing, so you cannot say that as strongly as before, and then you look out the window and see that moronic fantasies for retarded children are dominating our “culture,” and you realize that we sold out to the shopkeepers who just wanted a vast army of idiots to buy their products, and since then our society has headed downward into the toilet. The Romans were ahead of everyone else in technology and wealth by leaps and bounds, too.

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