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  • Japan to limit foreign ownership of firms in its IT, telecom sectors

    We are leaving behind an illusion, these days. That illusion came to us from The Enlightenment™ and posited that there was a shared space formed of human consciousness, a universal not just right and wrong but lifestyle to which all aspired. As it turns out, people want different things based on who they are, biologically (and thus genetically), and these are incompatible. That means that the idea of tribe — nation, ethnicity, culture, religion — has returned to replace the idea of the generic, equal, standardized, and utilitarian human being. Japan is just on the cutting edge because it discourages foreign investment, which you dear reader know as a form of control or authority, instead of allowing foreign powers to buy power within Japan. Others will follow. Brexit also asserted this need, and Trump has been implementing it by savaging the artificially tilted Chinese trade. In Canada, they are dealing with the consequences of allowing too many Chinese to buy real estate, and the rest of the world is watching, planning its own bans on foreign ownership of companies, real estate, and most importantly, lobbyists.

  • Nearly half of Israeli Jews believe in ethnic cleansing, survey finds

    People are slowly coming out of the egalitarian stupor and realizing that the only functional societies consist of a single ethnic group, unified by customs and beliefs, living socially conservative lives, under strong hierarchical power instead of centralized or decentralized power. As a result, groups like the Israelis are coming to realize that their society will be unstable until it removes all Other groups, starting with the Palestinians. Eventually, they will come to the standard of benevolent xenophobia, which holds that no foreigners belong there because foreigners have allegiance to their own tribes and therefore come to conquer, even by passive methods. As said many times on this blog: Israel is revitalizing nationalism by showing how it is necessary. Ironically, Hitler has been proven correct about his nationalist leanings by the recovery from the fear of Hitler that drove people away from nationalism for decades. If the Palestinians and Israelis are intelligent, they will not mimic his genocides but will instead ethnically relocate the Palestinians to the nations most ethnically similar to them.

  • Michael Gove will offer FREE British nationality to three million eligible EU nationals in eye-catching Tory leadership pitch to ‘heal the nation

    This is all we have done since adopting democracy: buy votes by offering free stuff.

  • Merkel: All German synagogues, Jewish schools need police protection

    People do not understand the Left. Where conservatism is a folkway, or way of life, Leftism is a morality that replaces everything else. Culture, family, heritage, and beliefs all get removed and Leftist “political culture and values” placed in their stead. For the Leftist, achieving equality is more important than everything else, and so they use any tragedy as an excuse to seize power and enforce equality. In this case, Merkel is riffing on the Nazi past to excuse what are largely Muslim anti-Jewish crimes. She simply wants an excuse to further beat down the population and take control. This is what Leftists do: they seize power and ruin civilizations. The voters, who seem to become lobotomized the instant that they step into a polling station, rubber-stamp it every time, or at least have until the populist pushback kicked into gear in the last few years.

  • MacKenzie Bezos pledges to donate half her $37bn fortune

    People love charity because giving to it publicly signals that you are a good person, and this allows you to be a bad person in private.

  • We have greatly underestimated feminism’s harmful influence on millennials

    Self-esteem movements made Millennials what they are. These egalitarian notions, consisting of teaching children that they were great “just the way you are” and that “you can be anything,” clash with reality, which tells us that everyone has a place but not an arbitrary place. The combined teachings of the 68ers led Millennials to believe that they would encounter the good life from going through college and being Leftists, when in reality it just made them bored angsty wage slaves living in dingy apartments and posting “woke” rants to Medium.

  • Department of Transportation Launches Investigation Into Chick-fil-A Airport Bans

    Diversity brings endless battles. Leftists have been deplatforming Chick-fil-A for being faithful to the Bible as written, and therefore not being huge LGBT+ fans. Others have hit back, pointing out that if you cannot discriminate against other religions, you cannot discriminate against Christianity, either. We are seeing the first shots of a new cultural war in which tribe — a mosaic of religion, ethnicity, culture, and race — determines your future. If your tribe has power, you will be tolerated; if not, you will be discriminated against and taxed to the hilt to pay for it.

  • Iran shuts down church, removes cross

    As the twenty-first century develops, it becomes clear that tribe takes precedence over political ideology. Unsurprisingly, nations are working to make unity of tribe by clearing out foreign religions and populations. The correct response by Israel, the US, and Europe would be to send Iran all of our Muslims, including the white ones.

  • JPMorgan Chase accused of purging accounts of conservative activists

    Leftism is an invasive and parasitic ideology spread through the social virus of being “nice,” iconoclastic, “different,” unique, and compassionate. This gives its members cover to behave like brutes and they do so in the pettiest ways possible, hoping to provoke the other side into some atrocity so that Leftists can unite in victimhood. It takes just one Leftist with a title to turn an organization into a social justice enforcement agency, and it is probably illegal to fire them.

  • ‘Mind control’: The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning

    Western governments — or Leftists within them — deploy astroturfing squads whenever an event occurs which contradicts the narrative which explains our time as functional and not dysfunctional. If not our governments, their pet NGOs are ready. Anything to keep everyone asleep and stumbling toward oblivion.

  • Study: Only 18 Per Cent of Germans Think They Are Free to Express Their Opinions in Public

    How history repeats itself. The same was true under the Soviets, and we are told it was true under Hitler, although it seems like only criticism of the government itself was a problem there, where in the Soviet Union, anything other than affirmation of the government was punished. What are they hiding now? And why do our post-kings governments keep blowing up in the exact same way, despite being theoretically different?

  • Muslim Council demands Tory Islamophobia inquiry

    We have based our political system around victims. Our ideology of equality demands that we find exceptions, or people who have not been treated equally, and view them as victimized by the system. Then we smash down those responsible, take their stuff, and give it to the victims, figuring then that we will have eliminated want and therefore, will have peace, which in our view is a higher goal than competition, conflict, and disagreement even if those eventually produce answers. This means that we give victim groups — women, minorities, the poor, homosexuals — a free chance to take down others without ever being blamed. Naturally they use this to eliminate their competition for power, and so democracy functions as a means of elevating the bad over the good.

  • Seabirds treble on Lundy after island is declared rat-free

    Remove invasive species, and suddenly the native species thrive again. We could do the same in America and Europe: if suddenly the Other went away, our people would begin reproducing again and resuming the habits that made us healthy, so long ago. It begins with boats taking people back to their native continents.

  • Robbers execute white couple in ‘racist attack’ after teenager and his girlfriend run out of fuel and are left stranded on South African motorway

    Two Jewish kids get killed in South Africa in what was technically a cell phone theft, but became pointless violence because in diverse societies, crime against other groups is a form of low-grade ethnic warfare. Diversity is genocide. If it does not succeed, one group rises above the rest and kills them off; if diversity is successfully forced, all groups assimilate each other, leaving behind a group that has none of the specialized abilities of any group.

  • Intelligence, music preferences, and uses of music from the perspective of evolutionary psychology

    Higher intelligence listeners prefer instrumental music to music with vocals.

  • First openly gay Orthodox rabbi ordained in Jerusalem

    Despite the fantasies of the anti-Semites, our problem is the social virus of egalitarianism. Jews are under assault by this as well, with people being afraid to point out the obvious and factual if it conflicts with the idea that every individual is good and should have equal social status. In particular, Jews are vulnerable to Leftism for the reasons outlined in The Culture of Critique: individual Jews use social justice criticism to gain power within their culture, cannibalizing it in the process.

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