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  • The Iranian war threat

    The criminals who fomented the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria are still there, still in power, unaccountable and unabashed.

    President Trump’s biggest problems thus far come from forgetting why we voted him in there to begin with. He is supposed to fire people. He was the scourge of the pantywaist GOP. One of the sickest and most anti-American aspects of the pantywaist GOP is their continuing willingness to play “Let’s Your Young Adult Offspring and Him Fight.” This would be plausibly evil even if these Neocons really had America First in mind when they committed to these foolish wars of decadent empire. They don’t. They are as financially and morally compromised as Chinese Tool Factory Magnet Justin Amish.

    A lot of people voted for Donald Trump to hear him tell men like John Bolton two magic words. “You’re Fired!” Bolton will not stop being evil and feckless about throwing young people’s lives away on pointless adventures until he abruptly stops getting paid for so endeavoring.

  • Is the Liberal Hour Ending in the West?

    Pat Buchanan brilliantly gets something 50% right. Nationalists and patriots of all stripes and denominations are fighting back against the Liberal Democratic consensus and voters are not doing what their bettors bid the media to tell them to. This leads to Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen gaining prominence. Leaders who toiled in the vineyards; while imposters and stuffed shirts like Douglas Feith and David Frum were foolishly paid large sums of money to screw up important jobs, are now leveraging early market entry and enjoying a day in the sun. Vive Le Pen and F&&& ’em Farage.

    What Pat misses is that Liberalism is under pressure from two directions. Liberalism existed because most people wouldn’t blindly except full monte communism and a force was needed to smash nationalism so that the people who lost when countries were put first wouldn’t have to contend with General Pinochet in every place they attempted their graft. The left supports Liberalism until it stops winning. When it causes Cthulu to swim into a wall instead of progressing to the left will be jettisoned.

    With Liberalism hitting the Trump Wall and Pope Francis essentially being laughed at by a new and angry right, the Left has decided its bust-out time. The Greens pulled EU Parliament seats left the whole time various nationalist parties pulled them right. Both Center Left and Center Right parties got the axe in Spain, Britain, Germany and France. But there was no major realignment. The Left seats just drifted Leftward will Cuckservative seats got taken by honest nationalists. The death of Liberalism will result in a calcification before there is any realignment. It is the end of the beginning…

  • Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping Dog to Death Released by Sanctuary State

    We keep saying that they have to go back. We’re in for a rude awakening. No self-respecting African government that wants to make something out of legitimately African tribes or cultures would accept the garbage not being picked up in LA. She could have made a go of it in Zimbabwe, but then Mugabe was “retired” and the place got a semblance of standards.

    What can I say?….

  • Top Jew calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be “sacrificed”

    Jeremy Corbin has failed to swim far enough Left. Hardcore Jewsterbaturs are now calling for him to be yinced like the pale, Goy Schmuck that he is. In keeping with my interpretation of Buchanon’s hypothesis; Liberalism is being killed. The Right thinks of it as the enemy, the Left no longer finds it a useful facade. We will soon find out just how far left Labour will have to swim before they find someone who qualifies as a mensch.

  • So, Where Are All Of The Protests Demanding That MLK Statues Be Torn Down?

    Apparently, there’s a memo which accompanies a tape recording that describes how MLK “looked on and laughed” as a pastor raped a woman in the hotel room. And there was discussion between King and others in the room (including women) about which women in the parish would be “suitable for natural and unnatural sex acts.” One of the women indicated her disapproval, and that’s when she was raped. Super excited to hear from the #metoo movement on this one.

    Feminists will always lose the !DIVERSITY! Olympics. Every time they challenge gays, blacks or Muslims it will be a re-run of The Rape of The Sabine Women. Cologne is the ultimate future for women as a part of Leftism. It will always be “different” when somebody with MLK’s lefty victimhood commercials considers “Beat The B****” to be more than just a poker game.

  • I can help you find God!

    You can disparage George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to an American patriot, and he won’t bat an eye. You can disrespect Moses, Maimonides, or even Albert Einstein to a Jew, and he won’t take it personally. You can slight Jesus to a Christian, and the worst he’ll do is pray for you*. But ridicule the Great King, and nobody will have mercy upon YOUR soul.

    So why would a man of God do such awful things? Because he knew damn well that he could. Grant somebody sainthood prior to their expiration date; and you’ve just raised the devil. The Left made him untouchable, and he raped it for what it was worth. And then apparantly coached up his buddies if he was standing there watching them and they weren’t quite doing it properly. Heck of a guy that MLK.

  • Clarence Thomas: Abortion has potential to ‘become a tool of eugenic manipulation’

    Well, duh. Combine that with complex understandings of human cognition and genetic inheritance and maybe one day you can pop anyone that disagrees with you before they make it out of the womb. Nobody in their right mind will openly support eugenic abortion. An awful lot of abortion supporters secretly like that feature. Everybody wants just enough of their own but not too darn many of somebody else’s. Banning abortion will never really happen as long as it can be usefully inflicted upon others.

    Thomas highlighted comments from Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and its former President Alan Guttmacher and cited a “growing body of evidence” that suggests “eugenic goals are already being realized through abortion.” In Iceland, for example, Thomas wrote the abortion rate for children diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero is nearing 100%. He also noted that the nationwide abortion rate among black women in the U.S. is roughly 3.5 times that for white women.

  • The APA Meeting: A Photo-Essay

    The War on Drugs is over. The drugs have won by TKO. I’d like to posit that science is beating art here, but that is too benign an explanation. Woke fields of endeavor attract incompetent people. Incompetent doctors and nurses would rather have a pharmaceutical chemist do the job for them as much as possible. Pass the buck while you are passing them the Haldol. When even Henry Rollins can figure out that you are screwing up, the APA is not exactly treating us with their best.

  • Three White Female Executives Demoted Under NYC Education Department’s ‘Racial Equity’ Plan

    Sorry, you can’t #MeToo the coloreds. They just consider that “Whiteness”. I’m supposed to be sorry for these stupid women who just drank from the hemlock bowl here. I just can’t. All three of them would do the same to a man in a heartbeat. These are just the vampires viciously draining each other while the children stuck in their miserable schools learn only to hate authority and to venerate soulless evil. In other words, the students in hellhole schools learn exactly what the adults model for them.

  • Problematizing Whiteness: Educating for Racial Justice

    The ones they can’t shoot or drive off will be replaced and sent to labor camps. Image the reponse you’d get for posting a course syllabus for “Sandblasting: Educating Against The Knee-Grow Problem”

  • Misunderstanding the Civil War

    An interesting theory here. The Civil War was clearly a war of oppression and dominance. I disagree with the author that the elites had the most to lose. They had the most to gain with minimal chance of loss. Northern rich people packed their lunches to watch the Confederates get killed at First Manassas. The North felt so assured of victory that they treated it like a High School sports event. The elites started the Great Unpleasantness of 1860-1865 because they felt like they could. Just imagine Lincoln’s behavior had Robert E. Lee boatraced Meade at Gettysburg, destroyed his army in detail, and then burned the place to the ground until it lost fifty feet of elevation.

  • Learning from Thirty Years of Cap & Trade

    Two highly relevant lessons from thirty years of experience with cap-and-trade systems stand out. First, cap and trade has proven itself to be environmentally effective and economically cost-effective relative to traditional command-and-control approaches. Moreover, less flexible systems would not have led to the technological change and innovation that appear to have been induced by market-based instruments.
    Second, and equally important, the performance of cap-and-trade systems depends on how well they are designed. In particular, it is important to reduce unnecessary price volatility to avoid excessive costs.

    Making government regulation burdens tradeable isn’t the worst idea going. It can allow for a more flexible sharing of burdens, and it mitigates the risk of large, oligopolistic firms from effecting regulatory capture. Once an oligopoly gets that power seat over government, the government gets into regulating just enough to drive the oligopolist’s competition out of business – for the sake of the planet. What sort of evil brute would be opposed? Exxon Mobil’s concern over Climate Change is directly correlated to its loss of market share to shale oil and fracking.

    Had ObamaCare allowed member plans to trade undesireable insurance risks, you could very well be living under a 2nd Clinton Presidency. On the other hand, you would never have suffered under the fickle cowardice of Speaker Paul Ryan either. The point being, there are better ways to assuage The Tragedy of The Commons than using it as an excuse to give unaccountable bureaucrats vast power over the lives and well-being of a defenseless citizenry.

  • Health worker shortage pushes India towards crisis

    “Our estimates also reveal that India has a large number of unqualified health professionals in the workforce,” says Karan. Adjusting for adequate qualifications reduced the density from 29 to 16 per 10,000, he notes.

    On the revised figures, the density of formally qualified doctors declined from 5.9 to 4.5 per 10,000. Approximately 30% of all health workers and 15% of people claiming to be doctors reported their educational level below the higher secondary level.

    The unqualified health workers also include quacks, traditional healers and bonesetters, who mostly work in rural areas. India has no clear policy on this type of health worker.

    This is called reality, until you believe you can stick someone else with the tab to pay for fixing it. Then it becomes a crisis. Nobody wants to undertake 21 to 27 years of total education and schooling to work as an underpaid and unappreciated MD somewhere in the Jharkhand. Everybody has a policy now to solve fundamental economic reality. Since the WHO called it a problem, the grifters have hope that somebody else will get stuck paying for it.

  • Not Just the Koch Brothers: New Drexel Study Reveals Funders Behind the Climate Change Denial Effort

    An #SJW discovers a problem. People can quietly and effectively bankroll anything they want. The 21 9-11 hijackers were paid the entire time they were int he US being taught how to fly and not concerning themselves with the nicities of landing. Guerilla movements can always move resources under the censorious radar. Money is a more liquid and mobile resource than anything that got smuggled through the Mikong Delta. This is why #SJWs are pressuring banks the same way they pressure ISPs. To truly chop down opposition speech they have to demonetize it as well as deplatform it. This study just proves there is no such thing as limited or partial war when it is waged by someone who cares about winning.

Another rule of war…

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